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National Productivity Day: Why AI is every online learner’s buddy 


Every year on February 12, National Productivity Day is observed as part of the Indian Productivity Week, which is observed from February 12 to February 18. The theme for this year, “Artificial Intelligence (AI)- Productivity Engine for Economic Growth,” underscores AI’s pivotal role in fostering economic growth and productivity. The objective of National Productivity Day is to create public awareness on the importance of improving efficiency, creativity, competitiveness and productivity, to make India a global leader.  

AI & EdTech 

A decade ago, nobody imagined that artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML) would integrate so seamlessly into our everyday lives. The coming of voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and Siri has facilitated the widespread adoption of these technologies. AI is predominantly employed in education technology through various tools aimed at enhancing skills and facilitating learning. In the modern world, nearly everyone is acquainted with adaptive learning programs and assistants. Thanks to artificial intelligence, these applications can streamline technical tasks and tailor individuals’ learning experience. The vision of EdTech and AI is to merge the strengths of machines and teachers enabling them to collaborate effectively for the best outcomes for students.

The role of AI in a virtual classroom 

There are multiple benefits of AI in education, especially considering that more individuals are choosing to pursue their higher education online. Considering that the Indian EdTech market is expected to grow to $10 billion in 2025, generative AI in EdTech is here to stay.  

Personalized learning

One of the main advantages of AI in a virtual classroom is personalized learning. AI-powered educational tools can analyze student performance data and offer customized assistance to enhance their academic performance. Additionally, AI enables prompt feedback. For instance, these tools can swiftly provide students with real-time feedback on their tasks, facilitating immediate identification and correction of errors. Moreover, students who are working professionals can acquire knowledge more efficiently and at their own pace. This adds up to the overall productivity of online learners.


Educational tools driven by AI in educational technology contribute to the creation and enhancement of tools that support learning across various educational settings. Accessibility is essential, particularly for individuals with disabilities, who may encounter challenges in traditional academic settings with limited resources. For instance, voice communication may not be effective for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

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Enhanced learning experience

The learning experience of online students is already enhanced with the use of multimedia elements like video and audio lessons. Education technology and AI can support the digitization of content and help students understand concepts easily. These tools are also very interactive, and learners can revisit them multiple times, anywhere, anytime. The interactive tools not only enhance online learning experience, but are a major contributor to the productivity of an online learner.

Efficient evaluation

The integration of AI into the grading process has greatly simplified assessment protocols within the educational technology sector. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, automated grading systems assess textual responses, essays, and coding tasks, ensuring fair and consistent evaluations. AI’s instantaneous feedback not only saves teachers valuable time but also empowers students to promptly address their weaknesses. With automated grading handling routine assessments, educators can concentrate on more advanced tasks like personalized instruction and mentorship, enhancing the overall learning journey. 

Now that you know how the integration of AI has played a positive role in the EdTech industry, here from our online graduates about how our AI-integrated learning management system played a key role in their online learning experience.  

Sakshi Choudhary, online MBA  

“The LMS has many flexible features to offer and was very interactive and engaging I must say. The feature I liked best about the LMS is the flexibility, as I could start studying from where I left off, which allowed me to balance between my work and academics.” 

Rajat Kumar, online MBA  

“The recorded lectures are easily accessible on the LMS. Most importantly, the quality of the e-learning content is excellent as it includes interactive videos as well. The e-learning material was extensive with a lot of informative content that was accessible anytime.” 

AI & EdTech: The way forward 

The prospects for AI in the EdTech field are bright, with continuous progress in natural language processing, computer vision, and adaptive learning algorithms. As these technologies advance, AI applications will grow increasingly sophisticated, offering improved personalized learning opportunities. 

The fusion of virtual reality and augmented reality technology with AI will enhance immersive learning experiences, allowing students to interact with subjects in innovative ways. Additionally, AI has the potential to narrow educational disparities globally, offering access to high-quality education for individuals from diverse backgrounds. 


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