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How our graduates are leveraging online learning for professional networking  


Building a robust professional network is essential for career growth and advancement, irrespective of whether one pursues traditional or online education. Contrary to popular belief, online learners have ample opportunities to cultivate meaningful connections and expand their professional circles, thanks to the diverse networking avenues provided by online degree programs. 

One of the primary misconceptions surrounding online education is the notion that it lacks the networking opportunities available in traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. While it’s true that online learners may not have the chance to interact face-to-face with their peers and professors, modern online degree programs are designed to bridge this gap through various virtual networking platforms and resources. 

How online degrees foster professional networking 

Even though individuals studying online don’t get to meet fellow peers face-to-face, virtual classrooms are generally more diverse in nature, when compared to traditional classrooms. Collaborating with fellow students offers an opportunity to learn from their experiences and perspectives, build relationships, and expand professional networks. 

Meeting people from different parts of the world 

A virtual classroom comprises of learners from different corners of the world, who are of a diverse age group and professional background. Every individual comes with a different mindset, goal, and ambition. A virtual classroom creates a healthy space for the exchange of these desires and ambitions, which helps working professionals get diverse perspectives. Meeting individuals from diverse geographical backgrounds allows learners to get a global perspective of the functioning of the workforce, preparing them for the competitive job market. Our online MBA graduate, Muskan Jain, says she has had a fulfilling experience as she completed her PG degree.  

Muskan Jain, online MBA 

“I have met people from different parts of the world during this program. All my peers have different perspectives, ambitions, and desires in their careers. I can say I’ve had a very fulfilling social and professional network here. Online degrees are a great space for networking and collaborating.”   

Building professional and social connections 

Virtual classrooms foster both social and professional networking. While professional networks can enhance the industry connectivity of a working professional, it is also important to make some social connections, as learners do not meet each other on an everyday basis. Social networking allows professionals to understand the workings of the job market across the globe, as virtual classrooms expose them to a diverse peer group. This social network has the power to turn into a powerful professional network, that helps professionals build connections with people working in diverse sectors and industries.  

Om Prakash, online MBA 

“I made some valuable friends and connections during this MBA program. We got to meet working professionals from many industries. This online degree from Manipal University Jaipur has certainly helped me expand my professional network.” 

“Understanding industry trends” 

Networking is crucial for professionals to understand trends in various industries because it provides them with access to valuable information, insights, and perspectives from peers, experts, and thought leaders. Through conversations, discussions, and knowledge-sharing sessions, professionals can learn about new developments, emerging trends, and market shifts. Here’s how our online graduate, Rintika, built her industry connections and became an integral part of knowledge sharing sessions during her online MBA journey with Manipal University Jaipur. 

Rinkita, online MBA 

“My classmates and peers belong to different parts of the country. This online MBA enabled us to connect with each other regularly to discuss trends in the job market. I feel MUJ has created a great space to share knowledge with other professionals and enhance our knowledge as well.” 

Wrapping up 

Networking empowers professionals to stay informed, connected, and adaptable in the face of changing industry landscapes, enabling them to anticipate trends, seize opportunities, and navigate challenges effectively. While there is a misconception that professional networking opportunities are limited in online education, Online Manipal has proven otherwise. Our first batch of online graduates of Manipal University Jaipur have established valuable industry connections during their online learning journey, which will help them throughout their careers. 


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