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Top 10 highest paid jobs in India for commerce graduates

Online Manipal Editorial Team | March 05, 2022

Master of Commerce (M.Com) graduates have opportunities in various fields. They can be employed in law firms, economic departments of government institutions, as lecturers, business consultants, and financial managers to name a few. Of all M.Com online degree courses in India, Manipal M.Com tops the list because of its job ready curriculum. 

Top 10 jobs that offer highest salaries for commerce students

Product Manager

  • Roles and Responsibilities

A product manager generates product requirements based on market study. The product will bring revenue to the organization. The product manager oversees the creation, testing, implementation, maintenance, sales, and customer engagement of the product. 

  • Skills required

Product managers must have a strong understanding of the business, financial accounting skills, managerial ability, and communication skills. It also helps if the product manager understands economics, business laws, and financial management. 

Marketing Manager

  • Roles and Responsibilities

A marketing manager creates marketing strategies, success criteria, revenue generation roadmaps, product positioning guidelines. The different phases of a marketing lifecycle are defined by this person.

  • Skills required

Strong understanding of marketing theory and methodologies. Helps to have data science and data mining skills. Presentation skills, customer interaction skills, business sense, and finance market knowledge. 

Investment Banker

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Manage IPOs and private equity. Conduct research and investigations. Plan mergers and acquisitions. Offer financial planning and risk analysis advice. Participate in corporate restructuring. Discover potential investment opportunities. 

  • Skills required

Entrepreneurial ability. Global perspective. Relationship building skills. Financial market knowledge. Strong knowledge of accounting, taxation, and corporate law. Financial and business analysis. 

Company secretary

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Provide strategic, financial, and legal advice. Ensure statutory, regulatory, and policy changes are up to date. Maintain registers and statutory books. Implement corporate management processes. Manage shareholder relationships. 

  • Skills required

Influencing and organizational skills. Formal degree and post-graduate degree in accounting, commerce, taxation, business, business law. Attention to detail. Financial and business acumen. Awareness of legal rules and regulations. 

Cost Accountant

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Build standards for costing labor and materials. Analyze, build, and improve cost accounting processes and systems. Oversee inventory optimization, inventory management costs. Hire and train accounting units. 

  • Skills required

Strong knowledge of accounting and accounting systems of many countries. Skills for budgeting, managing costs, and analyzing expenditure. Tech-savvy and proficiency in using cost accountancy software tools. 

Professional Accountant

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Preparing tax returns and accounts. Monitoring budgets and expenses. Analyzing and auditing financial performance. Forecasting and analyzing risk. Advising the business on cost-reduction. Corroborating and compiling budget and financial reports. 

  • Skills required

Familiarity with budgeting and financial management systems and software. Practical experience of quantitative analysis, managerial accounting, micro and macro-economics, and financial accounting. 

Retail Manager

  • Roles and Responsibilities

Maintaining financial and statistical records. Controlling stock purchases and overseeing pricing. Resolving customer queries and complaints. Managing and preparing budgets. Recruiting and training staff. 

  • Skills required

Strong understanding of the business. Customer centric attitude. Business planning and delegation skills. Conceptualization and implementation ability. Leadership skills and self-motivated personality. 

Online MCom degree at MUJ (Online Manipal)

The online Master of Commerce post-graduate degree from Manipal University Jaipur is a 24 month course. It equips students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills.

Benefits of online MCom Program from Manipal

  • This is amongst the best online courses online  with broad with a broad and deep curriculum. Extensively researched. Advanced topics. Job-ready course.
  • Flexible schedules. Proctored examinations. Experienced and knowledgeable faculty makes this amongst the top online degree programs in India. 
  • Accredited and reputed university. Knowledgeable career guides, mentors, and placement assistance members. 

Pursue Online MCom Degree from MUJ (Online Manipal)

After graduating with an online Mcom degree from Manipal University Jaipur, graduates can explore many roles. They can become business managers, financial analysts, market analysts, accountants, investment managers, asset managers, financial risk managers etc. 

Get more details from MUJ (Online Manipal)

Contact Manipal University Jaipur student counselors to get more information on the online M.Com program and several other online degree courses. Download the brochure, read through the course details, and apply online. The course is well-suited for working professionals to upgrade their careers with world-class education. 

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