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MBA in Healthcare: Networking for career growth


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April 28,

A healthcare management MBA is a specialized Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program that trains students to become healthcare sector leaders. Students will learn general business and management practices and healthcare-specific information.

Expanding your professional network is a major benefit of earning a master’s degree in healthcare administration. Building and maintaining a network with other experts, thought leaders, and future clients is necessary to support your career growth in healthcare management. In addition, you might be able to participate in trade shows, conferences, and internships to expand your professional network.

What is an MBA in Healthcare Management?

An MBA in Healthcare Management is a postgraduate business degree that teaches students how to efficiently run healthcare facilities. Healthcare finance, healthcare operations, healthcare policy, healthcare marketing, and healthcare strategy are just a few of the many areas of study covered by this degree. Successfully managing healthcare companies, complying with healthcare regulations, and creating strategies to boost patient outcomes and bottom lines are all within the purview of a graduate of this degree.

Career growth after an MBA in Healthcare Management

Those who want to develop their careers in healthcare can greatly benefit from earning an MBA focusing on healthcare management.

Career benefits after an MBA in Healthcare Management

  • Increased earning potential

Graduates of healthcare management MBA programs can anticipate higher incomes than their non-graduate counterparts. The typical starting healthcare MBA salary in 2022 was INR 5 to 12 LPA, per the AmbitionBox survey.

  • Career advancement

This MBA program will prepare students to manage healthcare facilities, craft healthcare policy, and make strategic decisions that boost an organization’s bottom line.

  • Networking opportunities

Students who earn an MBA in healthcare management can connect with other experts in the field. This may open doors for future professional endeavors, friendships, and collaborations.

Jobs in Healthcare Management

  • Healthcare Administrator

Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes are just a few healthcare facilities that fall within the purview of healthcare managers. They monitor everything, ensure everything runs well, follow the rules, and stick to the budget. An MBA in healthcare management can equip candidates with the knowledge and experience to effectively manage large and diverse healthcare companies. It is one of the highest-paying healthcare MBA job opportunities.

  • Healthcare Consultant

Consulting firms specializing in healthcare help hospitals and other healthcare facilities identify problems and create plans to address them. Expertise in healthcare finance, healthcare marketing, or healthcare policy may be among their areas of concentration.

  • Healthcare Marketing Manager

The job description for a healthcare marketing manager includes developing and enacting strategies to promote various healthcare services and goods. They might find employment in clinics, hospitals, medical supply firms, and pharmaceutical and device companies.

Learn how an MBA in Healthcare Management and Paramedical courses are different.

How will an MBA in Healthcare Management help widen networking?

An MBA in Healthcare Management will help you meet influential people in the healthcare industry and advance your career. Students in this program can access many offline and online networking opportunities with professionals in their field. Professionals in healthcare administration may benefit from the following tried-and-true approaches to making connections:

  • Attending business conferences is a great way to connect in healthcare. Participating in these gatherings is a great way to network with influential business people and medical experts.
  • LinkedIn and other social media sites can help you meet more potential business contacts. Join healthcare management-related groups and debates, and network with peers and industry professionals.
  • Volunteering at events such as conferences and trade exhibits can facilitate meeting other professionals and expanding your network. 

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in India is one institution that provides an online MBA in Healthcare Management. Those with full-time jobs who want to move up the healthcare administration ladder while completing their education will benefit from this program.

Meeting other healthcare professionals is easy at MBA networking events. MAHE’s online MBA program may provide MBA networking events for students to network with industry professionals and alumni. At these events, students can network and learn about career growth strategies for MBA students for professional development.


In conclusion, those who want to improve their healthcare career may benefit greatly from the networking opportunities of an MBA in Healthcare Management. The MAHE online MBA program is flexible and convenient so that working professionals can continue their education and advance their careers. MBA students who take advantage of these events increase their chances of securing internships, jobs, and business connections in the future. Enroll in your favorite program at Online Manipal to achieve your career goals!

Key takeaways:

  • This blog covers how an online MBA in Healthcare Management from MAHE can provide various networking options, including networking events, career growth techniques, virtual conferences, guest speakers, and alumni networks. 
  • Students can use these opportunities to learn about the newest trends and best practices in healthcare administration and position themselves for career growth and promotion.


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