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Become a successful business development manager after BBA

Business development managers are in charge of driving a company’s growth. They build a network of contacts in order to attract new clients, research new market opportunities, and manage growth projects, making sales projections and forecasting revenue in order to meet projected income. An online BBA degree provides a good headstart for individuals who wish to become business development managers. The course helps students develop a wide range of skills and provide experiences that will enable them to manage financial situations and challenges to become successful business development managers. 

Here are the skills you will learn in an online BBA Program:

  • Leadership attributes: You must do case studies and individual or group projects as part of your BBA course, which helps develop leadership skills. 
  • Networking: In addition to teaching you the finer points of networking, this course will polish your networking abilities for greater use in practical situations.
  • Decision-making: You will learn all the essential business concepts in this course, which will help you develop good decision-making skills.

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Roles and responsibilities of a business development manager

The main responsibility of BDM, whose daily tasks vary, is to promote corporate growth. The roles and responsibilities of a business development manager include the following:

  • Creating development strategies and estimating growth and sales objectives
  • Locating market possibilities via conferences, networking, and other methods
  • Interacting with current and future clients and creating relationships
  • Coordinating with coworkers to create marketing and sales plans
  • Creating sales objectives and financial estimates
  • Attending occasions like conferences and exhibits
  • Putting together sales presentations and attending sales meetings
  • Producing management reports
  • Teaching teammates in sales and business development
  • Working in an office or a client’s

Steps to kickstart your career as a business development manager

Here are five steps to kickstart your career as a Business Development Manager:

1. Get a bachelor’s degree

A BBA, or bachelor’s degree in business management, finance, accounting, and marketing, is needed to start a career as a business development manager. Enrolling in the BBA degree program will allow you to get the knowledge and abilities needed to thrive in your career. An online BBA degree will help you to kickstart your career as a Business Development Manager. 

2. Choose a mentor

It’s a good idea to locate a mentor who can assist you in growing your professional network and learning more about beginning a career. It might be a teacher, a previous boss, another graduate of your institution, or anybody else who is willing to offer their wisdom and experiences. A mentor can also put you in touch with possible employers.

3. Acquire skills

Develop your BBA Skills in project management, customer relationship management software, spreadsheets, word processing, and business presentation software to get ready for a job as a business development manager. Building your soft skills is also essential if you want to fit in at work and get along with people.

4. Think about your professional objectives

Be careful to take your job goals into account before beginning a career as a BDM. You may strengthen your project management, communication, and team leadership abilities by working as a business development manager. 

5. Customize your resume

Your Curriculum Vitae should be modified for this specific position. This can convince a hiring manager to schedule an interview for you. When conducting interviews, emphasize crucial technical abilities, such as the business software you use, as well as soft skills, such as communication, relationship management, and problem-solving. 

Important skills a business development manager must possess

To become a successful Business Development Manager, you should possess the following skills. 

Project Administration

Everything in a professional setting is a project. Additionally, every project includes teams working to execute it, as well as objectives, prices, budgets, and deadlines. Business development managers must manage all of these tasks but on a different scale than project managers.

Research & strategize

Strong research and strategic analytical abilities are essential for a business developer manager. These are required to benchmark the opposition and maintain the business in front of it.

Negotiation skills

In order to grow your firm, you must first persuade clients to purchase your goods or services. Additionally, it entails persuading investors to make investments. Business development managers need to use tact while dealing with both investors and clients.

Computer expertise

Any respectable employee should be able to use a computer. However, a Business Development Manager has to be highly proficient with Microsoft Office. For this profession, CRM software is also a need.

Interpersonal skills

A successful business development manager has to be a competent communicator. They are necessary in order to talk, present, assert, and interact with all of the concerned stakeholders. They must also possess the confidence necessary to make cold calls to potential clients.

Analytical and problem-solving

Not every project will go off without a hitch. A project is frequently fraught with difficulties. Business development managers need to be able to anticipate and spot any issues that a project could have. They should also have the ability to consider the issue from several angles and offer the best resolution. 

Manipal University Online BBA

How does an online BBA prepare you for a career in Business Development?

Individuals can start their careers as business development managers by earning a UGC-entitled online BBA from NAAC A+ accredited Manipal University Jaipur. The BBA course introduces students to the core areas of management, such as marketing, sales, and strategy management, as well as key areas, such as finance and economics, which are required to become a successful BDM. The goal of the professional online BBA program is to teach students the fundamentals involved in running a business successfully. The immersive course discusses the most recent developments in business management to help you succeed as a BDM.

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Some of the highlights of Online Manipal are:

  • The enhanced digital platform provides a comprehensive and immersive learning experience to students.
  • Students can learn at their own pace with the extensive e-learning content, attend live or recorded lectures, and engage in discussion on the platforms according to their convenience.
  • The programs are taught by experienced faculty who are experts in their field and help students learn important concepts.
  • Online Manipal offers easy financing options with no-cost EMIs and scholarship opportunities so that students can achieve their dreams without worrying about money.


Business management is essential across various sectors within a wide range of organizations. As a result, there are numerous opportunities for career advancement as a BDM. Business development managers play an important role in an organization’s success. These professionals generate new sales leads, forecast sales, and negotiate pricing with clients to assist organizations in maximizing their profits. The online BBA program from MUJ can help individuals start their careers as successful business development managers by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge. So, start your journey towards becoming a successful business development manager by enrolling in the online BBA course from MUJ.


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