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Job roles TAPMI’s on-campus MBA-BKFS alumni are working in

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February 28,

TAPMI’s flagship MBA in BKFS has been extensively tailored for online delivery after on-campus teaching. The online program strives to prepare working professionals for the future by training them on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and other breakthroughs in the current BFSI landscape. It offers learners the opportunity to get into management and other top-ranking careers in the BFSI sector, thanks to its cutting-edge digital infrastructure, modern curriculum, and four industry-specific electives – Analytics for Banking and Finance, Banking, Capital Markets, and Advanced Corporate Finance that are focused on specific industries.

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TAPMI records 100% placement for on-campus students 

TAPMI has maintained an impeccable record of 100% placements for the last 8 years in 123 top recruiting organizations with the highest CTC of 32.2 LPA. The 100% placements are a result of TAPMI’s industry-relevant coursework, which emphasizes delivering knowledge and skills to deal with challenges and possibilities in today’s competitive environment. The TAPMI alumni have excelled in leadership and other high-ranking positions across all industries.

Top job profiles of TAPMI’s on-campus MBA-BKFS graduates 

Professionals with relevant work expertise and an MBA in BKFS are promoted to management roles with significant compensation. Following are a few job profiles for TAPMI’s MBA-BKFS graduates:

  • Financial Risk Management 

The title “financial risk management” describes how a corporation or organization addresses and manages possible and current financial threats utilizing a good strategic strategy that may be able to prevent revenue loss. Financial risk managers suggest corrective measures and make modifications and enhancements to achieve risk minimization. They must identify potential hazards to the business and analyze the severity of the risks to assets and the business. They aid in developing mitigation strategies and conducting market risk analyses for associated products and services.

  • USI Risk and Financial Advisory 

Risk and Financial Advisory provides services in the fields of regulatory Risk, Strategic and Reputation Risk, Cyber Risk, Financial Risk, and Operational Risk to assist businesses in managing business-related risks, interruptions, and volatility. Solutions and tools from Risk Advisory assist in locating possibilities that give businesses across industries a long-term competitive advantage. Professionals in the fields of risk and financial advisory help their clients manage strategic, fiscal, operational, technical compliance, and reputational risks to increase stakeholder value. 

  • Financial Operations Analyst 

Financial operations analysts analyze a company’s financial activities and make recommendations for improving profit margins. Analyzing economic cost data, finding wasteful procedures, and creating proposals to increase efficiency are all part of the job of a financial operations analyst. They create baseline expenses and gather operational data to assess the expense of operations. These experts guide the cost analysis process by defining and upholding policies and processes as well as by presenting trends and projections.

  • Research Analyst 

A research analyst’s duties include gathering, examining, interpreting, and providing data on markets, operations, finances and accountancy, economics, clients, and other topics relating to the industry they operate in. This personnel is often very analytical, rational, quantitative, and skilled in handling numbers and data. Research analysts’ financial forecasts, assessment of operational indicators, analysis of financial data, and production of financial models and presentations enhance executive management’s decision-making and reporting on the company’s financial performance.

  • Credit Risk Analyst 

Credit risk analysts assist lenders and businesses in determining a potential borrower’s creditworthiness. They must examine their financial data and credit record to determine whether the applicants are bankable. A credit risk analyst’s duties also include assessing financial information, including income statements and balance sheets, to gauge the likelihood of default, along with creating a report that is intended for both the customer and the lender.

  • Fixed Income

Four essential functions of fixed income are to diversify away from stocks, preserve capital, generate income, and guard against inflation. Determining whether their bond holdings are accomplishing these objectives would be beneficial for many investors. A fixed-income financial expert conducts security transactions on account of institutional and retail clients in buying research about fixed-income assets. Banks and broker-dealers are typically their employers.

  • Financial Advisory 

A financial advisor is an expert who offers consultation and recommendations regarding a person’s or organization’s finances. Financial advisors assist individuals and businesses in achieving their financial goals more quickly by offering their customers ideas and means of increasing wealth, cutting expenditures, or paying off debts. Their obligations include interacting with customers to gather data on their costs, earnings, insurance coverage, financial goals, tax situation, risk tolerance, and other factors necessary to create a financial plan.

  • Investment banking Operations 

An investment bank’s main objective is to guide governments and corporations on how to handle their financial issues. They provide their clients with assistance in a variety of areas, including IPOs, mergers, securitized assets, hedging, wealth management, trading and sales, and more. This is the industry’s highest paying and fastest-paced job profile that plays several different functions by providing their clients with a range of financial services, such as assisting businesses in locating investors to secure debt financing, underwriting stock offerings, serving as a client’s financial advisor, managing mergers and acquisitions, etc.

  • Mobilization 

Mobilization finance provides the money required to pay for costs before the start of a project or before invoices are sent out. This can involve things like the movement of both equipment and employees, the setting up of gear at the project site, the accommodation and stipend of personnel, insurance, and payroll. They are in charge of budgeting, managing finances, and implementing safeguards to reduce recognized fiduciary concerns about the funding. Also, they create and maintain systems for managing finances and administration.

  • Risk and Compliance 

A risk and compliance manager makes sure that the company operates following legal requirements, professional norms, global standards, and established business practices. These specialists implement design control systems and conduct audits at periodic intervals, giving management advice on potential risks and internal policies. A compliance manager’s main responsibility is to protect the moral character of the company and make sure that all commercial operations are carried out within a legal framework. They execute the risk management process through careful company planning and internal policy implementation.

Top companies hiring TAPMI’s on-campus MBA-BKFS graduates 

The best financial recruiters for MBA-BKFS graduates hire individuals for a variety of professions, including investment bankers, credit managers, financial analysts, Financial Operations analysts, credit risk analysts, and many more. The top employers for graduates with an MBA-BKFS are listed below.

  • Accenture consulting 
  • Citi bank
  • Arcesium 
  • Accenture operations
  • Lowe’s 
  • ICICI Bank
  • Deloitte
  • PWC
  • JP Morgan
  • MSCI
  • EY
  • Capgemini
  • KPMG

Pursue an online MBA-BKFS from TAPMI 

The MBA-BKFS course from one of India’s most prestigious business schools, TAPMI, is now accessible online. It is skillfully designed to help working professionals get the best learning outcomes while offering you a lot of flexibility in how you finish your coursework. The program includes four industry-related electives to help professionals stay current with industry developments and trends so that they can remain ahead of the competition. The program also allows students to interact with industry experts and gain insight into the most recent developments in the BFSI sector. The course is designed specifically for working professionals who want to advance their careers to leadership or managerial roles or want to switch careers in the BFSI sector.

To know more, read How MBA-BKFS helps you transition into leadership positions in the BFSI sector.


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