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How MBA-BKFS can help you explore a managerial career in Capital Markets

TAPMI’s MBA-BKFS focuses on Capital Markets

The MBA in Banking and Financial Services from TAPMI can help you establish a managerial career in the capital market. The MBA BKFS program focuses on topics related to capital markets, which provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the field. You will learn about financial instruments, risk management, and investment strategies. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of the regulatory environment in which capital markets operate. With this degree, you will be prepared to work in a variety of roles within the capital markets industry. Global equity market capitalization rose 16.6% year on year to $124.4 trillion, which shows the emerging opportunities in capital markets.

The curriculum of TAPMI’s MBA in BKFS is designed to suit working professionals in the BFSI sector. The subjects covered helps professionals understand and keep up with the latest trends in the baking and finance sector. 

Following are some of the subjects covered under capital markets in the program:

  • Financial Derivatives: Financial derivatives are contracts that are based on the value of an underlying asset. They can be used to hedge risk, as well as speculate on the future value of an asset.
  • Global Capital Markets: Global Capital Markets is the sector of financial services that provides capital to companies and investors in order to finance their operations. Global Capital Markets include all types of financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, derivatives, and other forms of investment.
  • Technical Analysis: Technical analysis is the study of past price movements to predict future ones. Technical analysis relies on quantitative analysis, which means it is based on mathematical formulas and formulas that are derived from mathematics.
  • Market Microstructure: Market Microstructure refers to the rules and regulations that govern pricing, trading, and related activities taking place in the capital and financial markets.
  • Investment Management: Investment management is the process of managing investments. It involves taking an active role in choosing and monitoring investments, as well as creating and implementing a plan for the long-term success of those investments.

Managerial job roles to explore in Capital Markets

After pursuing the MBA-BKFS with a specialization in Capital Markets, working professionals will have the necessary skills and knowledge to switch to leadership positions. Listed below are some of the best managerial job roles to explore in capital markets:

  • Fund Manager: A fund manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of a fund or portfolio. The fund manager oversees the performance of the fund or portfolio and manages money flows between investors and liability managers.
  • Business Development Manager- Capital Markets: Business Development Manager in the Capital Markets sector will be responsible for developing new businesses and driving revenue across all asset classes, including equities and bonds. You’ll also be responsible for managing client relationships and working closely with senior management to develop new strategies that are aligned with company goals.
  • Senior Director- Capital Markets: A Senior Director in Capital Markets is a leadership position with the ability to oversee the execution of capital market and corporate finance activities. This person will be responsible for managing the business units’ capital markets, securities, and investment banking functions, as well as their relationships with external counterparties.
  • Credit Analyst: Credit analysts are responsible for assessing the creditworthiness of individuals and businesses to determine whether or not they qualify for loans and other types of financial assistance. They also provide advice on how to improve a client’s financial situation, including information about available government assistance programs.
  • Capital Market Analyst: Capital market analysts help business owners and other stakeholders understand the implications of changes in the capital markets on their company. They analyze how these changes will affect the company’s financial performance, and they help them make decisions about how to respond to those changes.
  • Business Analyst with Capital Market: A Business Analyst in Capital Market (BACM) is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and analysis of business requirements for capital markets products. This includes both new and existing products. The professional is responsible for gathering requirements from stakeholders, including clients, product managers, and end users. They will also develop specifications and collaborate with stakeholders to ensure requirements are properly documented and understood by all involved parties.

Pursue online MBA BKFS from TAPMI

An MBA in BKFS from TAPMI can help working professionals establish a managerial career in the capital market. The program provides a strong foundation in financial management and analysis, which will prepare professionals for various roles in the industry. Learners will gain an understanding of financial markets, investment strategies, and risk management. Additionally, the program will provide learners with the skills to lead a team of financial professionals.

The MBA in BKFS program is designed to provide professionals with an understanding of the analytical, operational, and strategic aspects of capital markets. Professionals will learn how to effectively analyze and use financial data and how to manage risk effectively. In addition, learners will gain insight into the global capital markets, as well as emerging trends in the industry. Through a combination of lectures, case studies, and project work, learners will gain hands-on experience in this field. Finally, learners will develop skills that are applicable across various industries, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.


In conclusion, an MBA BKFS can offer significant benefits to those wanting to enter the capital market. It will provide you with fundamental knowledge of different financial services, such as banking and securities so that you have a better understanding of how the markets work. You’ll also gain critical skills when it comes to managing people, budgets, and time which are essential for any managerial career. Lastly, an MBA BKFS career path will give you access to experienced professionals who can help guide you and open up new professional opportunities for you.


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