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Career support services

We aim to uplift the employability quotient of students interested in finding career opportunities after completion of their programs by providing them with various career support services like skill assessments & enhancement, industry-readiness sessions, resume building, and mock interviews.


Interview tips

Improve your interview skills and prepare for real-world interviews effectively and confidently by learning the dos and don’ts of interviews.


Employability assessments

Assess your preliminary skills to identify your strengths and areas of improvement and increase your chances of securing a job of your interest.


Mock interviews

Boost your confidence through mock interviews. Gain invaluable feedback, refine your responses, and increase your chances of success in actual job interviews.


Skill enhancement

Become industry-ready by improving your technical and interpersonal skills with the help of our expert-led webinars.

Industry readiness programs

Clear, mindful communication is critical in any line of work. We help our learners become master communicators to effectively interact with their teams, leaders, clients, and other business stakeholders.


Clear, mindful communication is critical in any line of work. We help our learners become master communicators to effectively interact with their teams, leaders, clients, and other business stakeholders.

Self-development and confidence building

We help learners identify and leverage their strengths to confidently navigate situations and people and strive for bigger goals. We work on their shortcomings and help them gain confidence in areas of expertise they lack and reach their true potential.

Critical thinking and problem solving

It is crucial for people and businesses to be able to quickly analyze issues, make informed decisions, and overcome problems effectively. Our case study-based exercises help learners gain varied perspectives that help them become more adept at problem solving.


We focus on strengthening interpersonal skills so that our learners can confidently step into the real world, ready to achieve their goals, guide and motivate others, and efficiently organize, priorities and delegate work.


We constantly drive the need to develop productive work habits, emotional intelligence, ethical behavior, and act responsibly keeping interests of a larger community in mind.

Teamwork & collaboration

We provide various avenues for our learners to build collaborative relationships to work effectively in a team, negotiate and manage conflict.

Cultural fluency

It is imperative for us to be mindful and respectful towards each other to successfully maneuver today’s global marketplace. We lay great importance on learning about other cultures, genders, religions, etc., so our learners are inclusive in their approach.


To work efficiently and be more productive, we ensure our learners know how to use new and emerging technologies and tools. We encourage them to become proficient in Microsoft and Google tools among other products through instructor-led guided projects.

Frequently asked questions

What are the career support services Online Manipal is offering?

Online Manipal offers career support services as students progress in their respective online degree programs. Each semester focuses on preparing students for the job market through industry readiness sessions and various skill development programs. Sessions on resume writing, interview preparation, and classes on interpersonal communication, business etiquette, etc. further help strengthen their professional persona and hone the skills they need to be successful at work. 

Who is eligible for the career support services?

To be eligible for career support services, students must be in the final semester of their respective programs. They must not have any backlogs in the previous semesters and should not have taken a gap between semesters. 

How can I get more information on career support?

Students can contact the help center for information related to career support. 

Do you offer resume writing and interviewing tips?

Yes, we organize sessions with professional development and HR experts who help students create impactful resumes and online profiles and give tips on effective presentation and interview skills. We ensure that students receive the support they need to become more viable in the job market. 

Will the learners be provided with a list of frequently asked interview questions?

Yes. Learners will receive a list of frequently asked interview questions and guidelines on how to answer them.  

Do learners get help for developing their soft skills?

Absolutely! Apart from the industry-relevant curricula that is designed for students to develop domain-specific skills, we offer skill development programs too. These programs focus on the softer aspects like interpersonal communication, business etiquette, confidence building, cultural fluency, etc. that will help students become well-rounded personalities as they embark on their professional journeys. 

Can learners switch domains upon completion of program?

Yes, it is possible. Such job seekers must work on projects that show relevance and interest in their preferred domains. Also, they must attain pertinent certifications to strengthen their profile. Career advisory services will be provided to such learners. Learners may apply to positions across domains and industries. 

Will attending the career support sessions add to my attendance requirement for the program?

As per the University Grants Commission (UGC) regulations, a student needs to complete 75% of the learning requirement to be eligible to appear for exams of an online degree program that includes reading through the e-content, completing assignments and assessments, and attending classes on the student portal. Career advisory and skill development programs are additional benefits provided to students enrolled in online degree programs being offered on www.onlinemanipal.com and do not contribute towards the attendance requirement. 

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