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Celebrating motherhood: How Online Manipal is transforming the lives of mothers 


MOTHERS- They are undoubtedly our biggest cheerleaders. They have stood by us at our highest and lowest times. While we have heard plenty of stories about sacrifices that mothers have made for their families, today’s mothers are paving their own way to success, without family or responsibilities as a barrier.   

This Mother’s Day, Online Manipal had the opportunity to ask our learners, who are mothers, about the highs and lows they face every day. Here are three inspiring stories which are proof that motherhood is never a barrier, but a strong source of motivation and a constant reminder to try and be the best version of oneself.  

Our learner, Sirisha C who is pursuing her online MBA from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) completed her undergraduate degree in 1997. However, she did not get the opportunity to pursue her master’s degree.   

Sirisha was married off after her graduation and became a mother. She had no time for her personal and professional growth.  Soon after her son completed his 12th grade, she decided it was the right time to focus on her career goals. Sirisha has 4-5 years of work experience in data science, an emerging domain in today’s tech driven world. But what pushed her to pursue an online MBA?  

“Even though I have technical experience in data science, I lack the right set of managerial skills that are very crucial for me to climb up the career ladder. I realized the importance of a master’s degree when I was unable to match up with my colleagues. To boost my career and my self-confidence, I decided to take up an online MBA degree through Online Manipal. With a supportive husband who stood by me to help me achieve her dreams, and a caring son who helped me choose the degree that fits me, I’m pursuing my dream online MBA degree from MAHE,” she says. 

When asked about how she strikes the right balance between her work life, academics and family commitments, says, “I start my work by 1pm and wrap up by 10pm. So, I have ample time to finish household chores in the morning. I’m very glad to have a family who shares my burden, so that my work or academics is not affected.”  

Speaking about the challenges that she overcomes every day, Sirisha says, “Of course there are hiccups and challenging times during this entire process. Corporate deadlines are tight, and the work pressure does get to me at times. But when I think about it, I realize that this MBA degree is not only boosting my career, but also helping me in my personal growth.”  

Sirisha feels happy that not just her immediate family, but her extended family too are extremely supportive of her decision to pursue an online degree. They appreciate her and spend time with her on weekends to motivate her.   

“My journey with Online Manipal has been smooth so far. The faculty are patient, friendly and approachable. They are knowledgeable and take special effort in clearing our doubts. The learning management system (LMS) is user-friendly and has all the information that a student needs. Prior notification is given before the examinations and the process is smooth. They also have some tips to appear for exams without confusion and it was helpful.”  

“Instead of just fulfilling our responsibilities as a mother, we must make time to follow our dreams. Online degrees are a very good opportunity for mothers who are looking for career advancement.”  

Busy with her family life and work commitments, Asha Devi couldn’t take up a master’s degree. Coming from an engineering background, she was looking for better job opportunities.   

“I had to take care of my kid and focus on my work. I couldn’t afford to attend on-campus classes. I was just waiting for my son to grow older, so I could focus more on my academics. Having worked in Genpact for a year, I wanted to upskill myself and enhance my career.”  

With a few years of experience in data science, Asha Devi decided to pursue her online MSc in Data Science from MAHE. “I believe this master’s program will keep me updated with the latest skills and help me in my career progression,” she says.   

Asha Devi feels that virtual learning is a wonderful opportunity for mothers like her, who cannot attend classes regularly, but having a master’s degree is essential for their professional growth.  

“I’m thankful to be a part of a family that supports me and my choices,” she adds.   

Speaking about how she balances the lows and highs as a mother, she says, “There are challenges that come my way every day. I need to reprioritize, but the process is more or less streamlined now. Thanks to flexible classes at Online Manipal, I’m able to balance my personal & professional life along with my academics.”  

“The live classes are helpful, and I can access recorded videos anytime. The faculty is helpful in clearing our doubts,” she adds.   

“Do not hesitate to come out and face your challenges. You should be proud to be a mother.”  

“Being a mother has been a selfless act for me,” says Neethu Vijayakumar, who is pursuing her online MBA degree from Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ).   

“Traditionally, most mothers were housewives, often sacrificing their own careers and dreams for their families. However, as I gained more social experience, I realized that there were successful mothers who were able to manage both work and family,” Neethu says.   

As a working mother, Neethu was constantly questioned by her colleagues about why she switched jobs, but she turned a deaf ear.   

“After becoming a mother, I no longer felt guilty about seeking help from my family and instead, embraced the idea of balancing work and family life. Being a working mother has given me a unique perspective and has taught me the importance of prioritizing my time,” she says.   

