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What is the scope of IT project management?


IT Project Management refers to a specialized division of project management that primarily revolves around the planning, execution, and supervision of projects in the information technology domain. It plays an integral role in ensuring the successful delivery of projects by working around key aspects of a project, such as resource management, time management, communication management, risk management, and more.

Considering its pivotal role and demand in the IT industry for managerial positions, there is ample scope for IT project management courses pursued by students. This blog highlights the prospects of these courses for graduates upon program completion.

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Skills Required for IT Project Management

IT project management roles require professionals to be equipped with certain specific skills, some of which are outlined below:

  • Leadership: This is one of the key skills that all IT project managers are expected to possess and display for the timely delivery of all projects. Providing the right guidance and vision to the team for the achievement of common goals is of importance here.
  • Communication: Effective and clear communication is of importance as well. Besides conveying thoughts and ideas clearly, project managers must also be active listeners.
  • Problem-solving: Finding creative and innovative solutions to complex problems and breaking them down into simpler, executable steps is yet another skill that comes in handy for IT project managers.
  • Technical expertise: They must possess the required expertise and knowledge in IT systems and processes to be able to utilize the desired effective tools and technologies for efficient work performance and quality assurance of projects. 
  • Adaptability: An IT project manager must be able to make the necessary adjustments in plans and strategies for execution to suit changing situations and unexpected problems.
  • Resilience: Being resilient while managing IT projects is of key importance here, given the dynamic nature of technology and business environments.

Key Responsibilities of an IT Project Manager

Discussed below are some of the most important roles and responsibilities that IT project management opportunities present to professionals:

  • Planning: This includes all stages of project planning, which includes defining the scope of a project, allocating resources, and breaking down the work structure for allocation. 
  • Execution: Next comes the stage of executing the project at various stages, which includes managing tasks, coordinating with the team to ensure timely completion, and communicating with the appropriate stakeholders on status updates. 
  • Monitoring: IT project managers are required to oversee or monitor the progress of all  IT projects to ensure that they meet specific goals and objectives.
  • Team Management: They lead the project team and are responsible for identifying the strengths of each team member and allocating work to them accordingly.
  • Communicating with the stakeholders: Effective communication is a key skill as well as an inherent part of the IT project management domain. You will be required to collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders of the project to ensure seamless work performance and delivery. 
  • Ensuring top-quality deliverables: Quality assurance also falls under the umbrella of project management, wherein managers conduct regular testing and analysis of products to guarantee the highest quality standards of the deliverables.
  • Post-project evaluation: The responsibility of a project manager does not end with the successful timely delivery of the project to the concerned stakeholders. They must also review the project post-submission and document the key learnings from its execution. This would help them avoid making the same mistakes in the future and enable better and improved project performance of their team.   

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Career opportunities in IT Project Management in different industries

Graduates in IT project management are eligible to apply for jobs in varied industries and roles. There is a consistent demand for IT project management professionals across industries at competitive salaries and ample growth opportunities. Some of the most popular job roles that graduates can apply for in this domain are:

  1. Project Manager: They are responsible for monitoring the planning, execution, and delegation of responsibilities. 

Average pay (approx): INR 839,881 per annum

  1. Program Manager: They manage the entire program in collaboration with project managers to ensure seamless execution from start to finish. Primary tasks include working on program strategy, execution, and project delegation.

Average pay (approx): INR 22,50,000 per annum

  1. IT Director: They are responsible for the overall operations and infrastructure management of an organization, including managing the employees. They ensure that the IT department offers effective technical support for the achievement of common organizational objectives.

Average pay (approx): INR 48,51,000 per annum

  1. Technical Project Manager: They manage IT projects requiring a high level of technical expertise and skillsets. They are generally the subject matter experts in their organizations.

Average pay (approx): INR 23,55,000 per annum    

  1. Valve Project Manager: Responsible for ensuring timely delivery of the project following the pre-defined plan. They lead the project technical team and oversee the procurement, material handling, testing, and valve factory deliverables based on the requirements of the project. 

Average pay (approx): INR 12,50,000 per annum 

How to Build a Successful Career in IT Project Management?

With lucrative career prospects in IT project management, you too can look forward to a rewarding career path in the role. To help you on this journey, shared below are the top tips and strategies for aspiring IT project managers:

  • Gain relevant experience: Sufficient practical experience can be rather helpful in climbing up the career ladder for the role of an IT project manager. This includes internships, entry-level positions, as well as volunteer work for projects to earn enough knowledge and skillsets for the desired role.
  • Obtain certifications: Relevant educational certifications and courses such as PMP, PRINCE2, and the like help add value to your career trajectory while making you look credible and employable in the industry.
  • Continue higher education: Progressing on your study path is also a great idea to develop specific technical expertise in IT project management practices and familiarize yourself with tools like MS Teams or Slack.
  • Network: Seek and work with mentors to take advantage of their learning and experience in the field. Also, join professional groups and associations like the Project Management Institute (PMI) for better training and networking opportunities. 
  • Develop leadership skills: Honing soft skills like leadership, effective communication, and problem-solving abilities can go a long way in making you a better and likable project manager. 
  • Stay updated: Keep yourself abreast with the latest industry trends and best practices, such as Agile methodologies. Attend webinars, workshops, and conferences to keep yourself informed about new tools and technologies available in IT project management. 

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The first step into IT project management roles is to enroll yourself in the appropriate degree program to gain credibility and the desired skills. MBA is an ideal choice for most students as well as working professionals alike. And, the enhanced facility of flexible learning from home makes the course even more desirable. 

Topping the choice among students looking for a combination of flexibility and convenience while enjoying top-quality learning is the online MBA program by Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). The course is offered in 100% remote learning mode, enabling students to take their careers forward in the domain.

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IT project management is a highly desirable career path opted for by several professionals. It adds value to their work portfolio while elevating their career graph and pay scales. Moreover, their role extends beyond mere planning and execution of the project and their concerned team members to being adaptable, resilient, and quick at embracing changes in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Enhancing your overall IT project management outlook is the online MBA program by Manipal University Jaipur offered on the Online Manipal platform. The program is designed to help you prepare to be a leader in the world of IT and to choose your future trajectory. There’s more to this – you get the exclusive opportunity to learn from highly experienced faculty and also become eligible for placement assistance. All of this and much more come to you without having to quit your job! You can choose to continue working while being enrolled in a top-quality online MBA program at Manipal University Jaipur. 


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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