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Top data science positions to look out for in 2023

Data Science

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February 15,

With technological advancements reshaping data processing and interpretation, almost all industries utilize technological concepts to gather market information for the target audiences.

Businesses nowadays want to use factual or real-time information to make decisions or incorporate changes rather than assumptions. It is where data comes into play. Data can reveal a host of information with real-time statistics if appropriately analyzed.

With the introduction of big data and business intelligence, organizations sometimes struggle to understand the type of data and the sources of high-yielding data, among others. That’s why they scour for data scientists to ease their workload and operations.

A data scientist helps collect datasets from various sources by implementing qualitative analytical processes, designing models and implementing the same, and analyzing the input datasets per the requirements.

There are several data science job opportunities in 2023 for professionals worldwide to cope with the growing demand among organizations.

Additionally, data scientists can work in all industries, as most businesses require data application and implementation frameworks. This article will introduce you to the topmost career options for a data scientist in 2023.

What is data science?

Data science is a method to help professionals combine statistical studies, high-level programming, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced computational and analytical methods to discover trends and patterns in different datasets.

It’s like mapping an itinerary and executing the same to acquire hidden information for different datasets, including sales reports of the last six years, customer acquisition costs for the past months, and so on.

There are four major phases in a data science project lifecycle. To develop data science skills in 2023, professionals need to know these four phases, described in detail below.

  • The first phase is data ingestion, where raw unstructured and structured datasets are collected from several relevant sources using multiple collection methods. It can be web scraping, manual entry, data streams, or anything else. 
  • In the second phase, the data sets collected are perfectly stored and then sent for further processes. For instance, the datasets are structured according to the company protocols and filtered further to remove any irrelevant data in the entire set.
  • The third and most crucial phase is data analysis. In this step, data scientists implement myriad processes and tools to analyze structured datasets and generate reports, visuals, and forecasts. The models are primarily based on AI and machine learning to ensure the information is accurate, real-time based, and precise.
  • The final step of the data science lifecycle is communication. It means that data analysts communicate the reports or forecasts with other employees in that company, executives, stakeholders, and sometimes other third-party associations.

Understanding and knowing these four phases is crucial for a better data science career outlook in 2023. Besides, you can also know the part of the entire lifecycle you want to focus on in your career.

As data plays a crucial role in gaining valuable insights about business, market, customers, etc., the data science industry is predicted to grow with new trends in 2023 and beyond. It’s essential to be aware of these emerging trends to stay ahead in the job market and secure your future as a data scientist. Additionally, this knowledge provides you with a competitive advantage in the long term.

  • With big data applications currently on the rise, a new concept called ‘small data’ has recently emerged. Small data analytical methods are useful when resources such as bandwidth, time, and budget are limited. In these cases, smaller machine learning algorithms are employed to analyze a subset of the data, allowing for a deeper understanding to be gained from the dataset.
  • Once businesses get their reports, forecasts, and visual insights, they can leverage the information to implement data-driven CX. It gives them an upper hand in retaining customers at a higher rate and acquiring new customers without investing many resources in marketing and advertisements.
  • Artificial intelligence analytical models will also revolutionize business operations and bring many prospects for organizations. AI can make any process more accurate, precise, and relevant to human expertise. Therefore, the results obtained from an AI analytical model will have a few mistakes or errors.
  • Businesses now prefer to go beyond numbers and use textual content, reactions, and other elements such as data. For instance, analysts can know more about customer sentiments through textual information given in survey forms, feedback portals, and so on. It’s one of the primary reasons why data is considered the biggest asset for any company or business.

Top data science jobs in 2023

  • Data analyst 

Data Analysts currently have the highest data science salary in 2023. They are responsible for analyzing large datasets from various sources. 

They perform various tasks such as executing search and modification queries, understanding the data structure and the information it contains and selecting the right analytical model. Additionally, they must optimize their work and design algorithms to analyze the datasets without errors or inconsistencies.

  • Database Administrator

If you want to diversify your data science career outlook in 2023, being a database administrator is your best option. As the name suggests, you will be in charge of the database and ensure that all stored records are unique and flawless. 

You must also handle the database schemas, table views, and several other aspects. From running patch activities to database rebase and refresh, you will be responsible for keeping the database updated with new and structured information as an administrator.

  • Data Engineer

One of the best data science job opportunities in 2023 is to become a data engineer. You will have to work on various data types and design models using technologies such as artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis, data normalization, machine learning, and natural language processing. 

Besides this, you will also be responsible for creating visual graphics and charts according to the reports obtained from the analytical data phase.

  • Machine Learning Engineer

To establish a well-secured career in the data science job market in 2023, you can apply for a machine learning engineer role. As the ML engineer, you will be responsible for creating and executing various algorithms for data analysis, operating and managing the analytical models based on ML and AI combined, and even implementing new strategies to ensure the analytical results are accurate.

  • Data Scientist

Last but not least, you can opt to become a data scientist. The two primary roles of our data scientist are gathering data from various relevant sources concerning the business and qualitatively analyzing the same to extract appropriate information. You will work closely with several other professionals involved in the data science lifecycle to ensure the collected data can reveal important facts about the business, customer market, etc. 


Since you know the top data science job opportunities in 2023, you must make the call about your profession. You can complete a data science degree or certificate programs, acquire more domain and technology-specific skills, and then apply to your desired company in one of the above mentioned roles.If you want to enroll in an in-demand data science program, you can consider online M.Sc in Data Science from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). Designed by expert faculty with industry inputs, the program covers all aspects of data science to equip you a skilled professional for the future workforce.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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