Neethu has managed to nurture her passion and hobbies, along with other responsibilities.   

“While carrying my baby, I started vlogging on finance for online media and continued making more such videos frequently even after giving birth. I also took the lead in publishing a collection of poetry from different authors, which became my first published work,” Neethu says.  

Neethu managed to start her own YouTube channel, “NeethuOnStage”. These days, I am exploring the world of reels and pictures with my little daughter and we both enjoy making these videos.   

“The latest addition to my activity is pursuing an online MBA degree from MUJ, through Online Manipal. I’m really excited about my journey here. I never felt motherhood as a barrier to fulfilling my dreams,” she adds.  

“Being a working mom does not mean sacrificing your dreams and aspirations. With the right support system, it is possible to break barriers and pursue your passion.”  

Mothers have a natural skill for multitasking. They are pros at striking the right balance between work life and personal commitments. This Mother’s Day, Online Manipal got an opportunity to interact with the distinguished faculty at MAHE, to share their experiences about how motherhood has made a difference in their lives.  

Dr Everil Jacklin Fernandes, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce 

How motherhood has reshaped life 

Motherhood is a significant life-changing event for me. It has indeed brought me joy, fulfilment, and a deep sense of purpose, alongside a few challenges too. Regarding lifestyle changes, motherhood has brought in a whole new set of responsibilities and priorities. For example, as a new mom, I will have to adjust my work schedule, finances, and social life to accommodate my child’s needs.   

Facing high and lows with a smile 

Balancing a professional career and motherhood can be challenging, but it’s definitely possible to do both successfully.  

As a mother, I have a sense of accomplishment and pride in being able to manage both my career and motherhood responsibilities. I have found a new sense of motivation and purpose in my work as I strive to provide for my child. Developing valuable time management and multitasking skills has benefitted both my personal and professional life.  

Finding the time and energy to balance work demands and the needs of my child, especially in the early stages of motherhood when they require a lot of attention.  

Dealing with feelings of guilt or anxiety about being away from my child while at work or feeling like I am not giving my best effort to either my career or motherhood bothers me at times. Managing stress and exhaustion, as juggling multiple responsibilities can be physically can be emotionally draining.  

Lessons from challenging times 

To overcome these challenges in motherhood, it’s important to prioritize self-care, set realistic expectations for oneself, communicate effectively with one’s employer and family members, and be open to asking for help when needed. One should remember that there’s no one right way to balance work and motherhood, and finding a balance that works for one’s own self and family may take some trial and error.  
How online degrees are empowering mothers 

One of the biggest advantages of online degrees is their flexibility, as they allow mothers to complete coursework on their own schedule and from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, online degrees are often more affordable and accessible than traditional on-campus programs, making it easier for mothers to access higher education from anywhere in the world. Pursuing an online degree can also open new career opportunities and provide a sense of personal fulfilment, leading to increased confidence and a sense of purpose for mothers. Overall, online degrees offer a valuable pathway to higher education for mothers who are seeking to balance their personal and professional goals with their family commitments.  

Dr. Aruna Doreena Manezes 

The beauty of motherhood 

Motherhood is beautiful and precious. Now my life begins and ends with this beautiful role as mother. In short, motherhood has given me a sense of purpose in my life. 

Motherhood shaping identities and values 

My identity has changed to a great extent- from being looked at like just a woman to becoming a mother. Today I’m being addressed as a mother in every instant of my life. From the nearest family, friends to general society in general. It gives me a great sense of pride and equally makes me feel humble.  

Facing high & lows with pride 

At times, it becomes very difficult for me to execute what my profession demands of me. Especially when I have to prioritize between my work and my role as a mother. But I’m grateful to God for blessing me with a strong support system- my husband and my family that makes me way easier to balance my work and family. Everyday is a challenge, but motherhood has given a positive outlook to life.  

How online degrees are empowering mothers  

Online degrees are working wonders for mothers as it makes it possible for us to devote time and attention to our little ones, while also pursuing our dreams. 

Prof Bhagyajyothi Rao 

Speaking about motherhood, Professor Bhagyajyothi Rao says, “As a working mother, it becomes challenging to balance work, family time, time for oneself. It’s almost impossible to catch a break. While as professionals we juggle a family, cater to our responsibility, manage money and do a lot more, online learning provides us with the necessary push we require despite all odds to keep us going. Sacrifices for a mom no more means to give up on one’s professional aspirations and online learning fuels this drive.” 

Most mothers today feel the importance of having a job at hand, not only to financially support their families, but also for their own personal growth.  

A very Happy Mother’s Day to every mother who stands tall as a role model, inspiration and our guardian angel.  


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