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How MBA-BKFS helps you transition into leadership positions in the BFSI sector


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January 30,

4 industry-relevant electives

TAPMI’s online MBA-BKFS  program offers 4 industry-relevant electives to provide professionals in the BFSI industry a chance to explore their interests and choose their preferred field. The 4 industry-oriented electives of the program are discussed in depth below:

  • Analytics for banking and finance

Analytics is a key part of the BFSI sector, as it helps in decision-making. It also helps in understanding the business, customer, and market dynamics. This can be used to create better products or services that meet client requirements and expectations. Analytics helps in making informed decisions on where to invest capital or resources, which will result in better ROI (return on investments) made by banks across countries around the world.

In today’s digital driven world, analytics has become an important tool for banks to understand their customers better so that they can provide them with appropriate solutions according to their needs at any given point in time when needed most by clients/customers based on how much value they place upon certain aspects like convenience versus cost-effectiveness etc.

The topics covered under this elective are:

  • Analytics & AI In Finance & Banking 
  • Risk Analytics In Finance & Banking 
  • Financial Engineering & Structured Finance 
  • Credit Analytics 
  • Financial Modeling Using Excel & VBA 
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation 

Some top job roles you can choose from with this elective are:

  • Financial Data Analyst
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Financial Manager
  • Chief Analytics Officer
  • Banking

Banking is a profession that requires an individual to have strong communication skills and analytical reasoning, as well as the ability to assess risk. A banker’s role varies depending on the type of bank they work for; however, all bankers are expected to handle financial transactions and make decisions on behalf of clients.

A banker is responsible for ensuring that his or her company’s customers receive quality service at all times by providing excellent customer service through telephone calls, emails, and face-to-face interactions with clients. This includes making sure that each client understands what he or she needs in order to meet his or her goals while also keeping accurate records so that everything can be tracked down later if necessary.

The topics covered under this elective are:

  • Banking Laws & Regulations 
  • Treasury & Asset Liability Management 
  • Fraud Risk Management & Forensic Accounting 
  • International Banking & Foreign Exchange 
  • Credit Analysis & Risk Management 
  • Financing Of International Trade

Some top job roles you can choose from with this elective are:

  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Internal Auditor
  • Credit Analyst
  • Capital markets

Learners will be able to understand the fundamentals of capital markets by choosing this elective. This includes understanding how it works, its risks, and its opportunities. They would be able to make informed decisions on behalf of their clients or company as they can relate to the financial needs and goals. Learners will be able to deal with risk in a way that meets the needs of investors while minimizing any potential losses for themselves or their client(s).

The topics covered under this elective are:

  • Financial Derivatives 
  • Global Capital Markets 
  • Fixed Income Securities 
  • Technical Analysis 
  • Market Microstructure 
  • Investment Management

Some top job roles you can choose from with this elective are:

  • Merchant Banker
  • Fund manager
  • Business development manager
  • Risk manager
  • Stock Broker
  • Advanced Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is the art of managing a company’s finances. Financial modeling is the application of mathematical methods to help identify and evaluate financial risks and opportunities, as well as make informed investment decisions. Financial management involves all aspects of corporate finance, such as planning, budgeting, analysis, and presentation of financial data for internal or external purposes.

Financial reporting includes preparing reports on income statements (balance sheets), cash flow statements (invoices/payments), statements showing assets acquired or used up during a period, and many other types like leases, etc., which are then analyzed by managers who use this information for making decisions about investments in order to achieve profitability at any given point in time. 

The topics covered under this elective are:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • Business Analysis & Valuation 
  • Corporate Restructuring 
  • Behavioral Finance 
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital 
  • Investment Banking & Value Investing

Some top job roles you can choose from with this elective are:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Cost Analyst
  • Credit Manager
  • Investor Relations Officer
  • Treasurer

In-depth understanding of business finance decisions

The online MBA BKFS syllabus provides professionals with an in-depth knowledge about business finance decisions and teaches them how to make efficient business finance decisions. The syllabus of the program helps learners gain varied real-world learning experiences, allowing industry integration and cross-fertilization of ideas. The program covers topics such as:

  • Understanding the function of the company’s finances, including its cash flow, debt management strategy, and customer relationships.
  • Evaluating complex financial transactions such as mergers & acquisitions (M&A), restructurings, and IPOs/IPO equivalents in an unbiased manner based on sound logic and common sense principles.

A deeper understanding of key areas

The banking sector is currently in the midst of a digital transformation, which will have a lasting impact on how you conduct your business. As such, it’s important to understand how this could impact your career path and how MBA banking and financial services can help you transition into leadership positions in the BFSI sector.

  • Digital transformation in the banking sector

The BFSI sector is increasingly focusing on digital transformation as traditional business models are changing and businesses are looking for new ways to be more agile. The demand for a more effective and efficient business model has fueled this trend of digitization in the sector. The MBA BKFS program will provide learners with the trends of digitization in the sector.

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are ongoing trends in the BFSI sector. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that record and secure every transaction using blockchain technology. Learners will be able to gain advanced knowledge of these topics with the program.

Network with professionals in the BFSI industry

Professionals in the BFSI industry can use the MBA BKFS program to build their career paths and advance their careers within the BFSI industry by interacting with peers and expanding their networks. They will find that networking is an important skill for any professional in this field. Networking in the BFSI industry will allow professionals to stay updated about the trends in the industry and explore various opportunities in the field to advance to leadership and management roles.

TAPMI alumni status

TAPMI’s online MBA-BKFS program is designed for working professionals in the BFSI sector to expand their knowledge and skills to advance to leadership and managerial roles. The program not only gives you the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to excel in the banking sector but also provides opportunities for networking with professionals from across the globe. With its focus on leadership development, global exposure, and career advancement, the MBA program will help you become better prepared for any role or position in the BFSI industry.

Additionally, having an MBA from this institution gives you access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Access to exclusive events & networks with other alumni members.
  • Exclusive educational opportunities, such as workshops conducted by experts/professionals related to important concepts in the field.


Today, the field of banking is one that is crowded with many active and promising leaders who are looking to make a difference in their respective careers. With BFSI being one of the most important sectors of all, it should come as no surprise that there’s a considerable number of highly qualified people who want to make the leap into leadership positions in the sector. However, these BFSI leaders need to be well-versed in how to design and lead a team. To ensure that you can master these skills, which will help you advance to leadership positions, consider enrolling in TAPMI’s online MBA BKFS program to familiarize yourself with key concepts.


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