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Ways to prepare yourself for the future of work: AI vs Jobs


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December 14,

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on jobs is a debated topic across the globe. While it has led to a technological revolution in different fields, one cannot deny the concerns it raises about job displacement across various industries and occupations. AI has the potential to automate various tasks and, at the same time, create new job opportunities. But, if you have pursued a good BA or MA degree course from a top-notch university, you need not worry about AI taking away your job.

AI tools or systems are based on deductive reasoning and thus and can only recreate from the information and data uploaded by humans in the search engines. AI struggles to replicate human creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and a profound understanding of language and literature.  Hence, AI can never be as effective in storytelling, communication, or interpretation. The risk of it snatching away the creative jobs is very low because AI acts as a deductive intelligence using information that humans feed it with; it uses established rules, principles or knowledge to deduce conclusions.

Continue reading to explore how an MA in English graduate can thrive in the era of AI, forging a path with the richness of literature and language while embracing the transformative power of technology. 

Is AI causing a major threat? 

No doubt, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a significant impact over the last few years by reducing human effort with automation. There are still various aspects related to several jobs that AI cannot take over. Human caliber is deeply rooted in creativity and abilities like critical thinking, literary analysis, emotional intelligence, experience, and empathy, and Artificial Intelligence is still struggling to master these areas. Hence, AI so far, is not causing a major threat to humans in various job roles. 

The table below will enlighten you with some areas where AI can still not beat the skills required for creative jobs:

Content writingGenerating creative content using innovative ideas specific to certain themes for a target audience is a task best done by experienced human writers and not any AI tool
Critical analysisAlthough AI has shown  remarkable excellence in data analysis, it somehow still lacks the depth of critical understanding and interpretation that comes from a human mind 
Communication skillsAI, as we all know is all about artificial intelligence, and therefore it lacks the emotional intelligence required to communicate with empathy in creative professions such as journalism, teaching, and counseling
Ethical decision-makingCreative jobs such as publishing and editing need ethical decision-making skills that can never be fulfilled by an AI system, so these are professions that need not worry about AI as a threat
Language adaptabilityCreative professions that need language adaptability such as translation, interpretation and consultation are still best dealt by humans and not by any AI tool

AI vs creative jobs in English & Literature 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is indeed a powerful tool that helps creative minds working in different jobs after an MA in English. However, AI can never threaten creative jobs in English literature. The unique blend of skills and expertise that an MA in English graduate brings to the table can never be the same as that brought by artificial intelligence. 

Have a look at some areas where AI will fail to pose a threat to an MA in English graduate in terms of jobs:

  1. Literary analysis: Whether you agree or not, AI cannot pose a threat to an MA English graduate who has mastered the art of literary analysis and critical thinking. To interpret the literature, you need human understanding and empathy, which AI lacks.
  1. Teaching: No AI can bond personally with students as a human teacher, so it is evident that teaching is one profession where AI may assist but cannot pose a threat. AI modes cannot replace human educators. 
  1. Creative writing: AI is massively used for creative writing, but human writers are incomparable when it comes to producing original and authentic content capturing human experience and emotions. 
  1. Human relations and communications: Jobs related to human relations, such as HR or PR management, rely on interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence rather than on artificial intelligence. 
  1. Speechwriting: AI will somehow be unable to craft persuasive speeches for specific audiences. This is an area that needs a human understanding of the nuances of rhetoric and emotional intelligence instead of artificial intelligence.

How the way of work is going to change 

The simple formula to sustain the threat posed by AI is by staying abreast with the latest technologies and being open to continuous learning. Besides, one needs to be more adaptable and ready to acquire new skills to meet the changing demands of a dynamic and AI-integrated workplace. 

Listed below are some ways in which the work is going to change after the implementation of AI in various jobs:

  1. Upskill your knowledge: It is of utmost importance to be open to upskilling and learning new skills when it comes to preparing yourself for the future of work. Identify skills that will complement AI, such as creativity, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking. 
  1. Embracing technology: Try to familiarize yourself with the emerging technologies in the industry you belong to. At the same time, learn to use AI tools and systems and how these can be used to enhance your job rather than view them as a threat. 
  1. Strong networking: Those who wish to sustain the challenges in the way work will take place in the changing job scenario must be open to networking to get new opportunities. In short, building and maintaining a robust professional network is crucial. 
  1. Be adaptable: An adaptable mindset is invaluable for any job type in the current scenario. One should be open to new roles and responsibilities in the changing job landscapes. Try not to restrict yourself to only one kind of role; look for change and be flexible to adjust to each new role.
  1. Remote work skills: Last but not least, you must hone your skills to work from remote spaces and gel well in a flexible work arrangement. For this, develop strong communication and collaboration skills in virtual environments.


To sum up, AI might help accelerate the creativity aspects needed in a job, but it cannot replace the expertise that an MA in English graduate might bring to the same job. One must take the coexistence of AI and human workers as a complementary factor rather than assuming AI is a threat. After all, it is Artificial Intelligence that has made us realize the need to adapt and acquire new skills. Be it the depth of understanding the English literature language or the essence of creative endeavors, a UGC-entitled degree, Robust SMU alumni, expert faculty, and attractive scholarships are some of the key benefits to reap by choosing Sikkim Manipal University to pursue an online MA in English degree program through Online Manipal platform.

Sikkim Manipal University offers a globally recognized online MA in English, that is also affordable. SMU also offers easy financing options like fee concessions and scholarship opportunities for eligible candidates, which can reduce the financial burden for learners.


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