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The transformative impact of our online degrees in the lives of our graduates 


The advent of online degrees has created a transformative wave among today’s youth, providing unprecedented opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue their higher education for multiple reasons. Some want to add value to their CV, some want a higher salary, a better position or want to switch careers. The decision to pursue an online degree, especially from a premium university, can be a life-altering choice that extends far beyond professional development.  

We caught up with the graduates of the first batch of Manipal University’s online degrees, and they shared a glimpse of how this degree was life-altering for them. 

“From zero to becoming a hero” 

Pursuing an online degree from a premium university provides individuals with an opportunity to advance their careers and enhance their skillsets. Gaining advanced knowledge means individuals get to explore better professional opportunities, taking their career to new heights. Similarly, our learner, Swati Kashyap says that her online MBA degree from Manipal University Jaipur was a life-changing decision for her personal and professional life. 

Swati Kashyap, online MBA 

“I can say that my life has changed completely after pursuing this online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur. Halfway through my MBA degree, I was promoted to the position of manager. I gained immense knowledge and skills in human resources through the live lectures, which has helped me excel in my current job role.” 

“Embracing motherhood, career & education” 

For every woman, giving birth to a child is one of the most memorable moments in a lifetime. Imagine having your first child, pursuing a master’s degree and managing a hectic work life in an MNC- sounds exhausting right? But our online graduate Muskan Khan says that her smooth experience with her online MBA degree at MUJ allowed her to balance her work and personal life. 

Muskan Khan, online MBA 

“I had just given birth to my child when I enrolled for this online MBA, and it was a beautiful experience. I was able to manage my child, my work and my education without any hassle. My career has reached new heights after this program. I’m currently working as an HR Manager in an MNC based out of Bangalore.” 

“Smooth professional life along with an online degree” 

Online learning caters to the needs of working professionals, offering flexibility that allows them to seamlessly integrate education into their busy lives. Shashwati Nanda, an online MBA graduate from MUJ was able to strike the balance between her current commitments and academics. Not only that, but her professional life is also reaching new heights after her MBA degree. 

Shashwati Nanda, online MBA 

“I currently work as a Talent Culture Lead with a multinational company. Since I was already working, I wanted to be able to balance my work and studies. With MUJ, my professional life was very smooth and unaffected. Moreover, since I was already working in the industry, I realized that the curriculum is up to date. This helped me gain some new skills and understand my own capability in the market.” 

“A valuable MBA from Manipal University” 

Degrees from premium universities carry a certain level of prestige and credibility. It adds great value to your CV and improves your employability quotient while applying to new job opportunities. Our online graduate Muskan Jain is proud to have graduated from Manipal University Jaipur for the brand value it holds. 

Muskan Jain, online MBA 

“It was a great opportunity to get a degree from a renowned university like Manipal University Jaipur. I would say it was life changing in a way that this degree is going to uplift my career in many ways and I’m very glad I chose MUJ.” 

Final thoughts 

The decision to pursue an online degree is a transformative investment that improves your professional and personal life. Beyond the acquisition of knowledge and skills, it instills resilience, fosters global connections, and empowers individuals to shape their careers and lives 


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