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BA vs BCom: What you should choose

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January 31,

Thinking about what to do after finishing your schooling in the coming months? We bet the ever-growing industry demand for BA vs BCOM graduates must have confused you in choosing between these two most popular undergraduate degree courses. If that is the case, relax; your search ends here, as we will help you choose the right course by giving you an elaborate BA vs BCom comparison. 

Stepping in your shoes, we understand that choosing between a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is not a coin toss; it is a decision that will shape your career, so it is important to picture the strengths and skills each of these courses will provide you in 3 years. 

So, come join us in the post to understand the comparison of BA and BCOM degrees.

What is BA? 

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is the most popular and in-demand undergraduate course in India. Although a non-professional course, an online BA equips students with a versatile skill set required to sail smoothly in various career fields. Students can pursue an online BA in subjects ranging from English to Political Science and Sociology, to name a few. This 3-year UG course is perfect for setting a foundation for a Master of Arts (MA) at the postgraduate level by developing students’ interest in particular subjects. 

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What is BCom 

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a versatile undergraduate program that aims not just to acquaint students with basic knowledge of commerce and business but also to give them a comprehensive understanding of different elements used to run a business. After pursuing an online BCom course from a reputed university, students can kick start their careers in various fields, such as finance, business, accounting, marketing, and economics. 

Eligibility criteria: BA vs BCom 

Having understood what is a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) course, it is time to take one step ahead. So, we will now be proceeding to enlighten you with the basic eligibility criteria to get admission in these UG programs at universities like Sikkim Manipal University through the Online Manipal platform. So, we request you to have a look at the table below for the same:

BCom Course Eligibility BCom Course Eligibility 
Completion of schooling (10+2) from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks in any streamCompletion of (10+2) from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks, preferably in the commerce stream 
Some universities may hold a Common University Entrance Test (CUET) exam to give admission to BA courseSome colleges and universities have their cut-off percentages for admission or might hold Common University Entrance Test (CUET) exam to give admission to BCom course

BA course curriculum

So, do you think you are eligible for admission to an online BA course? But, wait a second; do not hurry into enrolling in this course without understanding what will be taught to you during the entire course duration of 3 years that is split into 6 semesters. The course curriculum of a BA course will depend on the specialization you choose, but if you want to be a jack of all trades, then go ahead and enroll in the special combo online BA course offered by Sikkim Manipal University with the following curriculum:

Semester SubjectsSemester Subjects
Semester 1Communicative English, Indian English Literature, Foundations of Political Science, Introduction to Sociology, Natural Science
Semester 2World Literature, Functional English, Political Theory, Environmental Science, Sociology in India
Semester 3Academic Writing, Essays and Poetry, Digital Fluency, Comparative Political Analysis, Rural Sociology
Semester 4Women Writing in English, New Literature in English, Classical Indian Political Thought Literary Terms, Forms, and Movements, Urban Sociology
Semester 5 Victorian and Modern Literature, Poetry: Evolution, Elements, and Genres, Children’s Literature, Social Problems in India, Human Rights
Semester 6Novels and Short Stories, Comparative Literature, American Literature, United Nations and Global Conflicts Sociology of Change and Development

BCom course curriculum

Let us now throw some light on the core curriculum covered in an online BCom course so that you can decide whether or not to enroll in this popular program. As we mentioned earlier, the main focus of this course is to help the students acquire the basic knowledge of subjects required to handle a business. Have a look at the BCom course curriculum that will be taught to you in 36 months split into 6 semesters:

Semester NameCurriculum Covered
Semester 1Financial Accounting – I, Business Organization and Management, Digital Fluency, Corporate Legal Environment, Communicative English
Semester 2Financial Accounting – II, Financial Literacy, Environmental Studies, Economic Theory, Functional English
Semester 3Principles of Marketing, Basics of Statistics and Mathematics, Corporate Accounting, Personality Development and Leadership, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibilities
Semester 4E-Business, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Entrepreneurship Development, Financial Markets, Institutions, and Services
Semester 5Human Resource Management, Principles and Practice of Auditing, Direct Taxation and GST Law and Practice, Fundamentals of Financial Management, International Financial Reporting Standards
Semester 6Business Research Methodology, Strategic Financial Management, International Finance, Investment Options and Mutual Funds, Project Work

Career options after BA

One of the major decision-making factors for BA or BCOM is the career scope. What are your job prospects after completing any of these undergraduate degree courses will definitely help you make an informed decision on which course would be beneficial for you in the long run. The table below lists the top 5 career opportunities after an online BA with an approximate salary per annum:

Job Profile
Approximate Salary 
HR ManagerINR 10 lakh – INR 12 lakh per annum
Content WriterINR 6,70,995 per annum
PR ManagerINR 9.83 lakh per annum
Digital Marketing SpecialistINR 7,50,000 per annum
JournalistINR 6,70,572 per annum

Career opportunities after BCom

After speaking about the career options present for Bachelor of Arts graduates, it is time we shed some light on the career spectrum that opens once you finish an online BCom course from a reputed institution like Sikkim Manipal University. So, do not miss checking out the top 5 career opportunities for Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) graduates:

Job ProfileApproximate Salary
Cost AccountantINR 4 lakh – 15 lakh per annum
Business ConsultantINR 7 lakh – 20 lakh per annum
Finance ManagerINR 5.6 lakh per annum
Tax ConsultantINR 6 lakh – 8 lakh per annum
Investment BankerINR 8,32,116 per annum

Choosing between BA & BCom

If you have read so far, we assume you learned from us about the various details of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree course, such as eligibility to get admission, course curriculum, and career opportunities. All these will play a crucial role for you when deciding between a BA or a BCom course. Apart from these, the skills developed in BA vs BCOM programs will be a key factor that can help you choose between the two. Remember, both these undergraduate course degrees offer unique insights and skill sets suitable for different interests and career aspirations. 

Here is a one-on-one comparison between BA vs BCom in a summarized manner to help you make the right choice:

Main factor to considerBCom courseBCom course
Personal interestBest for individuals interested in acquiring in-depth knowledge of literature, language, social science, and humanitiesPerfect course for individuals interested in understanding A to Z of business, finance, accounts, marketing, and economics
Skills acquiredEquips a student with skills like critical thinking, verbal and written communication, research, adaptability, digital literacy, and creativityHons skills like business acumen, financial analysis, strategic thinking, quantitative analysis, and presentation
CurriculumMainly focuses on humanities and social science, covering subjects like literature, history, political science, sociology, and so onMainly revolves around commerce and business subjects like finance, accounting, management, marketing, and economics
Career scopeOpens a gateway of career options like Content Writer, Teacher, HR Manager, Journalist, PR Manager, and EntrepreneurSet the right stage to establish a career as a Businessman, Financial Analyst, Cost Accountant, Economist, Tax Consultant, and Investment Banker


Career paths after BA or BCOM are wide enough for deserving candidates who pursue these undergraduate programs from an esteemed university. The choice is yours whether you wish to dig deep into the realms of humanities or social science through an online BA course or master the basic knowledge of the commerce field through an online BCom course. The best destination to pursue these flexibly is Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) through the Online Manipal platform. Neither the eligibility criteria nor the admission procedure nor the fee are hard to adhere to if you make up your mind to get admission to SMU for an online UG course, so hurry and get set for a bright career by relying on the expert faculty of this top university in the Northeast. 


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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