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MBA or Business Certificate: What should you prefer?

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August 22,

The path to achieving your career aspirations can frequently appear taxing. You might be unclear about which path to choose when deciding between a business certificate and an MBA while thinking about advancing your career. Which of these two options best suits your preferences? What is the most exemplary programme that provides the best investment return? The answers to these questions primarily depend on your objectives and career goals. Some factors to consider before making a choice are the course’s completion duration, fees, abilities and skills you’ll acquire, and the potential career options you’ll want to choose after completing the course. Let’s examine the specifics of these programmes and the benefits they provide.

A business certificate and an MBA are both useful in various ways. A top online MBA programme can help you succeed if you wish to achieve proficiency across different business and management-related areas or pursue leadership and managerial positions. In contrast, a business graduate certificate could assist you in developing specialised abilities that will complement your existing knowledge. 

An MBA programme provides students knowledge across various business disciplines, while certifications concentrate on one specific discipline. A quality MBA course teaches soft skills, including communication, mentorship, work ethic, accountability, and business management information. The development of soft skills and leadership qualities in an MBA programme is usually lacking in most certifications. However, having specialised knowledge obtained through certifications improves your chances of landing a higher-paying job in various domains.

The first step in earning qualifications is determining which educational background best fits your needs, preferences, and professional objectives. Some questions to consider are:

  • Which speciality is most appropriate for you? 
  • Which degree appeals to you most? 
  • Which programme will assist you in getting a decent job? 

Your career objectives and goals will determine the answers to all of these questions. Candidates with a Certification or an MBA degree can distinguish themselves from others in a competitive employment market. But it can be difficult to make selections when it comes to picking the best vocation or course of study. Let’s examine the differences between an MBA and a business certification. You can choose the best job route with the following article’s assistance. The information provided is valuable, but it is crucial for you to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of each method to understand which suits your long-term professional objectives better.

An Overview of MBA

An MBA is a postgraduate business degree emphasising management, entrepreneurship, and business. It is typically regarded as a terminal degree, and most MBA grads do not continue their education after receiving one. However, a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) or a PhD are other choices for MBA graduates who want to continue their education further.

The MBA degree is occasionally regarded as the first step toward higher-level and more esteemed professions, like those with executive or managerial designations. Although an MBA aims to impart students a thorough knowledge of business management, most learners select a specialisation that enables them to focus their studies even more on particular skill sets. For instance, you might decide to pursue an MBA with an emphasis in marketing or a financial or technological specialisation.

How much time does it take to earn an MBA?

A full two years of academic dedication was once necessary for MBA programmes, and many MBA programmes still take this much to conclude. Since there are now opportunities for rapid, intensive study, you might be able to finish your MBA in as little as a year. You can also choose a full or part-time MBA course through some institutions. Full-time programmes demand a significant time commitment and are typically advised if you want to take a break from your work career to reset your vocation fully. Part-time courses are preferable if you wish to improve your abilities while holding your current job role. Furthermore, part-time programmes are beneficial if you want to keep the same job path instead of radically altering it.

What will I explore in an MBA programme?

Although the curriculum can differ from institution to institution, most programmes aim to train you to manage an organisation. As a result, courses frequently concentrate on how to lead others, manage a team, evaluate vast amounts of data, and manoeuvre through multiple business models and organisational hierarchies. In addition to more specialised topics like organisational psychology or business ethics, everything from finances and accounting to marketing can be covered in specific MBA courses.

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Eligibility criteria for MBA aspirants

  • After clearing the 10+2 examination, a minimum 3-year bachelor’s degree from a reputable university with a minimal total grade-point average of 50% (45 per cent for SC/ST/PWD).
  • Aspirants in the last year of graduation can apply if they have confirmation from the academic administrator.
  • A CAT/GMAT cutoff score that is legitimate.

An Overview of a Business Certification

Business Certification courses are usually seen as alternatives to conventional degrees. A Business Certification frequently emphasises the development of specific abilities, whereas degrees offer a more comprehensive background in a subject or field.

What distinguishes a Business Certification?

Business Certification can usually be completed online and at your speed, and they generally take less time and expense than degree programmes. Make sure to research the institutions and universities you want to enrol in in advance because not all of them offer Business Certification courses.

Also, remember that graduate certificates often present opportunities to build your professional portfolio, which can be helpful when networking or actively seeking employment because they are focused on specific talents. Additionally, you can use your graduate certifications to upskill, which entails discovering new skills in your industry that will enable you to advance in your career or take on a more significant role in your existing position.

