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One-year or two-year MBA: Know the difference


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November 8,

Choosing between a one-year or two-year MBA could be a complex decision to make. Various aspects must be investigated before arriving at a suitable decision. It is said that less is more – if you could get the same MBA in just a one-year and at a much lower cost, it may sound like a fair deal to some, and to some, it may not. The clear-cut cost advantage and time-saving feature could influence the final verdict of your choosing. This blog will elaborate on the similarities and differences between both MBAs, taking a 360-degree approach to compare both. 

One-year or two-year MBA: Similarities

Both MBA formats have their own pros and cons, but the one constant factor is that both demand complete determination throughout the course. In both cases, the curriculum is curated so that those who are browsing can switch their career paths from one to another, working abroad or starting their endeavor. The curriculum of an MBA successfully gives you a taste of the high-end corporate world. It warms you up to meet the rising corporate world provocations and challenges surrounding the current trends in global business development procedures.

When weighing one-year MBA and two-year MBA, there are quite some factors to ponder. The two-year MBA program courses are expanded over two academic years, equipping students with a more conceptual knowledge base with the practical knowledge gathered through summer internships. Contrastingly, the one-year MBA is much more vigorous and concentrated than the two-year format. The one-year course extends everything except the summer internship, which the two-year format offers within its period.

One-year or two-year MBA: Differences

Apart from the difference in the duration of the program, other variances distinguish one-year MBA from a two-year MBA degree. For example, a one-year MBA requires much more concentration and coherence of your goals and may not be suitable for you if you want to change your career path as it won’t be advised. Thus, the choice between a one-year or two-year MBA ultimately revolves around your career goals and what you are looking to personally achieve through the program other than rapid career growth and a good salary package.

Work experience: Most two-year MBA programs do not demand work experience in your portfolio, and the selection procedure is mainly based on your intellectual grasp and test scores. On the other hand, the one-year program requires you to have two to three years of work experience, and the MBA selection procedure considers your overall profile, involving the refinement of work experience, an exhibited track record and upcoming potential.

Curriculum and learning: The one-year MBA is more challenging due to a shorter duration of time, with learners having to shoulder a lot more in less time. This is the point where possessing prior work experience helps you since you already have a core understanding of organizations and work environments. You can commence your journey at a higher base than freshers who have just started.

The programs are curated correspondingly, with this work experience in mind, giving full weightage. In contrast, a two-year MBA offers freshers sufficient time to cultivate an in-depth understanding of the business world, lined up with a summer internship of two months to get acquainted with what will come next. So, for freshers, a two-year MBA appropriately equips them for the corporate world.

Peer group: A class of one-year MBA programs commonly involves professionals with prior experience in diverse industries and positions. This significantly increases the quality of learning within and past the classrooms since you can understand and relate business concepts with real-life experiences. Similarly, it provides a significant opportunity to create a network of peers and acquaintances across industries.

 Career aspirations: The choice of your conclusion also hangs upon your career goals and aspirations. Let’s say, you are looking for a notable change in your career path or want to redirect your industry, a two-year MBA program with a summer internship will prove to be a better option. In contrast, if you love the line of work that you are currently in and wish to boost your career in a short time, then a one-year MBA will make more sense for you.

Regarding job openings and employment aftermath, the two types of MBA programs do not have any distinction whatsoever. The major standard for choosing one program over the other is relevant to the experience you possess.

The traditional two-year MBA is more famous with candidates with less work experience because of the offered internship at the end of its first year and the learners planning to shift their industry and line of work. However, a one-year MBA program is more apt for candidates with significant work experience and searching for rapid career growth. 


In contemplation of this article, you should be able to figure out the choice between a one-year and two-year MBA that will suit your professional requirements in the best way possible. Manipal University Jaipur offers a two-year MBA program equipped with the best curriculum in the field, with reputed faculty that hone your skills to make you a better leader in the modern world of business. You can find this comprehensive online MBA program on the Online Manipal website.


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