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National Technology Day: The impact of emerging technologies in EdTech 


Emerging technologies have revolutionized the e-learning industry in unimaginable ways. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are the gamechangers in improving the quality of education in virtual learning. Learning through technology is transforming the teaching process and learning experience as a whole. As technology plays a key role in the e-learning industry, emerging technologies play a key role in improving learner experience. The EdTech industry is focusing on including advanced technologies to enable self-paced learning.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI has marked its presence in every sector possible, and education is no exception. With respect to e-learning, AI has the potential to personalize the learning experience for every student. Most EdTech companies have AI-integrated platforms that smoothen the learning journey of students. AI has replaced the conventional classroom setting with a more personalized, student-oriented approach.  

AI-based adaptive learning platforms can analyze student performance data, identify knowledge gaps and provide personalized e-learning content based on learner preferences. AI has the ability to generate interactive content like on-the-go quizzes, simulations, and scenarios that makes the learning experience more immersive.  


Gamification has become increasingly popular in the e-learning industry, as it offers a personalized experience to suit individual learning styles. Most importantly, the use of gamification elements helps learners apply their knowledge in real-world situations, which plays a key role in improving overall online learning experience for individuals. Gamification can be applied to a wide range of learning formats, making it a versatile tool in the e-learning industry. Most EdTech companies today are offering gamified courses to learners, and it is going to be an integral part of e-learning globally.  

Online Manipal’s advanced learning management system uses these latest technologies to improve the overall learning experience for students in the virtual mode. Here’s why our online learning platform stands out.  

Lumen: An AI-powered learning platform 

An integrated learning management system is the biggest tool in today’s EdTech driven world, that is helping improve the overall quality of online learning. Lumen is our AI-powered, mobile first learning platform that is a go-to for everything a learner needs during the online learning journey. Learners can get a personalized experience through our integrated learning management system (LMS). Learners can access the platform anywhere, anytime, attend live classes, access e-learning material & recorded sessions, attend live doubt clearing sessions, take up quizzes, practice sessions & assignments, all at one place.    

Our advanced digital platform provides learning content in the form of virtual classes, audio-video content, and discussion forums. Learners can access extensive e-libraries with over 2,00,000 e-books, e-journals, e-databases and more.  

Virtual cloud environments 

Virtual cloud environments are a boon to tech geeks, as a lot of universities offering technology-based courses make use of them to offer a unique experience to learners. Similarly, Online Manipal’s UNext labs is a virtual cloud environment designed specifically for our learners who are tech enthusiasts. This platform ensures that every learner gets an on-campus programming experience in the online mode. UNext Labs is seamlessly integrated with programming languages, where learners can attempt timed challenges and practice coding.     

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Technology-enabled benefits for e-learning 

Personalized learning 

Youngsters today want to learn at their own pace, and online learning has turned out to be the best option. Online learning is no longer a second option, considering the benefits it brings along. Today, apart from fresh graduates, individuals from varied backgrounds are opting for online courses, because it allows them to progress at their own pace. From working professionals, entrepreneurs, professionals looking for a career switch, individuals bouncing back after a career break and even government employees & defense personnel, online learning is catering to individuals from all backgrounds. This is solely because they can personalize their learning experience, without having to give up on their personal and professional commitments. 

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Improved accessibility 

With the help of a laptop, tab, or a smartphone with internet connectivity, learners can access study materials and information anywhere, anytime. Technology is bringing large amounts of information to learners’ fingertips, enabling them to study at their convenience.  

Immersive learning 

The inclusion of technology in education paves way for an engaging and interactive learning experience. Complex concepts can be presented in a simplified manner with the help of technology, which allows learners to grasp concepts easier.  

Diverse classrooms 

Online learning has improved connectivity amongst learners with varied background and cultures, who come from across geographies. This allows for greater inclusivity, and learners get an opportunity to connect with professionals worldwide. 

Wrapping up 

Technology is here to stay, and more advancements are only going to improve the online learning experience in future. One of the biggest tools driving the world today, technology will continue to prove its worth in the EdTech space and further boost the growth of this industry massively. 

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