What specialisations does Business Certification provide?

Business Certification courses have always had a strong business focus because they provide a quick and affordable option for professionals to develop their abilities in preparation for management or executive-level employment. Corporate app development, business info systems, or cybersecurity are typical examples of business certificates. 

Who can enrol for a PGCP in Management?

Graduates from reputable institutions with at least a 50% grade point are eligible to enrol for a PGCP in Management.

Minimum one year of relevant working experience from reputable firms.

Advantages of an MBA degree

  • Advanced learning source

Students that enrol in an MBA programme gain a diversified range of expertise. MBA courses offer students the chance to acquire business abilities through a thorough curriculum encompassing operational business disciplines, including accounting, data analysis, finance, and marketing. Graduates of MBA programmes can simultaneously gain the management and leadership abilities necessary to direct decision-making for various organisational structures. In contrast, most business certification courses will only cover one subject. Although they don’t require the same level of dedication as an MBA degree, certificate programmes allow students to hone in on particular skill sets.

  • All round development 

An effective online MBA programme stands out for its capacity to cover a wide range of business-related subject areas while also fostering the growth of soft skills like mentoring, communication, work ethic, and accountability. Any MBA course can teach you business fundamentals, but only the finest ones can encourage the informal contacts and global collaboration that breed innovative leaders.

  • Networking at its best

Online MBA courses not only provide the freedom to complete the degree while advancing in your career but gives the opportunity to interact in-depth with other business executives worldwide. In reality, the top online MBA schools aid students in developing lifelong professional relationships. Top MBA programme administrators and faculty do not merely upload recordings of their lectures to online platforms; they also design the courses based on real-world business skills. It ensures that online students benefit from the flexibility of the programme while maintaining academic rigour and networking possibilities.

  • Greater employment prospects

All tiers of businesses can benefit from the information gained via an MBA degree, and recruiters are aware of the advantages MBA holders can bring to their businesses. So, firms intend to hire MBA graduates for full-time positions. Business certification programmes are helpful, but the benefit depends on whether businesses seek the particular skill set that the course offers. The certificate programme’s compatibility with the rest of your educational and working experience is another consideration.

  • Better prospective salary

In the long run, an MBA can significantly boost your earning potential, but a business certificate might be less expensive. There would be some pay differences between an individual with an MBA vs an individual with a business certification as leadership positions are open to MBA degree holders as opposed to certificate holders. However, sometimes, for the same roles, MBA grads usually garner better salary packages than experts with a business certificate.

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Benefits of Business Management certification programmes

  • Expense

Business administration certificate programmes are less expensive than MBA degree programmes since they are not full-time programmes, and fewer sessions are needed to complete them. 

  •  Expertise in a specialised subject

An online business certificate programme can be ideal if you are currently recognised in your field and want to develop specialised abilities. A certification in business analytics, for instance, can address the knowledge gap if you are the team leader for a marketing department and wish to increase your skills in a field like analytics. An MBA programme, however, would be a better choice if you’re hoping to entirely change your career or move to a leadership role because it will give you a more well-rounded practical education and more opportunity to polish your leadership abilities.

  • Time Dedication

Business certifications can be obtained in months, but an MBA degree takes one to two years. A business certificate might give you a quick return on your investment when you are trying to upgrade your current talents

Check out how online certification courses can boost your resume

MBA or Business Management certification?

Many considerations must be made to understand the contrast between an MBA degree with a Business Management certification. Business certification is preferable for people in developing fields or those wishing to perfect a particular set of talents. An MBA is frequently a better value for individuals looking to qualify for executive or managerial-level positions over a more extended period. 

One of the simplest ways to assist you in making a selection when you consider the advantages and disadvantages of these options further is by researching institutions and comparing courses. Discover the opportunities and launch your career with an MBA degree or business credential as per your suitability. You might need to pursue further education after a business certification to adjust to changes in the employment marketplace. On the other hand, MBA graduates are well-equipped with a depth of knowledge in business operations and leadership capabilities. The outcome has been that there is a relatively high employment rate for professionals with an MBA degree.

Planning out the knowledge and experiences you hope to acquire may be helpful when you think about your next professional move. A certificate course in business management might be the quickest option to make the process more manageable if you need expertise in a single, focused field. However, an MBA programme would probably provide a superior long-term payback if you are hoping to network with other business professionals, develop practical leadership abilities, and acquire interdisciplinary industry experience. 

