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Top 10 highest paid jobs in India for commerce graduates


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July 3,

A career in commerce offers a vast scope and strong demand in today’s business landscape. Commerce professionals play a critical role in financial management, accounting, business analysis, and strategic decision-making. The scope for commerce graduates is diverse, spanning industries such as finance, banking, consulting, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and more. With their strong foundation in business and financial principles, commerce graduates are equipped to handle complex financial operations, analyze market trends, and contribute to organizational growth.  

What is the demand for commerce students in 2023? 

The demand for commerce professionals is consistently high as businesses require their expertise to navigate financial challenges, ensure regulatory compliance, optimize operations, and drive profitability. The globalization of businesses, increasing complexity of financial transactions, and the need for data-driven insights further amplify the demand for commerce graduates with strong analytical skills, business acumen, and a global mindset.  

Additionally, the rise of entrepreneurship and startups provides exciting opportunities for commerce graduates to venture into their own businesses and contribute to innovation and economic growth. The continuous evolution of technology and digital transformation also presents new avenues for commerce professionals to leverage emerging tools and technologies for financial analysis, data management, and business optimization. With ongoing learning and specialization opportunities, a career in commerce promises long-term prospects for growth, professional development, and meaningful contributions to the business world. 

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Top 10 jobs that offer highest salaries for commerce students 

Product Manager 

  • Roles and responsibilities: A product manager generates product requirements based on market study. The product will bring revenue to the organization. The product manager oversees the creation, testing, implementation, maintenance, sales, and customer engagement of the product.  
  • Skills required: Product managers must have a strong understanding of the business, financial accounting skills, managerial ability, and communication skills. It also helps if the product manager understands economics, business laws, and financial management.  
  • Industries that hire: Banking, finance, e-commerce, Fintech, retail, consulting, and insurance 
  • Salary: A product manager can earn a salary up to 36 lakhs per annum

Management Consultant: 

  • Roles and responsibilities: Analyze organizational challenges, develop strategies for improvement, conduct market research, provide expert advice, and implement change management initiatives. 
  • Required skills: Analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, strong business acumen, communication and interpersonal skills, project management capabilities, and industry knowledge. 
  • Industries that hire: Finance, consulting, IT, healthcare, and retail 
  • Salary: A management consultant can earn a salary up to 41 lakhs per annum 

Marketing Manager 

  • Roles and responsibilities: A marketing manager creates marketing strategies, success criteria, revenue generation roadmaps, product positioning guidelines. The different phases of a marketing lifecycle are defined by this person. 
  • Skills required: Strong understanding of marketing theory and methodologies. Helps to have data science and data mining skills. Presentation skills, customer interaction skills, business sense, and finance market knowledge.  
  • Industries that hire: Advertising, retail, finance, software, healthcare, and automtive 
  • Salary: A market manager can earn salary up to 22 lakhs per annum. 

Supply Chain Manager: 

  • Role and responsibilities: Planning and managing the movement of goods and services, optimizing supply chain processes, ensuring efficient inventory management, collaborating with suppliers and distributors, and monitoring logistics operations. 
  • Skills required: Strong organizational and problem-solving skills, knowledge of supply chain management principles, analytical skills, negotiation abilities, familiarity with logistics software, and communication skills. 
  • Industries that hire: Manufacturing, e-commerce, Logistics, transportation, and pharmaceutical 
  • Salary: A supply chain manager can earn salary up to INR 28 lakhs per annum

Investment Banker 

  • Roles and Responsibilities: Manage IPOs and private equity. Conduct research and investigations. Plan mergers and acquisitions. Offer financial planning and risk analysis advice. Participate in corporate restructuring. Discover potential investment opportunities.  
  • Skills required: Entrepreneurial ability. Global perspective. Relationship building skills. Financial market knowledge. Strong knowledge of accounting, taxation, and corporate law. Financial and business analysis.  
  • Industries that hire: Banking, consulting, finance, real estate, technology, and healthcare 
  • Salary: An investment banker can  earn a salary up to 39 lakhs per annum. 

