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Responsibilities and role of a brand consultant

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November 30,

In this ever-evolving market, how you sell matters more than what you are selling, and the branding stands in the middle of it all. The buyer no longer looks only for the product or service but the brand that is selling and how they are interacting. To shape a brand identity that is easily recognizable and vibrantly memorable, organizations work toward creating solid branding, and this is where they turn to a brand consultant.

From developing brand strategies to designing brand communications, a brand consultant performs an in-depth analysis of the company’s marketing and branding materials. They help create a solid brand reputation and image that sets the business apart from the competition. Let’s understand what is brand consultant and how they help in business development.

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Defining the role of a brand consultant

As important as they are, the question remains: Who is a brand consultant? Brand consultants are specialists in the field of branding who use their skills and knowledge to help companies develop long-term branding strategies that will differentiate them from competitors. The apt answer to ‘What does a brand consultant do?’ is that they assist companies in developing and maintaining their brand identity. They also conduct market research, identify target audiences, create brand guidelines and standards, and more.

Brand StrategistBrand Consultant
Develop and maintain an effective brand identityCreate a brand strategy to develop and promote brand
Conduct market researchProtect and defend the brand
Develop brand guidelines and messagingCreate and maintain an image or identity
Create marketing campaigns for brand awarenessDevelop a marketing campaign

Brand analysis and strategy development

A brand consultant’s main duty is to pinpoint the issues with the business’s operations, sales force, advertising techniques, branding strategies, and competitiveness in the market. A brand consultant identifies and analyzes the issue to offer practical solutions. Upon auditing a company, consultants assist brands in creating more effective tactics to enhance their reach and reputation.

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The difference between a brand strategist vs brand consultant is that a strategist develops and maintains a strong brand identity, whereas a consultant is an expert in branding and creating a certain image or identity for a company.

Example: LEGO faced problems in the early 2000s that endangered its reputation. Poor sales and extreme competition also slowed the company’s recovery. The company reintroduced themes like City, Castle, and Space to reshape its brand. The themes were hit with the consumers and restored its reputation as a company encouraging play-based learning and creativity.

Target audience and market research

The ability to research companies, marketplaces, audiences, segments, and rivals gives a brand consultant the necessary tools to understand the industry and discover opportunities. Brand consultants research current consumers’ demographics and interests to determine the business’s ideal target market. They further divide the target market into manageable segments per data analysis based on shared needs, preferences, or characteristics.

They survey the market to evaluate competitors and examine the information to determine effective strategies. Once the brand strategy consultant has a firm grasp of the company and its competitors, they will begin looking for information that helps guide the company’s branding approach.

Example: Redefining beauty and reinventing its brand were the two main objectives of Dove’s 2004 Real Beauty campaign. The main objective of repositioning was to redefine the brand to stand out from competitors and appeal to a wider audience with a more positive and inclusive message. Dove is now using regular people to highlight the value of authenticity.

Brand communication and messaging

Sharing brand stories makes an emotional connection with potential clients easier. If businesses are clear about brand identity, customers trust and believe more in their product or service. A thorough awareness of the target audience, creativity, and sincerity are necessary for effective brand storytelling. Brand strategy consultants establish long-lasting connections with the target audience by incorporating the mentioned features in the branding strategy.

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It’s the skill of communicating your brand’s core, mission, and unique selling propositions in a way that touches customers’ emotions deeply. A brand’s message has power when it can establish quality, convey its worth, and build emotional connections with customers. A well-written brand message can help the business stand out from the competition and win over customers.

Example: American Express’s old infamous slogan was “Don’t leave home without it,” which is revised to “Don’t live life without it”. However, the message stays the same: owning an AmEx card is necessary. AmEx’s brand communication strategy has placed a strong emphasis on uniformity and consistency. Due to the ongoing usage of taglines across all advertising mediums, there is a consistent voice and message that creates an image that an AmEx card is required.

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Collaborative leadership and implementation

Collaboration between teams and brand advisors is necessary to create successful brand strategies across different channels and marketplaces. Brand consultants maintain constant and open lines of communication with the team to share updates on progress, roadblocks, and feedback. Ensuring all firm members understand and adhere to brand standards is beneficial in coordinating brand strategy with business objectives. A brand consultant must explain and keep track of the rules, including those pertaining to logos, colors, fonts, tone, and messaging. Employees and partners should get brand-related education and training so they know how to apply the guidelines.

Example: Brand collaborations are all that Fragment Design engages in. It operates like a product drop consultancy for design and streetwear. However, Fragment’s owner, Hiroshi Fujiwara, is the key to its success. It’s common to refer to Fujiwara as the “Godfather of streetwear.” In the early 1990s, he developed the product drop trend.

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