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Online BBA – A stepping stone to the corporate world

Lt. Mayank Mittal | July 22, 2021 4 Min Read

Online BBA – A stepping stone to the corporate world

The corporate world today is a competitive, innovative, and tech-enabled space. Those who rise on the ladder, offer a winning combination of domain knowledge, skills and excellent communication. Anything from store management and digital marketing to sales and services requires this mix of talents. Students completing Class 12 today have excellent prospects ahead if they choose a bachelor’s course that provides them with these skills.

The Bachelor of Business Administration is one such versatile programme designed to build essential knowledge and skills needed in the business world combined with hands-on experience.

As classes move online, top universities have introduced cutting-edge online BBA programmes. The USPs of these programmes include flexibility, affordability, and delivery by some of the top management faculty members in the country.

Here is a snapshot of the online BBA programme and its relevance in the real world.

Prepping for the business world

As workplaces evolve rapidly in a post-pandemic world, online BBA programmes equip graduates with the necessary training and tools to enter the corporate world with zeal.

BBA students are exposed to all the core business functions such as marketing, finance, human resources and operations, as well as the key soft skills needed to succeed in the world of business. Contemporary subjects such as e-commerce, retail management and data analytics too are in focus. BBA programmes from top colleges are delivered via app-based, byte-sized content that is interactive and engaging. One can log on anytime and learn on the go.

About the programme

Like regular bachelor courses, the online BBA programme is also a 3-year-long degree. The mode of delivery is a mix of online classes, interactive sessions and assignments. Tenured faculty with industry experience who teach MBA programmes are the ones who deliver BBA degrees as well. Guest lectures by renowned industry experts are also central to the top BBA programmes. The flexibility offered by the programme also offers students a chance to work alongside their studies, if they choose. 

Eligibility criteria to enrol

Online BBA degrees accept students from all streams – science, arts or commerce – as long as they have completed Class 12 from a recognized board or university. The minimum eligibility criteria can vary from institute to institute. Typically, institutes host their own entrance exam that is followed up by an interview and a group discussion. 

Choosing the right programme

The institution that you choose plays a key role in your career path. Make sure that the institution you choose comes with a strong management legacy, has legitimate accreditation, the degree is offered by a recognized university. Speaking to alumni can also offer a good insight into the quality of the program and its reputation in the corporate world.

Students are advised to review the curriculum and understand if it includes exposure to all traditional functions of management, as well as areas like data science, entrepreneurship and communication skills.

Fortunately, Manipal University Jaipur, an institute backed by a 67 year-legacy of excellence, is offering the first-ever online BBA in Rajasthan. If you’re in any confusion, talking to an alumnus about the influence of this institution might put those worries to rest.

Career prospects after BBA

BBA graduates have a wide range of prospects to choose from after completing their program, based on interests and strengths. They can work literally across any sector in sales, marketing, branding, finance, HR and operations roles. They can also pursue opportunities in digital agencies and PR, as well as specialized areas such as retail management, which is a core study area in the best online BBA programmes

Focus on entrepreneurship

While job opportunities are a central prospect, the program also offers entrepreneurship as a study area to help graduates understand all aspects of starting a business. Those who have their eyes set on starting up or working for an emerging startup, receive an insight into the entire business cycle. This course is also relevant for those who are keen to learn the ropes of their family business.

Grooming for the professional world

Entry-level salaries for BBA graduates typically range between INR 12,000 and INR 15,000 per month, and many companies tend to hire graduates who shine and show enterprise during their internships. Campus placements, as well as support on how to write resumes and leverage social media for personal branding and job search, are covered by the best online BBA degree.

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