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Trending degrees you should pursue in this digital era

Choosing a career path is a very important decision that we make. Some significant considerations that students undertake while selecting a degree are how their degrees will boost their employability rates and how useful their qualifications will be in the future. But if the past few years have taught us anything, the future may be unexpected and unanticipated changes may significantly impact the job market and the economy. In the modern world, technological advancements are essential for both our careers and personal lives. 

Technology has impacted every part of our life since the dawn of the information era, but significantly in the last ten years. Employees will need certain abilities to keep up as businesses adopt technology and more digital possibilities.

The most significant benefit of digital or online learning is the vast array of options or courses available to students. Students can explore virtually any field of interest in digital mode. Online or digital education is already the norm in many countries. Many reputable universities are offering online degrees in India, full-time degrees such as online MBA, online BCA, online BBA, and other similar certifications.

The impact of technology in the education sector

An increasing number of students are opting to broaden their learning as the educational landscape changes to advance into less common job paths, mostly via online degrees. Employees may differentiate themselves from the competition, improve their careers, and keep up with corporate technology by placing the appropriate competencies ahead.

In today’s workplace, education has become a requirement. Technology has altered almost every area of our life, including education. Learning, teaching, and evaluating are becoming simpler because of technology.

Access to education has enormously increased due to technology. The Internet today provides quick access to large volumes of information such as books, audio, photos, and videos and learning possibilities are available online from anywhere. Technology has also increased communication and opportunities for teamwork.

Only technology made it possible to maintain the educational system during COVID. Technology is transforming education globally and provides several new opportunities for today’s educational institutions of all kinds. 

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Specializations relevant in today’s digital era

Getting a degree focused on technology and innovation is one route to take if you are truly searching for a degree that will future-proof you and enable you to remain competitive in the job market without the risk of unemployment. All these specializations can be pursued by enrolling in various online degrees.

Data Science

Data Science careers are considered among the “top vocations of the future.” Those who want to enter this sector have a strong interest in computers, mathematics, and data analysis. Almost all industries use Data Science to evaluate huge amounts of data, enhance operations, and provide customers with improved services. 

Business Analytics

Data, statistical analysis, and reporting are the main focuses of business analytics. This knowledge helps examine and analyze business performance, offering insights and generating recommendations to boost performance. It is becoming a relevant degree in today’s digital era since more businesses are focusing on data-driven insights and strategies to grow.

Machine Learning & AI

A very important use of AI is in machine learning. It is the practice of aiding a computer in learning without specific instruction through the use of mathematical models of data. As a result, a computer system can learn new skills and improve independently. Machine learning provides businesses with insights into trends in customer behavior and operational business patterns, which is important for businesses to thrive. Artificial intelligence underpins all computer learning and is the future of all complex decision-making.

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Cloud Computing

Client devices can access data and cloud applications from remote servers, databases, and computers through the internet to showcase the way cloud computing functions. Functions in large clouds are frequently dispersed over several sites, each of which is a data center. Cloud computing reduces the cost and time it takes to develop applications by scaling them using cloud infrastructure which can be a huge benefit for the digital age.

IT & FinTech

Fintech, also known as financial technology, is the term used to describe technical innovation in the development and financial sector and goods. A brand-new, interdisciplinary program at CU called the MBA in Financial Technology is primarily concerned with creating a workforce that has the know-how and know-why abilities needed to handle the technology utilized in the Fintech services sector.The IT & FinTech industry is going to tremendous growth and technological advancements, and there is a need for skilled professionals in the field, which makes it a highly valued degree in this digital era.


Banking, financial services, and insurance is the company’s umbrella word for organizations that offer a variety of such financial services or goods. Due to the increasing per capita income, technological innovation, networking, and rising customer understanding of financial products, the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industries are expected to experience exponential growth in India.

Pursue an online degree through Online Manipal

Earn online degrees from Manipal University Jaipur through Online Manipal to advance your profession. You can study from the best academics anytime and wherever you choose by attending live or recorded classes on your phone, laptop, or desktop. UGC-accredited online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are available via Online Manipal. Since classes and exams are taken online, the degrees are typically less expensive than degrees earned on campus. Online resources include learning materials, tutorials, and lectures that have been recorded. You also get to receive training and exposure to the competition via industry leaders.

Our programs offer thorough educational experiences that help students acquire and improve skill sets they can use in various career profiles. We provide simple financing with cost-free EMIs to assist you in paying for your education so that money won’t be a barrier. We provide scholarships to deserving students, government workers, people with disabilities, and armed forces members. 


The traditional idea of education is transforming into a more individualized, goal-driven learning ecosystem. Today’s students want to major in a future-proof field and concentrate on becoming specialists in that field. Modern programs with skill-based training are developed to support individuals in achieving this objective and sustaining their relevance in the future workplace.

So, if you want a degree that will future-proof you and allow you to compete in the job market without fear of unemployment, a degree centered on technology and innovation is the way to go. And most importantly, getting acquainted with cutting-edge technology via online degrees and keeping up with the latest tech advancements will help greatly.


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