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Highest paying management jobs and how to get them

November 18,

Management relates to regulating a company’s operations and assets to achieve specific goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. Management positions are crucial to the operation of any firm—the responsibilities of a manager in an organization range from small-scale team management to broad responsibilities. Understanding the function of managers is essential whether you’re a seasoned manager trying to take on additional responsibility or a managerial novice. 

The management responsibilities extend beyond making choices that will impact every employee. It also serves as a benchmark for how managers should interact with one another and their employees, both of which impact the organization’s growth. 

Graduates of MBA programs are taught to see the potential for industry expansion and strive for tactics that can increase the influence of the organizations. Businesses can only succeed if the managerial department operates well, whether it be through resource allocation optimization, human resource management, fostering emerging inventions, or investing in income production. 

An effective manager, whether an MBA grad or someone who has learned the skills via industry experience, can make or break a company’s future. Because of this, management positions are not only readily available but also in high demand and business management job salary in India is substantial. 

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Essential skills a manager must possess

A good manager performs more than just keeping an eye on projects, processes, and results; they cultivate a set of competencies that empower their employees. 

  • Leadership

It is among the most crucial traits for a manager because a competent leader can inspire their team to work together toward a common objective by bringing out the best qualities in each person. Endurance, modesty, fortitude, impartiality, a sense of vision, and being a great listener are some of the most crucial leadership qualities that can be found in people who are excellent at managing a group and accomplishing objectives.

  • Problem-solving skills

There are numerous problems that managers can deal with, ranging from an issue with a production line to a conflict between coworkers. The employees will have more faith in you as a manager if you can quickly determine the appropriate course of action. Great managers anticipate risks, explore potential solutions, and choose the best course of action.

  • Time management

The key component of effective time management is determining what to focus on, prioritizing tasks, and setting reasonable deadlines for tasks to be completed. A manager’s responsibility is complex, so developing your time-management abilities will help you become a better manager.

  • Communication

A competent manager knows when to change their communication approach depending on the circumstance or the audience. Your team is more likely to accomplish tasks on schedule, achieve results, and actualize an organization’s overall vision and objectives if you’re more successful at communicating effectively.

  • Mentorship

Mentorship calls for educating, counseling, and empowering staff members. You’ll be the impetus for team members’ advancement if you hold a management role. With a wide range of experience, proficiency, and skills, a smart management expert imparts knowledge and capabilities to others.

  • Team building

Managers work in teams as both team members and team leaders. It’s crucial to understand and value what it takes to complete the task and keep the team in the forefront when making choices that impact it. Working as a team promotes understanding, creativity, efficiency, and improved morale. A good manager promotes and supports teamwork within and across the department or organization.

  • Organizational skills

It’s imperative to have strong organizational skills because managers need to balance many roles. They are required to manage their schedule, supervise the performance of the staff, participate in meeting sessions, conduct performance reviews, and evaluate corporate regulations. At this level, sloppy work habits, delays, and a generalized lack of organization aren’t acceptable and will set a bad example for your workers. 

  • Delegation

The managerial skill of delegation involves allocating duties to others and giving them the power to do those tasks. Successful delegation also includes learning which individual to allocate a task to and what tasks each person already has. Effective delegation techniques increase productivity and efficiency while also encouraging teamwork and accountability.

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Some of the top management roles you can get into

There are several different managerial opportunities open in the industry. You can advance into one of these roles based on your expertise, interests, and expected income. Highest paid management jobs in India are as follows:

  • Marketing Manager

Marketing-related choices and initiatives fall under the purview of marketing managers for businesses. They plan and organize marketing initiatives, manage the marketing spend, provide quality content, and assess the overall effectiveness of each campaign.

  • Sales Manager

Sales managers guide a company’s sales force by delegating responsibilities, guiding them, and establishing sales targets. Additionally, they are responsible for creating the sales staff and plans. In general, they seek to increase a company’s revenue.

  • Financial Manager

Financial managers are responsible for a corporation’s economic reporting, financial statement preparation, financial forecasting, account monitoring, and evaluating potentially profitable business possibilities. They also make sure the business is following all financial and legal standards.

  • IT Manager

An IT manager is a specialist who ensures that every staff has exposure to the technologies they require to execute their jobs, from a dependable laptop and VPN connectivity for remote employees to close collaboration with other divisions to safeguard data. They select the technology to invest in, define and evaluate departmental goals, build team workflows, and encourage collaboration throughout the organization. 

  • Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers develop and direct initiatives that enhance a company’s reputation. They cultivate and uphold a positive public image for their organization or customer by publicizing initiatives, achievements, and viewpoints.

  • Human Resource Manager

Human resource management is yet another attractive career path in the business management careers list. A typical HR position comprises hiring new employees, handling employee problems, and maintaining a productive and inspiring workplace. It also involves developing external communications strategies to strengthen the company’s partnerships.

  • Operations Manager

In practically every industry, operations managers are essential members of upper-level management who ensure that the business is operating at its peak efficiency. They keep a watch on several departments inside the business, guaranteeing production and efficiency while looking for ways to cut costs. They supervise other important departmental leaders and mentor teams of workers while they accomplish their particular tasks to meet organizational objectives.

  • Architectural and Engineering Manager

Architectural and engineering managers monitor their staff, coordinate efforts, and integrate various projects. They oversee a company’s R&D teams and are responsible for tasks, including developing thorough plans for creating new designs and products, figuring out the personnel and equipment requirements, working with other teams, and recommending budgetary requirements.

Management professionals’ salaries in India can vary based on their job roles, skills, experience, company and other factors.

Some highest-paying management roles

  • Marketing manager – Marketing Managers create, implement, and execute strategic marketing plans in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
  • Sales manager – Sales managers are in charge of recruiting, hiring, and training new salespeople. 
  • Financial manager – Financial managers perform data analysis and advise senior managers on profit-maximizing ideas.
  • IT manager – IT managers are in charge of organizing, planning, and leading computer-related activities in their organizations.
  • Human resource manager – Human resources managers are in charge of planning, coordinating, and directing the administrative functions of an organization.

Step into a managerial role with an online MBA degree 

The online MBA program offered by Manipal University Jaipur, through Online Manipal, helps you enhance your career and prepare you to deal with future workplace challenges. This UGC-approved online course offers similar value to any conventional course. Students can complete their education via online classes at their availability and convenience. Various cutting-edge electives are available for the MBA specialization from MUJ, including Finance, Marketing, HRM, Analytics & Data Science, Retail Management, BFSI, IT & FinTech, and Operations Management. 

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MUJ provides students with top-notch educational opportunities and prepares them for future employment. When registering for this course, students also receive free access to Coursera and more than 50,000 certifications. The duration of the online MBA program is 24 months spread over four semesters.


The choice of your educational path significantly impacts your prospective future. The demand to effectively manage businesses is growing as they expand their operations across various industries. An MBA from a respected university opens up new job opportunities for learners and working individuals who want to advance into managerial positions. Furthermore, it aids your education regarding all MBA marketing concepts, which will advance your career. Try enrolling in an online MBA program from a prestigious institution, such as Manipal University Jaipur, with your preferred specialization to give yourself an edge in this competitive industry.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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