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Five questions to ask the alumni before joining a college

Online Manipal Editorial Team | December 13, 2021

Before joining the college, it is vital to enquire about the facilities, the faculties from the alumni help know better about the college and the facilities. A college can market anything and everything regarding what it can offer. However, to get to know the real scenario it is advisable to enquire regarding the alumni’s experience. 

As the saying goes experience is the best teacher. It is always better to enquire from the previous batch students what the college can offer for you. Alumni are the best source of information regarding the college as they have first-hand experience from the college.

Questions to ask for alumni

There are a few questions you can ask them to know more about online courses and education. First to get the best use of the information, make sure your goals are aligned with theirs. Enquire your immediate batch of seniors and ask them about what was their reason to choose the major. How the education was instrumental in helping them reach the goal. Get to know whether they have achieved the goal or are they deviated. If yes enquire what made them deviate and how was the education instrumental for them to realize their dreams. 

Ask them regarding the academics. How the evaluation process is. What are the assignments given and the importance given for the assignments? What kind of content was encouraged for the assignments? What was the measure or metrics used to determine the skills of the students? Getting to know the evaluation process helps you decide whether or not you choose to be a part of the college. It saves a lot of time and energy for the student and helps them decide if they want to be a part of the particular evaluating system.

The placements post the master’s degree is very important. You must enquire how and what are the ways in which the college prepares the students for their job. Was the placement training fruitful and what are the ways in which the training was implemented. How was the performance measured during the training? Get to know what they feel personally about the college. Asking them to list out the pros and cons of the college is a must. It helps the students to weigh the pros and cons of the college. Especially while opting for online education in India, it is crucial to know regarding how the college brands itself and whether or not the branding is matched with the standards of the college in reality.

What do MUJ students say about the university

One of the leading colleges MUJ, offers online courses in India for Indian and international students has a separate portal dedicated for the alumni network to contact and know about the experience. Testimonials of previous batches are made available for the students to know more about the college. One of our students Ankita Sharma, working as a sales manager with Swiggy, visited the campus and briefed about the facilities to the students and helped them get familiar with the college. Our students’ are our testimonies. The college also conducts alumni meet, not just among the alumni but they interact with the current batch students to guide them better.

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