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Pursuing business analytics after BBA/BCOM

Data Science

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January 25,

Data is king in the business world. It helps organizations learn, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions. However, data alone is not any good. It requires a professional to extract meaningful insights from it. Business analytics entails the interpretation of complicated data sets.

BBA or BCOM graduates benefit from business analytics by gaining analytical skills to navigate current business challenges. It goes beyond conventional business knowledge. It gives students a competitive edge by utilizing data-driven insights.

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Importance of business analytics for BBA/BCOM graduates

The high demand for analytics graduates is due to their proficiency in managing large data. Thus, pursuing business analytics after completing BBA/BCOM can give you a competitive advantage. Companies seek experts who can provide valuable data-driven insights. BBA/BCOM graduates who specialize in business analytics can fulfill these industry standards. Graduates in business administration and economics enhance decision-making with business analytics. These skills aid in creating strategic plans aligned with company goals.

Key skills required for business analytics

Advanced studies in analytics for BBA/BCOM graduates require some key skills. These are:

A. Analytical skills

Analytical abilities are essential for business analytics. They allow workers to decipher complicated data and extract valuable knowledge for decision-making.

B. Statistical proficiency

To effectively understand data, professionals must possess statistical proficiency. This knowledge enables them to spot patterns, draw dependable conclusions, and make data-driven decisions.

C. Data visualization expertise

Proficiency in data visualization enables experts to visually convey intricate insights through charts and graphs, rendering data understandable and accessible to stakeholders.

D. Programming knowledge 

An important skill is being proficient in programming languages such as Python, R, and SQL. It makes data manipulation, analysis, and model development easier.

E. Business acumen and communication skills

Communication is key in presenting findings to the stakeholders. Business understanding is needed to connect data insights with organizational objectives.

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Career opportunities in Business Analytics

There are plenty of jobs with business analytics options for BBA/BCOM graduates. Some of these include the following:

A. Data Analyst roles

A data analyst collects and interprets large datasets to extract valuable insights. They use this data to address problems in an organization. They also present their findings to the stakeholders.

B. Business Intelligence Analyst positions

The goal of a business analyst is to enhance an organization’s systems, procedures, goods, and services. They are on the lookout for improvement. Business intelligence analysts determine whether choices are both financially and technologically viable for their organization.

C. Data Scientist opportunities

An analyst and interpreter of complicated digital data is a data scientist. The most straightforward path is to get sufficient experience and master the different data scientist competencies. Advanced statistical analysis, a thorough grasp of machine learning, data conditioning, etc., are some examples of these abilities.

D. Analytics Consultant positions

Analytics consultants provide consultancy to organizations on how to best use data for accomplishing their goals. They are essential for an organization’s ability to use data to make well-informed decisions.

E. Career paths in various industries

MarketingCampaign OptimizationTargetting Audiences
Finance Risk AssessmentFraud DetectionPortfolio Optimization
HealthcareResource Allocation
RetailConsumer Behavior AssessmentInventory ManagementPersonalized Shopping Experience

Post-graduate options for Business Analytics

  • Master’s in Business Analytics from MAHE

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) offers a thorough program in business analytics. It places a strong emphasis on experiential learning to make sure students apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations. The Business Analytics program at MAHE prepares graduates for in-demand professions by focusing on popular tools and offering industry-aligned projects. This facilitates a smooth transfer from academics to the practical world.

To enroll in MAHE’s Master’s in Business Analytics, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics, Statistics, or a related field from an accredited university, with a minimum of 50% overall or an equivalent qualification.

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  • Online Certification Programs

Learners can study at their own pace with the unmatched flexibility and accessibility of online certification programs for business analytics. The certification’s worth is increased by industry recognition, which makes it an advantageous addition to resumes. These courses emphasize the development of particular skills and offer focused, useful knowledge that is directly relevant to the needs of the business analytics industry.

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Transitioning to Business Analytics after BBA/BCOM

Here are some tips to make your transition easier:

  • Identifying transferable skills

For a smooth transfer, evaluate how well-suited the problem-solving and teamwork abilities from BBA/BCOM are to Business Analytics.

  • Building a strong foundation in data analysis

Develop the necessary data analysis abilities to bolster your competence to make a smooth shift to business analytics.

  • Networking and seeking mentorship

Make connections with experts in the field of business analytics to gain advice and insights for changing careers.

  • Showcasing relevant coursework and projects

Emphasize your data analysis coursework and projects to show potential employers that you have real-world experience as you shift to business analytics.

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Industry perspectives on hiring BBA/BCOM graduates in business analytics

For positions in business analytics, employers look for BBA/BCOM graduates with a good foundation in business principles, flexibility, and strong analytical and communication abilities.

Businesses are starting to place more value on a combination of data capabilities and business acumen, which is indicative of the growing significance of holistic individuals in the recruitment process for business analytics.

A business analyst in India makes INR 7,34,632 annually.

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Challenges and Opportunities in Business Analytics

Business analytics has innumerable benefits as well as challenges in the present environment. Overcoming problems with data quality, protecting data privacy, and managing changing technology are all necessary to address common obstacles. It is necessary to improve one’s skills continuously, keep up with industry developments, and investigate specialized fields like machine learning and predictive analytics to take advantage of growth and specialization prospects.

The difficulty is striking the correct balance between removing obstacles and utilizing business analytics’ enormous potential for creativity and strategic decision-making. To create success and make a meaningful contribution to their industry, professionals must traverse this complex terrain as organizations seek excellence driven by data.

Online MSC in Business Analytics from MAHE and why it’s the best!

The curriculum of MAHE’s online MSc in Business Analytics is designed for both recent graduates and working professionals. It gives pupils freedom so they may manage their schoolwork and responsibilities. By utilizing industry-relevant skills, the program ensures graduates are prepared for the workforce. MAHE is the greatest option for students looking for excellence in business analytics because of its esteemed staff and strong online learning environment, which provide students with an elite education.


Business analytics is essential in the current business climate for graduates with backgrounds in BBA or BCOM. MAHE’s MSc in Business Analytics has an industry-aligned curriculum and a focus on experiential learning, preparing graduates for success. So, go ahead and embrace business analytics to stay ahead of the curve and access a wealth of opportunities.


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