Financial Manager: 

  • Role and responsibilities: Overseeing the financial operations of an organization, preparing financial reports, managing budgets, analyzing financial data, making strategic financial decisions, and ensuring regulatory compliance. 
  • Skills required: Financial planning and analysis skills, budget management, knowledge of financial regulations, leadership and decision-making abilities, communication and interpersonal skills, and proficiency in financial software. 
  • Industries that hire: Banking, finance, consulting, healthcare, and technology 
  • Salary: A financial manager can earn a salary up to 30 lakhs per annum

E-commerce Manager: 

  • Role and responsibilities: Developing and implementing e-commerce strategies, managing online sales platforms, optimizing website performance, analyzing consumer behavior, overseeing digital marketing campaigns, and improving user experience. 
  • Skills required: Knowledge of e-commerce platforms and technologies, understanding of digital marketing principles, data analysis skills, project management abilities, creativity, and strong communication skills. 
  • Industries that hire: Retail, e-commerce, fashion, electronics, apparel, and automotive 
  • Salary: An e-commerce manager can earn a salary up to 19.5 lakhs per annum. 

Business Development Manager: 

  • Role and responsibilities: Identifying new business opportunities, developing strategic partnerships, conducting market research, creating sales strategies, nurturing client relationships, and achieving business growth targets. 
  • Skills required: Sales and negotiation skills, market research abilities, networking and relationship-building skills, strategic thinking, communication and presentation skills, and business acumen. 
  • Industries that hire: Technology, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and pharmaceutical 
  • Salary: A business development manager can earn a salary of up to INR 16.0 lakhs per annum 

Cost Accountant 

  • Roles and responsibilities: Build standards for costing labor and materials. Analyze, build, and improve cost accounting processes and systems. Oversee inventory optimization, inventory management costs. Hire and train accounting units.  
  • Skills required: Strong knowledge of accounting and accounting systems of many countries. Skills for budgeting, managing costs, and analyzing expenditure. Tech-savvy and proficient in using cost accountancy software tools.  
  • Industries that hire: Banking, finance, Hospitality, telecommunications, and transportation 
  • Salary: A cost accountant can earn a salary up to 13.9 lakhs per annum

Financial Analyst: 

  • Role and responsibilities: Assessing financial data, analyzing investment opportunities, creating financial models, forecasting financial trends, and providing recommendations for investment decisions. 
  • Skills required: Proficiency in financial analysis techniques, knowledge of investment markets, strong analytical and critical thinking skills, ability to work with complex data, and proficiency in financial modeling tools. 
  • Industries that hire: Corporate finance, healthcare, retail, real estate, and telecommunications 
  • Salary: A financial analyst can earn a salary up to INR 12 lakhs per annum

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An online MCom degree from Manipal University Jaipur can significantly enhance your prospects of securing high-paying jobs in the commerce field. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers advanced concepts in finance, accounting, business management, and economics. It equips you with in-depth knowledge and practical skills that are highly valued by employers. 

By pursuing an online MCom degree, you have the flexibility to balance your studies with other commitments, making it convenient for working professionals or individuals seeking to upgrade their qualifications. The program leverages online learning platforms and interactive tools to provide a dynamic and engaging educational experience. 

Manipal University Jaipur is renowned for its academic excellence and industry-oriented approach. The university emphasizes practical learning, case studies, and real-world applications, ensuring that you gain relevant and up-to-date skills that are directly applicable in the professional world. 

Completing an online MCom degree from Manipal University Jaipur demonstrates your commitment to personal and professional growth, as well as your ability to adapt to the demands of a rapidly evolving business environment. Employers value candidates with advanced degrees who possess specialized knowledge and the ability to analyze complex financial scenarios, make strategic decisions, and drive organizational success. 

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