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Supply Chain Analyst job role and salary

Supply Chain

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February 17,

The administration of the flow of goods and services, as well as the procedures that convert raw materials into finished items, is known as supply chain management. It entails the effective implementation of manufacturing and operational processes in a company’s supply-side operations in order to maximize consumer values and obtain a competitive edge in the market. For a business to be profitable, the supply chain must operate effectively and without hiccups, which is why supply chain analysis is so important. A supply chain analyst is a specialist who makes certain that a company’s supply and consumers’ demands are met. 

By lowering costs and boosting customer satisfaction, supply chain analysts aim to benefit all stakeholders. SCA salary in India can go up to ₹12.0Lakhs  yearly and can be quite rewarding with various other benefits. Logistics for the movement of both products and people, software, warehouse operations, inventor work, etc., are all covered by supply chain management. Thus, it is a great career option for engineers and others from a production background. With the aid of their expertise and experience, supply chain management engineers carry out projects and contribute to the manufacturing of the items.

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Who is a Supply Chain Analyst?

A supply chain analyst (SCA) is responsible for designing, assessing, and monitoring a company’s supply chain distribution to ensure items arrive at their destinations on time and in a cost-effective manner. Companies that have extensive supply networks that require frequent evaluation employ supply chain analysts. Through data gathering and analysis, supply chain analysts(SCA) increase the effectiveness of supply chain operations. 

The job responsibilities and duties of SCA include the following:

  • Serve as the point of contact for several substantial purchases made outside of the corporation for projects. Organize and carry out significant initiatives.
  • Analyze the inventory and procedures of a business to increase productivity and cut expenses.
  • Track and gather information on ongoing activities, such as planning, procurement, storage, manufacturing, and delivery.
  • Look at the process’s pain areas and come up with remedies to address disagreements and inefficiencies.
  • To get the greatest deal and assure contract compliance, bargain with suppliers and transport companies.
  • Obtain information on each stage of the supply chain, then use it to suggest adjustments to cut costs.
  • Work together with other organizational departments to identify concerns with efficiency, come up with fixes, and put changes into place.

Skills required to become a Supply Chain Analyst

SCA skills are just like any other job role; one must have essential workplace skills in addition to technical skills. Below are some key skills an SCA should possess:

  • Problem-solving and critical thinking: Develop and implement logistical strategies, respond to unforeseen challenges, and create cost-cutting and efficiency-boosting solutions.
  • Good communication skills: To interact with cross-cultural teams and colleagues, including suppliers and customers, effective communication is required.
  • Interpersonal skills: Coordination of complicated product movement between suppliers, warehouses, and buyers. Active listening skills and a love of people may be beneficial, especially as you advance in supply chain responsibilities.
  • Knowledge of tools and technology: To manage all data on enterprise resource planning (ERP) technologies such as SAP or Salesforce and process it in a business-friendly manner.
  • Organizational skills: These include the ability to keep track of records across many tools and systems while managing multiple tasks at the same time.

Steps to become a Supply Chain Analyst

Here’s how to get started as a supply chain analyst.

1. Earn your degree or certification

If you wish to work as a Supply chain analyst, an online MBA in Supply Chain Management is your best bet. Because the profession of supply chain management is complicated, fast-paced, and demands managing many moving pieces, you need to have a solid technical understanding of programs like SAP, as well as a strong foundation in business acumen, problem-solving, and quantitative analysis.

2. Improve your skills

Getting an SCA Certification might also be a good choice, as it will increase your chances of being hired. An SCA Certification can help you improve your supply chain management and analytics skills. If you believe you need to improve your communication abilities, you can enroll in public speaking courses or practice active listening at home or at work. If you need technical abilities, experiment with SAP or Excel.

3. Look for entry-level positions.

You’re now ready to search for entry-level positions. Start by studying firms or organizations you’d want to work for, and then restrict your search from there. The manager of purchasing, warehousing, inventory, logistics, and distribution are among the top SCA Career prospects you can choose from. 

4. Apply for the role

Apply for the roles that interest you and align with your skill and experience. Create or update your CV and write an original cover letter for the supply chain analyst positions that interest you. Prepare for the interview to pass the interview smoothly and land the role.

An online MBA in SCM from the reputed Manipal University Jaipur is the launchpad for your SCA career

Due to their ever-increasing importance in company operations, a lot of companies are incorporating various supply chain management procedures and strategies into their organizations and are looking for competent and talented individuals. You can build domain-specific skills and increase SCA career prospects by enrolling in a 2-year MBA in supply chain management program from Manipal University Jaipur.

Students may gain a global understanding of supply chain management with an emphasis on operations and logistics through the online MBA in Supply Chain Management program offered by UGC-recognized, and NAAC A+ accredited Manipal University Jaipur. It offers a structure for carefully focusing on the most important company activities and getting a clear understanding of all the various business processes.

To know more, read What will you learn in an MBA in Supply Chain Management?

Some of the benefits of doing an MBA from MUJ include the following:

  • The program is designed to provide all-round business education that prepares individuals for the future.
  • Students can learn at their own pace by exploring the extensive e-libraries, accessing the e-learning material whenever needed, and attending live or recorded lectures according to their schedule. 
  • The enhanced digital platform helps students gain a comprehensive learning experience and access lessons and class engagement even on low bandwidth Internet.
  • The faculty at MUJ comprises experienced professionals who are experts in their field. The professors will assist you in articulating yourself professionally to help you succeed in your career.
  • Learners also get placement assistance upon successful completion of their program.


In a competitive business climate, supply chain management has changed from being viewed as just another corporate function to being distinct. At every level of the supply chain management process, supply chain analysts are required. Supply chain analysts act as the company’s point of contact with its suppliers, who are frequently located abroad. Professionals with an MBA in supply chain management can get various employment opportunities. Enroll in an online MBA in supply chain management from a reputable institution like MUJ to advance your career in this highly desirable profession and domain.


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