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Republic Day 2023: How our learners from the armed forces chose a degree of their dreams

Since the adoption of India’s constitution on January 26, 1950, celebrations mark the day, featuring the country’s spectacular military and cultural pageantry. This day also commemorates the power of Indian citizens to choose their government democratically. Several years after the constitution was drafted, on 1st April 2010, the government of India amended the constitution to make education a fundamental right. The government of India implemented the law to provide free and compulsory education to all children in the age group of 6-14 years. The 86th constitutional amendment making education a fundamental right was passed by Parliament in 2002.  

The education sector in India has witnessed unbelievable transformations since post-Independence. From a literacy rate of merely 18% in 1951, the literacy rate in India rose to 77.7% in 2022. The literacy rate began to rise ever since the Indian government announced a new National Policy on Education. The policy focused on “universalization of primary education, vocationalization of secondary education and specialization of higher education.” These initiatives have played a major role in improving literacy rates in India.  

However, today, technology is in the driver’s seat. While these developments improved accessibility to education among children and youth, technological interventions are catering to people from all walks of life. From fresh graduates, entrepreneurs, married women, new mothers, lecturers and defense personnel, people from diverse backgrounds have benefitted from education technology.  

This Republic Day, we focus on how online learning has helped defense personnel enhance knowledge and upskill themselves. Most people in the armed forces who could not complete education take up distance courses for convenience. However, with the flexibility that comes with online degrees, they have become a popular choice.  

Online degrees perfectly fit the lives of military personnel since they can learn at their own pace. They can get personalized learning experience with online degrees. They can attend live sessions during their spare time or access recorded classes anywhere, anytime. The e-learning material is also accessible anytime during the day.  

Online learning gives them the freedom to pursue a degree of their dreams. With a pool of programs and courses available online, they can upskill themselves and set a different career path. Online learning is a boon, especially for military personnel who want to retire and switch to other jobs. If they time their graduation according to their retirement, they would be able to find lucrative jobs.  

On this Republic Day, we got a chance to interact with a few of our learners from the armed forces, who share their experiences about online learning with Online Manipal. They threw some light on how online learning is bringing about positive transformations in higher education and how they are benefiting from it.  

Metta Ravi Kumar, online B.Com 

“Online learning came to the limelight during the pandemic. For a newly joined person in the armed forces, online learning would be an excellent opportunity for higher education and carrier progression. In a way, online learning is helping to build a nation of better citizens. I would suggest all my juniors and subordinates devote time to taking some interesting online courses of their choice and enhance their career. Online Manipal offers scholarship opportunities for defense personnel and free access to paid Coursera content which is extremely helpful. Online Manipal is offering a wonderful opportunity for defense personnel to access various online courses from Manipal University Jaipur.” 

Rajashekhar, online MBA 

“Online learning as part of the Digital India program is certainly helping the nation. Due to its capability and inherent flexibility, it has unleashed a whole new era of learning and upskilling, which, I’m sure will be a boon for India in the years to come. Online MBA will add value to my existing qualification to be eligible for deputation offers in managerial role in the Central or State Ministry. Online MBA is apt for working professionals like me, since the weekend classes are convenient and recorded sessions are also available.” 

Jay Prakash Singh, online BCA 

“Online education is the best option for people in the armed forces as it helps them achieve their goals. Pursuing an online BCA degree from MUJ through Online Manipal has helped me enhance my skills as a soldier with a technical post in the army. I’m very thankful to Online Manipal for providing recorded videos and lectures. MUJ offers several online degree programs that can help army personnel.” 

Hav Ningappa Nayak, Online MBA 

“I decided to pursue an online degree considering its flexibility, accessibility and affordability. The lenience to study from any part of the world is the biggest boon of pursuing an online degree. As a Jawan, an online degree helped me fulfill my academic aspirations.  I would personally recommend army personnel to take up online degrees, as they are convenient and help build a strong academic background. As an Army man, I don’t have much time to dedicate to my academics. But the study material is easily understandable and includes pictorial representations of concepts. The weekend classes turned out to be very convenient for me. The course mentors are approachable at any time in the day, and they have kept a check on me throughout the program.” 


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