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Tips for recent graduates to land their first job

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September 19,

Traversing the real world can be challenging, especially for new grads. As businesses attempt to replenish after the downtimes of 2020, it appears that experienced employees can mostly choose their roles in today’s competitive labor market as per their preference. Businesses prefer candidates with specific skills and years of relevant experience, yet young graduates can only acquire these qualifications by being hired first. Thus, for many recent graduates, finding their first job after college can be a daunting task. But there are a handful of tactics that prospective job hunters can use to position themselves favorably and secure their first job after graduation. 

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Tips to secure a job after graduation

Here are some tips that recent graduates can keep in mind to land their first jobs:

  • The sooner, the better

Waiting until after graduation to start looking for a job puts you behind the track. As a recent graduate, finding a job may take much longer than you anticipate, leaving you unemployed for months or years. Start developing your connections as early as you can in college by participating in university activities and landing internships. Additionally, make an effort to practice interviewing before you graduate. The employment center at your college is a great place to go for practice interviews. Your post-college career will benefit from your ability to feel at ease in an interview seat.

  • Explore your goals 

Some students enter college already recognizing what they want to do for a vocation. Regardless of whether it was obvious when you were a freshman, by the time you graduate, you ought to have some thoughts regarding what you want to pursue. Start mulling over your professional aspirations and find prospective employers in the preferred field you aim to enter. The more you analyze your priorities, the simpler it will be to pinpoint roles that will support your objectives. In a similar vein, the better you can personalize your CV to specific job openings, the more you will understand the responsibilities associated with those positions.

  • Frequently check for new job openings

Frequently look for new job posts as the optimum time to apply for a job is during the first 48 hours after it is posted. Start each morning by looking for fresh job vacancies to establish a solid pattern. Monitoring potential employers’ social media feeds to see if they intend to post any opportunities or organize any digital recruitment sessions in the near future is another approach to keeping up with job vacancies.

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  • Benefit from your alumni association

You’re supposed to approach other individuals for assistance. Use your college’s alumni network to find out more about your field of work or a specific employer. Graduates can find contact info in the majority of universities’ online alumni databases. Several colleges have already established connections with alumni who are keen to support recent graduates getting jobs.

  • Gather experiences

Getting work experience is strongly advised, despite rarely being discussed. Start small and within your means; internship programs and virtual seminars both count. These accomplishments are more than just resume padding. They demonstrate that although you haven’t yet fully grasped your skills, you are nonetheless making progress. Seminars and internships offer expertise that is occasionally unavailable on campuses. Join as many professional groups as you can to build a skill bank for yourself.

  • Stay up-to-date on industry news

Keep up with developments in your industry even when you don’t already have a job. You may learn about employment patterns, thriving businesses, and struggling businesses by reading the news. You should follow these basic steps to stay up to date on industry news:

  1. Read business journals and industry publications.
  2. Join professional communities on social media.
  3. Follow businesses’ and industry influencers’ social media posts.

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  • Seek a mentor in your industry

According to statistics, 85% of employment is filled through networking, so finding a mentor is a smart method to get started. You can meet a variety of people through industry-related groups (whether they be on social media or in person), many of whom are well entrenched in your preferred industry. If you come across an individual who you believe could provide wise counsel, get in touch with them and ask to schedule a quick meeting. You might inquire about the best ways to break into the field or get advice on how to pick up experience. 

  • Organize your social media

Leverage the power of social media. Initially, begin with your LinkedIn profile. You can still highlight your qualifications and certificates, extracurriculars, talents and hobbies, and volunteer work, even if you lack any experience in the field of your chosen profession. Incorporate relevant search terms into your public LinkedIn profile. Make sure your profile appears in hiring managers’ and recruiters’ search queries when they’re looking for applicants with particular talents.

  • Create job-specific resumes

Today, many businesses screen resumes for keywords employing applicant tracking systems. If your resume lacks the proper keywords, your application can be rejected right away. Make changes to your resume to reflect the terminology used in the job advertisement to avoid that from occurring. Make sure that any hard skills listed in the job description—for example, JavaScript or Python for programming positions—appear clearly on your resume.

  • Make yourself interview-ready 

It goes without saying that you must succeed in the interview if you want to land a job after graduation. Check out the company’s newsroom and social media pages for the most updated news. Study their rivals and remain up to date on business news to stay updated. You want to go into an interview well-prepared and professionally attired because you might just get one shot to impress the recruiters. Don’t worry if your initial job isn’t your dream role; first jobs aren’t always ideal. Most likely, you’ll pick up a lot of useful abilities that will enable you to transition to something else once you get some industry experience.

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Wrapping up

There isn’t a secret formula that will outline exactly how to land a job after graduation. Although it might at times initially be a bit difficult for recent grads to land an ideal first job, opportunity eventually knocks on their door. Recent grads should thoroughly follow the tips and advice mentioned above to prepare for and land their first job. Finding your ideal first job might take some time, but being prepared and persistent will pay off. So, take a seat, keep the aforementioned advice in your mind, and relish the upcoming voyage. 

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