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Why choose an MBA in Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain
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January 23,

The demand for MBA in Supply Chain Management has increased manifold in the recent past. The global economy is going through a period of rapid growth, resulting in increased competition among businesses, making it essential for organizations to develop effective strategies to sustain their position in the market.

An MBA in Supply Chain Management scope is broad and will help you understand how supply chains work, improve your decision-making, and enhance your leadership skills. Candidates will be able to learn about various aspects of marketing, such as pricing strategy, market segmentation and product development; finance, such as financial planning & budgeting; and HR, such as employment law & human resource management.

Who should do an MBA in Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is an area of study that focuses on managing the transportation and logistics of goods, primarily by planning and executing the transport of products from their manufacturer to the consumer. Supply chain management aims to ensure that products are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively while still meeting customer demands.

The best candidates for an MBA in supply chain management are those who have been exposed to the field of business but haven’t yet developed their skills and expertise, such as engineers and professionals from production, manufacturing, and warehousing background. These candidates will be able to get a better understanding of how supply chains work and what challenges they face.

An MBA in supply chain management is not just about having a degree, it’s also about learning new skills, including communication, leadership, problem-solving and strategy. Suitable candidates can take an education like this and use it to advance their career by becoming a supply chain manager or providing consulting services to companies within the industry.

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Reasons to choose an MBA in Supply Chain Management.

Supply chain management is an important field of study for business students. The supply chain is the network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers that make up a company’s production process.

The variety of careers in supply chain management makes it one of the most attractive MBA programs for students who want to work in this field after graduation. Supply chain managers are responsible for managing all parts of their companies supply chains, from sourcing raw materials to managing manufacturing processes, so they need knowledge of many different fields.

The following are some reasons why MBA candidates should consider an MBA in supply chain management:

  • An MBA in supply chain management can provide the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in this growing field.
  • An MBA in supply chain management can help you advance your logistics and supply chain management career and earn a higher salary.
  • Supply chain management is a complex field, and an MBA can give you the ability to understand and manage all aspects of the supply chain.
  • An MBA in supply chain management may also qualify you for various careers, including logistics, operations, and procurement management.
  • An MBA in Supply Chain Management will allow students to learn from experienced professionals in the field.
  • An MBA in Supply Chain Management equips students with the ability to analyze data and make sound decisions that can improve organizational efficiency.
  • An MBA in Supply Chain Management helps students develop a network of contacts within the industry that can be beneficial professionally.
  • An MBA in Supply Chain Management gives students an awareness of using technology to streamline supply chain operations.

Top jobs you can get after an MBA in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain is one of the most relevant jobs in today’s world. It is a big business and has a lot of impact on the global economy. Supply Chain Management combines all activities in getting products from raw materials to customers.

Supply Chain Management is an essential field for professionals interested in working with companies involved in the manufacturing and/or distribution of goods. These professionals can become consultants, project managers, company directors, managers and even CEOs.

MBA in Supply Chain Management Salary in India, and some of the job roles you can get after pursuing an MBA are listed below:

  • Supply Chain Manager: They are responsible for managing the flow of goods from production facilities to customers. They determine the best way to transport products and materials and manage inventory levels and costs. Supply chain managers also determine how much raw material will be needed and what raw materials will be used to produce a particular product.

            Average annual salary: INR 12 lakhs

  • Supply Chain Consultant: The Supply Chain Consultant is responsible for identifying, analyzing, and managing the supply chain risks associated with a product or service. They are also involved in deciding how to mitigate those risks.

The Supply Chain Consultant will work closely with the Product Manager to ensure that all materials and services needed for production are available on time and at an acceptable cost. The Supply Chain Consultant will also work with engineers and other departments to ensure that a process is designed so that it can be scaled up easily when demand increases.

            Average annual salary: INR 12.3 lakhs

  • Project Manager: Project Managers are responsible for completing projects from inception to completion. They’re responsible for managing all aspects of the project and ensuring it’s completed on time, within budget, and with high-quality standards.

            Average annual salary: INR 14 lakhs

  • Logistics Manager: The Logistics Manager oversees the overall operations of a logistics department. This includes managing the inventory, transportation, and distribution of products throughout their supply chain.

            Average annual salary: INR 6.5 lakhs

Why prefer Online Manipal for an MBA in Supply Chain Management?

Online Manipal offers a UGC-entitled online MBA degree with an industry-oriented curriculum and several electives, including Supply Chain Management.

The Online Manipal’s MBA program is designed to prepare students for high-level positions in the business world. The curriculum of Online Manipal is designed to give you a strong foundation in business management principles and techniques while also preparing you for the challenges of working in today’s global environment. The program’s emphasis on case studies and projects ensures that the candidates have the tools they require to succeed in their career paths.

Online Manipal’s faculty members are highly qualified professionals who bring real-world experience to their teaching and research. They work closely with students to ensure that they understand how best to use the tools and resources available through their online platform.

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An MBA in Supply Chain Management is an excellent choice for those who want to develop their skills and knowledge of the supply chain industry. With a wide range of topics covered, such as logistics, operations management, procurement and data analysis, you can be sure that you will be equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in this field.

Furthermore, with the current demand for skilled professionals in supply chain management, an MBA from a reputable university can give you an added edge when seeking employment.


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