The following inquiries will assist you in choosing between an MBA and business certification:

  • How much will my income increase if I get an MBA versus a certification?
  • Will the skills I acquire be useful for my career?
  • Would I be qualified for a promotion or a career change (if necessary or desired) with the new skills?
  • How much can I invest from my budget to learn something new?

These inquiries are all related to Return On Investment which should be your first concern. It implies that investing money in a course should pay off in the long run by providing you with additional opportunities, resources, and skills. Additionally, ROI on an MBA from a prestigious university may be higher than ROI on a certificate programme.

Job opportunities for MBA graduates and business certification holders

One of the most important factors to consider as you compare the benefits and drawbacks of an MBA against a business certification is the kind of employment you will have access to.

Jobs with a business certification

You will have a wide variety of employment opportunities to pick from based on the precise field or skill set you pursue. For instance, obtaining a certificate in advertising or designing can assist you in locating employment as a web designer, social media promotion manager, or analytics specialist. Your ability to work in accountancy or budgeting divisions may be enhanced by having a certificate in finance. Business certifications are typically insufficient for executive-level roles or careers that need leadership and teamwork, as these positions are more suitable for MBA grads.

Jobs with an MBA degree

 Many careers require an MBA degree to provide competitive salaries and leadership opportunities. The in-demand MBA degree professions include:

  • Investment banker
  • Marketing manager
  • Business operations manager
  • Information technology (IT) manager
  • Project manager

Remember that the MBA is frequently seen as a route to potential managerial or executive roles. After receiving your MBA, you might be eligible to seek a position as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or CEO.

Online Manipal is your first choice for an online MBA or Certification

Online Manipal is the online platform offered by Manipal University Jaipur that allows students to complete courses online. Manipal University Jaipur is a NAAC A+ accredited institution that offers UGC-entitled MBA programmes in various specialisations. Online MBA programmes offered by Manipal University Jaipur through Online Manipal help you to advance in your chosen field with the guarantee of career advancement. Get ready to excel in a leadership role with the accredited online MBA programmes from Online Manipal. 

The online MBA programme allows you to hone skills and expertise in your chosen sector and build relationships with other like-minded individuals who are constantly working to advance their careers as future leaders. Professionals might opt to specialise in advanced electives and learn skills that are relevant to the market. This interactive curriculum focuses on studying at one’s speed while being supported by live online sessions, self-learning resources, and more. MUJ’s online MBA programme offers education in intriguing fields like marketing, finance, human resources, retail management, etc.

Real-world case studies are part of the online MBA programme’s pedagogy, which will help you improve and strengthen your critical thinking abilities. The outstanding faculty at Manipal University Jaipur will provide participants with high-quality mentoring that increases the value of real-world perspectives and enables them to forge new pathways to success. The professors at Manipal University Jaipur will assist students in developing rigorous professional self-expression in a fast-paced business environment.

Students are prepared for interviews after completing the online MBA programme from Online Manipal through various placement assistance facilities. A broad range of placement assistance activities is provided, such as resume writing workshops and interview tips to help you land your dream job. Manipal University Jaipur also organises job fairs during the final year of the postgraduate programme, and many reputable companies participate in it to recruit suitable candidates. 

The TAPMI’s Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Management seeks to provide multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral business education in an applied context. This programme’s integrated learning approach and coverage of current management challenges, opportunities, and practices will help learners advance quickly in their management careers and leadership roles. Three specialisations focused on the industry are available to learners:

  • Capital Markets
  • Marketing 
  • Business Analytics and AI 

These certificates assist individuals in gaining the necessary insights to make wise managerial decisions without leaving their professions. Governments, corporations, and higher educational institutions frequently accept TAPMI’s online certificates and degrees for employment, further study, and career opportunities.


The process of learning and gaining knowledge never ends. Individuals should be aware of some of the most recent and cutting-edge developments as technology is rapidly evolving. Getting an MBA degree or a business certification will prepare you to face challenges in climbing up the corporate ladder confidently. 

Both MBA and business certification aid in improving your career prospects. They help you hone your knowledge and skills and gain in-depth understanding of theoretical and practical concepts that help you thrive in your chosen domain of work. While an MBA is a good option for those who want to pursue a postgraduate degree and can allot two years of time for that, a business certification is right for someone who wants to climb up the ladder in their existing domain by enhancing their existing subject knowledge and skill set. Also, a business certification can be completed in less time compared to an MBA. So, it all narrows down to your individual requirements and preferences like your future goals, time constraint, budget, etc., that help you decide which is a better option for you.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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