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How to become an Academician: Career path and more

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April 27,

Academic job requirements demand a fervent passion for knowledge and a relentless thirst for discovery. From obtaining advanced degrees to gaining research experience to excel as an Educationalist, Career Counselor, Academic Director, or University Dean; the roadmap for a career as an Academician is quite vast. Throughout this journey, individuals may explore different career paths within academia and continue learning and sharing their knowledge with others. 

This post aims to enlighten you with a useful Academician career guide, so that you learn how to become a successful Academician and the various career opportunities open in this field. 

Why choose a career as an academician? 

Before we talk about an Academician career progression and how to become a successful Academician, let us first understand why to choose such a career. Choosing a career as an Academician can be a fulfilling and rewarding path for those passionate about research, teaching, publishing, collaborating, networking, funding and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their particular field. So, you see the scope of an academic career is vast, offering individuals numerous opportunities in different areas.

Let us dig deeper to understand the advantages of choosing an Academician as a profession:

  1. Teaching and mentorship: People who are extremely passionate about teaching and mentoring can make the best of their career as an Academician. They get the right opportunities to share knowledge with the next generation of scholars and help them develop the skills required to excel in the rapidly evolving digital era
  1. Knowledge contribution: Academicians are expected to research a lot, and this helps them contribute knowledge in their field. Moreover, through more research, they can push the set boundaries and make significant contributions to science, humanities, and other disciplines.
  1. Collaboration opportunities: Another main benefit of becoming an Academician is that it encourages one to collaborate with other researchers inside or outside the discipline. Collaborative research projects can lead to innovative solutions for complex problems and lead to overall professional growth. 
  1. Freedom to pursue intellectual interests: Not to forget that Academicians get the best environment and freedom to pursue their intellectual interests and research on various topics related to their fields. This way, they can discover and contribute to their field. 
  1. Scope for continuous learning: Most importantly, choosing an Academician as a career is the perfect choice for those, who are always keen to learn new ideas, research findings, and methodologies. They get to engage with colleagues, attend conferences, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their respective fields. 

Steps to become an Academician 

An Academician is a professional associated with the field of education, imparting research findings to enhance the knowledge of others through different sources. The steps to become an Academician are mentioned below for your understanding:

Step 1: Finish 10+2

Interested candidates must first finish their 10+2 in any stream of subjects from a recognized board. This will be the first stepping stone to the ladder to climb high in a career as an Academician.

Step 2: Appear for entrance examination

After 10+2, interested candidates must appear in university-level entrance examinations conducted by various national or state-level authorities. Some of the main entrance examinations to crack to move ahead on a journey to become an Academician are JEE Main, DUET, AMU EE, JNU EE, and BHU UET.

Step 3: Pursue an undergraduate degree course

Your next step should be to enrol in an Undergraduate (UG) degree course online from a prestigious university such as Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). You may choose to study an online BA in English, Sociology, Political Science, or any other field depending on your academic interest. 

Step 4: Pursue a postgraduate degree course

Add another feather to the cap to become a successful Academician by enrolling in a Postgraduate (PG) degree course online from a top-notch institution such as Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) via the Online Manipal platform. This could be an online Master of Arts (MA), Master of Commerce (MCom), Master of Computer Applications (MCA), or other relevant programs.

Step 5: Research experience or other criteria

At the same time, enrich your research experience by taking part in internships, and research projects during your graduation courses. Pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree to develop a strong research portfolio will be another progressive step in this journey.

Different Academician career paths

From possessing the role of a University Dean to Academic Director, from being a Teacher to a Distance Learning Coordinator; options are endless when it comes to exploring career opportunities in various fields related to Academia. These career paths not only contribute to the advancement of knowledge within their fields but also play a vital role in shaping the future of education and research.

The table displayed below will give you a clear idea of the top 5 career paths as an Academician:

Job ProfileRoles and ResponsibilitiesApproximate Salary (per annum)
University DeanHolds a leadership position in an institute and is therefore responsible for the overall management of the institute, managing the budget, hiring faculty, arranging the equipment, and resource allocationINR 50,71,867 per annum
AcademicianResponsible for conducting original research and publishing research findings in academic journals. Also, engaged in teaching and other scholarly activitiesINR 14,50,000 per annum
Distance Learning CoordinatorResponsible for implementing and administrating the distance education programs and online courses for the institute with proper collaboration, training, and supportINR 10,23,075 per annum
Academic DirectorEnsures a smooth operation and adherence of the institute or university to the academic standards and goals with the right direction and leadership qualitiesINR 9,82,635 per annum
TeacherDelivers instructions, plans and prepares lessons and instructional materials for students in a variety of formats like demonstrations, lectures, discussions, and hands-on activities. Also, responsible for assessing the students based on tests, quizzes, and projectsINR 5,60,000 per annum

Academician Salary in India 

The salary of two people working as Academicians may not be the same in India. There is always a huge scope for variation based on experience, qualification, and institution. Entry-level positions with an experience of up to 4 years may earn up to INR 22,083 per month. On the other hand, senior-level positions with experience of up to 10 years may earn up to INR 45,833 per month. Also note, that private institutes or universities may offer higher salaries when compared to government-funded ones. You must also note that the salary of an Academician may also include various benefits and allowances.

Pursue an MA with Sikkim Manipal University 

When considering the Academician’s qualifications, you must consider possessing an online MA degree in hand from a reliable university, for instance, Sikkim Manipal University, the No. 1 university in Northeast India with a 70-year glorious Manipal status. If it is the literature that excites you, then enrol in the online MA English, whereas, if sociology is your favorite subject and you want to dig deeper in this realm; then enrol in an online MA Sociology course. On the other hand, do not hesitate to pursue an online MA Political Science, if the political scenario fascinates you and you want to research this subject. 

The ultimate benefit of pursuing an online MA from SMU is that it will help you get going on diverse career paths with versatile skills. You gain access to the latest e-content in a fully online experience and become part of the robust alumni network to enjoy global networking with students from across the globe. 


To conclude, becoming an Academician is a journey rich in intellectual growth, scholarly achievement, and professional development. An online MA degree program from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) via the Online Manipal platform can be considered a transformative opportunity for those who want to become an Academician. SMU is a UGC-entitled institution rewarding NAAC A+ accredited degrees to its students on completion of the degree programs. This prestigious university is a one-stop solution to study from expert faculty through interdisciplinary collaboration, global engagement, and experimental learning to empower oneself to become a catalyst for positive change in society as an Academician. 


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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