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Why online degrees are a right fit for defense personnel

Online degrees are becoming widely popular today, thanks to their flexibility, accessibility and credibility. It is a convenient learning mode for those who cannot physically attend college. That way, online degrees are a great option for defense personnel, who are unable to pursue their education in a campus setting. Without modifying work schedules and commitments, military personnel can pursue an online degree that’ll help them shape a bright future.  

Since matriculation or higher secondary level education is the qualification to qualify for a preliminary-grade military role, most defense personnel don’t get the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate or a master’s degree. Moreover, you don’t need a specialized qualification even for higher grades in the armed forces, except for some technical posts. So, military personnel opt for various learning modes to upskill themselves.  

That’s how distance education or correspondence became extremely popular among armed forces. They could pursue their education remotely and appear for exams. Distance education doesn’t require physical attendance in classes and candidates can self-study at home. Most active distance education centers can be found around military regions since scores of them enroll to pursue various courses through remote education.  

However, with the advent of technology, online learning has become more popular these days. Thanks to the internet, by applying for an online degree, you can study anywhere, anytime. Online degrees are a perfect fit for military personnel who want to obtain in-demand degrees or a degree of their choice. They can expand their knowledge, enhance their skills, and achieve their professional breakthroughs. An online degree comes with several benefits and can help military personnel in many ways. 

Better utilization of time 

During peacetime, defense personnel who are posted in undisturbed areas might have time to study. If they enroll for an online program, they can utilize this time to study. Convenience and accessibility are one of the biggest boons of online learning. With the help of an internet connection, they can study anywhere, anytime. Jawans can revisit recorded classes in case they miss live sessions.  

Moreover, in distance education, learners must study from books and reference material. While it might get difficult for jawans to carry books wherever they go, with online learning, they can study from a laptop, tab or a mobile phone. They will also have access to online study material available on the learning management system (LMS).  

Acquire in-demand skills 

Most universities today offer online programs that help you acquire niche skills that are in demand in the market today. They offer degree programs with in-demand specializations that help you hone your skills in the field you choose. The focus is on producing future-ready professionals who can contribute to the success of the organization. 

Nowadays, universities get inputs from industry experts while designing their syllabus, which makes the programs meet in-demand skills and subjects. Pursuing such online programs helps military personnel acquire these in-demand skills and shape a career post retirement.  

Moreover, most organizations have reservations or quotas for defense personnel. 

Companies are always happy to hire ex-military personnel because of their disciplined life and in honor of their service to the nation. Gaining necessary skills will give them a competitive advantage to secure a lucrative job.  

A career after retirement 

The value of an online degree is often realized after army personnel retire. Most army personnel retire at a relatively young age. There is a need for them to secure a job and earn post retirement, in order to fulfill responsibilities like the marriage of their children and aging parents. That’s when a degree comes into play. If military personnel opt for a degree just before their retirement, they can graduate with a degree by the time they retire. This helps them choose their career path and pursue it after retirement.  

Even if defense personnel are not bound by responsibilities, they usually dislike leading an idle life. The major challenge they face is finding a suitable job. Such military veterans can pursue an online degree and find a suitable job. Pursuing a degree in the most sought-after domains will help them multiply their career prospects.  

Online degrees are also more affordable when compared to traditional on-campus degrees. Army veterans can pursue a sought-after degree without spending too much. Moreover, some universities offer fee concessions for defense personnel. In that case, they can graduate from top universities by paying a nominal fee.  

Active duty members have a variety of opportunities to pursue a career post retirement. Online degrees usually offer a wide range of specializations to choose from, some of which are not available in on-campus degrees. This helps them upskill themselves in in-demand domains and secure a safe future. They can pursue a program that interests them and helps them fulfill their career goals. 

The Online Manipal advantage


Affiliated with top universities including Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ), Online Manipal is a great platform that provides you with a hassle-free online learning experience. With the help of experienced faculty and real-world mentors, you can hone your skills in your chosen field. Through an enhanced digital learning platform, you can get access to 1000+ hours of cutting-edge tutorials and free access to Coursera content.  

Moreover, Online Manipal offers attractive scholarships for defense personnel, which makes it an affordable choice to pursue the degree of your dreams.  


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