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Online learning: Pros and cons of online education

Online Manipal Editorial Team | February 16, 2022

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that has changed the way we view the world, online distance learning has become commonplace. Most schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions have resorted to the online medium as a way of ensuring that students don’t miss out on their learning years. But the importance of online learning is not just restricted to the pandemic situation; it is here to stay and a wonderful way of getting an education and broadening one’s horizons.

Online education programs in India are available in plenty. Whether it is preschool learning or an MBA degree, all you have to do is choose the right one. This blog post takes a look at online learning and talks about its real merits and demerits.

Advantages of online learning

  • No time and space constraints

With the best online courses in India, there are no constraints placed on time or space. This means students have the opportunity to learn during their own schedule and in a space that they are happy with. They do not have to go anywhere to take classes; they can do so from the comforts of their homes. If you can choose an online program with live as well as recorded classes, you can partake in them at a time convenient to you.

  • No need to travel

A wonderful benefit offered by online educational programs in India is that the need to travel is done away with. Students don’t have to travel to attend classes they want to and they can sit at home and study. This means that no time is wasted in conveyance and that time can be utilized for leisure or more productive work. Students also find themselves much more relaxed with online classes which mean they can work harder at achieving their dreams.

  • Efficient means of learning

Another great reason for online distance learning is that it has activated a more efficient means of learning. There are so many tools made available to teachers such as PDFs, a live recording of classes, podcasts, WhatsApp, and email that when they are used fruitfully with a purpose, can make teaching and learning a lot easier. 

  • Higher chances to improve

With recorded classes, students can improve more. Anything a student is not able to understand can be given time so that she can improve and learn. It may even be possible for the student to approach the teacher or mentor to ask about the subject matter in hand. This ensures that improvement is expected.      

  • Higher cost-efficiency

Education in India can be quite expensive but with online educational programs in India, costs can be reduced. This is because an online education system allows schools and universities to save money on overhead costs, making it a cost-efficient means of imparting education.

  • Making technology a part of everyday life

Another of the important benefits that online education offers make students make technology a part of their everyday routines. With online classes, online learning platforms, and research is done online, students are better able to cope with technology. Since technology is going to be such an integral part of every industry one can think of in the future, being comfortable with it is a great idea.

  • Higher attendance

Most schools and universities suffer from many cases of low attendance of students. With the best online courses, students can study from anywhere they want to, and even on vacation! This makes higher attendance the norm. Students feel comfortable about making study a part of their regular life because attending classes online is easy.

  • Versatility in learning

Each and every student has a different learning style. With online education programs in India, it is easier for them to integrate their own style. While one student may be an early bird, another may study well at night. With online learning, it is possible for both of them to thrive, grow and learn.

Disadvantages of online learning

When discussing the pros and cons of online learning, the disadvantages should not be ignored. 

  • Little focus on students

This is one complaint that many parents have against online learning. The fact that online learning platforms do not give teachers the opportunity of looking at each and every student is considered a minus point. However, depending on the online distance learning courses one chooses, it really depends on the particular student how much she can imbibe.

The truth is that in live classes, a student can always ask questions and have doubts cleared by the teacher if she wishes to.

  • Technological constraints

This point is one of the important pros and cons of online education. Many times, internet speeds offered may not be up to par for online classes and this can cause problems in communication. Also, smartphones and laptops may not work properly at all times and this may prevent students from studying online.

  • Missing a classroom experience

Many students may think that online learning prevents them from making connections with other students. Yes, a classroom experience cannot be mimicked online. However, it is always possible to keep in touch with other students and teachers by video conferencing and phone calls if one wants to.

  • Importance of teacher training

Online education programs in India have been very hard on teachers with them having to adjust to a completely different medium to teach. Teachers need to be trained but the sudden lockdown in 2020 made it impossible for them to be provided the training they require to get accustomed to the medium.

  • Health hazards 

With online distance learning, the focus on the screen has increased tenfold. Everything is being done on a screen, including classes, submitting projects, and so on and so forth. This has led to some inevitable health hazards. Screen-time has increased a lot with many students complaining of headaches and neck pain.

It is important for those pursuing one of the online educational programs in India to learn how to cope. The most important way to do so is to include some screen-free time every day no matter what. Including some form of physical exercise is also a good idea and it will relieve any back and neck pain that has resulted from attending online classes. Talking with friends and family and spending quality time with them is also a wonderful way of keeping up with health.

Wrapping up

The truth is that despite the pros and cons of online learning, it is here to stay. That is why it is important for students, teachers as well as parents to make their peace with it and integrate it into the medium. 

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