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Job Security in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Fact or Fiction?

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December 19,

Is job security an endangered concept that is getting swallowed by the relentless march of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? In simple words, is AI taking jobs from human? The line between fact and fiction is quite blurred as we face a technological revolution intersecting with human behavior. However, one thing is pretty sure: AI can’t replace several jobs done by humans. Ethical considerations, qualitative analysis, and empathy are some key areas mastered by those who pursue a good Master of Arts degree program, and no robot or AI tool or machine can ever beat a human sociologist in these respects. So, if you have pursued an online MA in an in-demand subject from a prestigious university, take it easy, your job is secure even in the era of Artificial Intelligence. 

Still, having doubts? Then, we urge you to read this complete post to acquaint yourself with how safe your job is after pursuing an online postgraduate degree course in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Evaluating the fear factor about AI 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the way we work by automating various tasks that were earlier performed by humans. But, if you have bagged an MA degree from a good university or institution, then you need not worry at all. No AI can replace the unique skills and insights of a postgraduate. AI can handle some aspects of data analysis, but it can never act the same as a human, who masters the art of understanding human behavior and societal dynamics. So, your job after pursuing a postgraduate course is safe and secure even in the AI era. 

The table below highlights the areas where an AI fails to replicate the skills of a postgraduate:

Ethical approachMany sociological roles require dealing with sensitive social issues with an ethical approach. Humans and not AIs can best bring forward this ethical judgment and reasoning
Complex problem solvingNo matter how smart an AI tool is, it can never tackle complex social issues and problems with critical thinking skills like a human sociologist
Qualitative understandingAlthough AI is good at quantitative analysis, it is not up to the mark at qualitative analysis, a must to have quality for sociological job roles
Social ChangeThere is a constant need for sociologists to bring about positive social changes; AI definitely has limitations in this
Communication and EmpathySeveral sociological roles need direct interaction with people and communities with empathy, and this is where AI is a complete failure

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AI vs creative jobs in Sociology 

It won’t be wrong to state that the clash between Artificial Intelligence and creative jobs in sociology is like a clash between logic and imagination or, rather, between analysis and interpretation. While there is no denying that AI can contribute to predicting social trends to provide a quantitative understanding of societal dynamics, it still lacks that lens for interpretation in creative jobs in sociology. 

Have a look at some areas where AI will fail to pose a threat to an MA in Sociology graduate in terms of jobs:

  1. Social Services: Having gained ample knowledge of societal challenges, MA in Sociology graduates working as sociologists or social workers can help individuals navigate through various issues. This makes them far better and more reliable than Artificial Intelligence. 
  1. Policy Analysis: Analyzing policies is an MA in Sociology graduate foray, as they understand how different social issues impact communities. Hence, they can contribute to developing and evaluating progressive policies related to any issue. Sadly, this can not be done by any AI system. 
  1. Research Analysis: AI is a great tool when it comes to handling data and automating certain tasks, but when it comes to interpreting data and conducting qualitative or quantitative research, human sociologists are far better. They can provide proper insights into social phenomena that are way beyond the raw data any AI tool can reveal. 
  1. Human Resources: Jobs related to human resources such as HR or PR manager require empathy, understanding and a deep connection with people for counselling, social work and community development, these can never be delivered with perfection by any Artificial Intelligence system. 
  1. Teaching: No AI tool can come at par with a knowledgeable online MA in Sociology graduate from Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform. Human teachers contribute to students’ intellectual growth and help them advance in the field through their research contributions.

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The future of our work 

Earning bread and butter for self and family was never easy, and has always involved regular challenges. So, why worry about facing the challenge posed by AI in the future? All you need is to adapt yourself to new ways, be ready to learn, and follow a proactive approach, and you will be good at navigating challenges in an AI-integrated work environment. The future of learning in AI era will also undergo a wholesome revamp. AI in higher education will have unprecedented impact.

Listed below are some simple tricks that can help you stay upgraded with the future of work in an AI-integrated workspace:

  1. Regular upskilling: Staying curious will definitely help you sail smoothly in the future of work, where AI will give tough competition. Your curiosity will help you upskill yourself with continuous learning, and based on that learning, you will stay relevant in a changing work environment driven by Artificial Intelligence.
  1. Building the professional network: The second thing you should do to stay in line with the rapidly growing AI-integrated workspace is build a professional network. Try to connect with professionals in your industry who have rich experience dealing with AI. It will help you get guidance, and insights to excel in your career. 
  1. Adaptability and flexibility: The future of work will not help those who stick to old ideas and are not ready to adapt to new changes. So, get the hint, try to cultivate an adaptable mindset, and be open and flexible to new ways of working and thinking, be it in the form of remote work or virtual meetings. 
  1. Be open to collaboration: It will be a great idea to foster collaboration with the AI team. At the same time, understand the strengths and limitations of Artificial Intelligence Systems and work collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for your respective job. 
  1. Seek feedback: To stay at the forefront of your work performance as a sociologist in an AI-driven environment, it is essential that you seek feedback on your performance at regular intervals. It will help you work on your shortcomings and enhance your overall skills. 

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In a nutshell, the collaboration between human sociologists and AI can be a powerful combination, where each can contribute to a positive society. While AI can simplify various sociological works, the human-centric dimensions in sociology are irreplaceable. Instead of taking AI as a threat, sociology graduates must use it to enhance their skills. Studying online MA in Sociology from Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform in the AI-driven world will help you gain deeper insights into social patterns and dynamics. You will be better equipped to navigate and contribute to the evolving landscape of technology.

Sikkim Manipal University is an NAAC-accredited institution offering UGC-entitled degrees for courses like MA in Sociology, Political Science, English, and many more. So, join the robust SMU alumni network and pursue an MA in Sociology from the expert faculty using the latest digital technologies. 


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