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Top tech courses that help you get well-paying jobs

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The tech sector has significantly changed and grown during the past few years on a global level. Driven by the rapid technological improvements and the digital transformation transpiring across industries, the demand for tech jobs in India and abroad is consistently increasing. Businesses continue to adopt automation, cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Thus, it has caused a growing surge in tech jobs and the need for skilled professionals who have experience navigating different technologies. 

For people looking for tech jobs, it is crucial to know about the variety of technical courses available that can help them in getting high-paying IT jobs. Some of the popular degree options for students aspiring to pursue or enhance their career in the tech domain: 

  • MCA
  • MSc in DS
  • MSc in BA
  • MBA in Data Science
  • MBA in IT & Fintech
  • MBA in Analytics and Data Science
  • MBA in Information System Management

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In-demand technical courses for high paying careers

Technical degrees

Some of the best courses for lucrative careers are as follows: 

  • Master of Computer Application:  The online Master of Computer Application is a 2-year postgraduate program that focuses on imparting advanced knowledge and skills in various aspects of computer applications.  Some of the major topics taught in this program include –  Fundamentals of Computer and IT, Programming in C, Advanced Data Structure, Programming in Java, Web Technologies, Advanced Software Engineering.
  • MSc in Data Science: The online M.Sc. in Data Science is a 2-year program that offers a perfect blend of machine learning, big data analytics, statistics, and visualizations. Some of the major topics taught in this program include – Computational Mathematics, Probability and Probability Distribution, Linear Regression Models, Design and Analysis of Experiments, Machine Learning Methods, Programming in SAS for Analytics.
  • MSc – Business Analytics: The  online M.Sc. in Business Analytics program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge in data analysis, data visualization, machine learning methods, and other technical business skills. Some of the major topics taught in this program include – Financial Reporting & Statement Analysis, Business Statistics, Business Econometrics, Applied Multivariate Data Analysis, Deep Learning and Text Mining, Big Data Analytics.
  • MBA in Data Science: The  online MBA in Data Science program focuses on statistical inference, data analytics, and database management to help professionals learn the latest skills and tools in the field of Data Science. Some of the major topics taught in this program include – Managing People & Organizations, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Business Leadership, Programming with R and Python, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • MBA in IT & FinTech: The online MBA in IT & FinTech program provides an in-depth understanding of various fintech platforms and technologies by teaching key subjects like business intelligence and tools, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and fintech payments & regulations. Some of the major topics taught in this program include – Financial and Management Accounting, Business Communication, Management Information Systems, FinTech Payments and Regulations, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.
  • MBA in Analytics and Data Science: The online MBA in Analytics & Data Science program provides advanced knowledge of analytics and data science to help learners develop programming skills, statistical analysis, data mining, and data visualization skills. Some of the major topics taught in this program include – Management Process and Organizational Behavior, Management Information Systems, Programming in Data Science, Exploratory Data Analysis, Advanced Machine Learning, Data Scrapping.
  • MBA in Information System Management: The online MBA in Information System Management focuses on various aspects of IT & systems, including software engineering, computer network, technology management, and others. Some of the major topics taught in this program include – Statistics for Management, Operations Research, Software Engineering, Database Management Systems, Technology Management, Java and Web Design.
  • MSc in Computer Science: This postgraduate program offers advanced knowledge and skills in computer science. The curriculum covers topics such as algorithms, artificial intelligence, data science, software engineering, and more.
  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence: This master’s program teaches advanced concepts related to AI, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics. The program will help graduates pursue high-paying roles in areas such as AI research, development, and implementation.
  • MSc in Cybersecurity: This high-level program equips learners with skills in network security, cryptography, incident response, and risk management. In today’s world, skilled cybersecurity professionals are in high demand and are offered attractive remuneration.
  • MSc in Software Engineering: This advanced program focuses on software development methodologies, coding practices, software testing, and project management. It helps individuals get into software engineering roles in different industries.

Technical certification courses

Given below are a few certifications that offer a good salary potential:

  • PGCP in BA: The online PGPC in Business Analytics is designed for professionals wanting to advance in the field of business analytics. It helps professionals provide accurate and data-driven answers to customers, help solve organizational problems and create business strategies using data.
  • PGCP in DSML: The online PGPC in Data Science and Machine Learning focuses on data science & machine learning tools & techniques such as Python programming, database management & SQL, statistical techniques for data science, EDA & feature engineering, and data visualization. 
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect: This certification helps you gain expertise in designing and deploying scalable systems on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The course can help you get into cloud computing jobs. 
  • Certified Data Professional (CDP): CDP certification provides knowledge and skills in data management, including data modeling, data integration, and data quality. This certification can surely boost your prospects in data-related roles.
  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect: This certification makes you proficient in designing and managing applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). After completing this certification, you can get into lucrative cloud architecture roles.
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): This certification provides expertise in information security and focuses on various domains such as access control, cryptography, security architecture, and risk management. The course can help you get into cybersecurity-related positions.

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High-paying technical jobs to look out for

Some of the high-paying technical jobs available are provided below:

Job roleHighest estimated annual salary
Product Manager₹ 36.0 Lakhs
Full stack developer₹ 16.0 Lakhs
Cloud Engineer₹ 13.0 Lakhs 
Blockchain Engineer₹ 26.0 Lakhs
Data Scientist₹ 25.8 Lakhs
Software Engineering Manager ₹ 56.1 Lakhs
Cyber Security Engineer₹ 18.0 Lakhs
Big Data Engineer₹ 20.4 Lakhs 
Mobile Application Developer₹ 12.4 Lakhs
Information Security Manager₹ 39.8 Lakhs

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How online courses help you transition into the tech domain without quitting your job

Nowadays, it has become very convenient for people with jobs to take up various worthy courses to excel and grow in their respective fields. This has been possible due to the introduction and popularity of online courses. Online courses have revolutionized how people acquire new skills and knowledge, making it easier for individuals to transition into the tech domain without quitting their jobs. Traditionally, people with jobs used to find it hectic and challenging to upskill themselves with their ongoing job. The case is different now since learners can access their classes from anywhere at any time as per their schedule and convenience.

Choose Online Manipal for pursuing in-demand tech degrees and job-oriented certifications in online mode

Individuals can pursue in-demand tech degrees and job-oriented post graduate certifications in an online mode from reputed institutions like Manipal University Jaipur and Manipal Academy of Higher Education through Online Manipal. The online programs provided are designed to provide a comprehensive and industry-relevant curriculum developed by industry experts and experienced faculty members.

Some of the advantages of Online Manipal include: 

  • Access UGC-entitled degrees from reputed universities that are NAAC accredited, providing credibility.
  • Students can gain exclusive free access to Coursera courses that help them to further upskill.
  • Online Manipal provides placement assistance and training to help students land their dream job.
  • Online Manipal allows students to exchange ideas with diverse peers from various industries, domains, geographies, and experience levels.

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The development of a robust technology ecosystem in countries provides attractive job opportunities with competitive salaries and benefits for skilled professionals. With the steady growth in opportunities for skilled people, the top tech programs for high-earning jobs and certifications mentioned in this article will only add fuel to the success and growth of the people looking for tech jobs. Enroll  in one of the top tech courses through Online Manipal and cave your path to success. 
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Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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