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What subjects in MBA equip you to be future-ready?

Hello! We do understand that you’ve completed your degree and are at crossroads.  

You have a choice to pursue a postgraduate programme in the field that you did your undergraduate in or a master’s degree in a management programme. Well, you are lucky that you have choices; yet you need to make the right choice.  

Although the programme title is MBA, you will not be restricted to studying only management subjects that lead to the functions of planning, organising, staffing, leading and controlling. 

‘Must Have’ MBA subjects in your curriculum

MBA subjects are designed and introduced at just the right time, after being crafted with care, such that it boosts your confidence and improves your listening and communication skills. MBA, in my opinion, skyrocket your decision-making and analytical skills and enhances your problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and self-discipline. You should then be able to work with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and temperaments since you would be a pro at interpersonal skills.  

Communication: We understand that you as a manager, need to be equipped with the most important tool to take up any of these management functions listed above. Wondering what that tool is? Yes, it’s a very simple one – communication. So, as an MBA student, you get to hone your communication skills. 

HRM: As a manager, you need to take care of many things – people skills, being one of them. Hence, the HRM subject is the basic input, and the advanced ones leading up to recruitment, compensation, employee benefits, training, and organisational development, in case you decide to continue in the HR domain. 

With good exposure to organisational behaviour and HR, your leadership and teamwork skills definitely stand to gain. 

Marketing: The very fact of pursuing an online MBA is that you get to interact with many students (they’re in thousands, as against your regular classroom of a couple of tens, you see?), gives you that extra perspective – the ability to think out of the box. Networking, learning the latest trends in terms of marketing, understanding the consumer, and becoming a good salesman by applying all principles of selling that you’ve learnt, come as a bonus. 

Business Laws: You, of course, need to follow business laws and rules. It could be related to something as simple as knowing the minimum requirement to register for PF for your employees. You need to know these even if you are an employer and more if you hold a position in the HR department. In case you are setting up a company, you need to be aware of all the compliances that the law of the land demands. Hence, the MBA subject related to the legal aspects of a business is essential. 

Statistics & Research Methodology: We’ve been dealing with numbers from a very young age, and it continues to be the case at every stage in life – as an employee, as well as an employer. You need to be sharp to grasp numbers, make projections, and understand in which direction to steer your department. Here comes the use of research methodology and statistics for your help. 

Finance: And there are numbers related to profits. You need not necessarily be in the finance department to be equipped with the ability to understand those. As a basic life skill, you need to know the basics of accounting and finance, including simple transaction entries, receivables, and dues/outstanding payments. In future, if you plan on taking up a larger financial role or becoming an entrepreneur, you need to dig deep and understand statements, ratios, and more. 

Technology: In this era of technology, you can’t do without computer skills. You can use technology for simple calculations to perform complex analyses. You can use or build apps that help you in any role you may play – as an employee, a vendor, or an employer. 

Economics: The ability to understand economics is a key factor for any business. That’s how studying macro and microeconomics provides you with that ability to understand your business and contribute to not just your business but to the country/ global economy. 

Environment protection: While you may have a profit motive to contribute, as an employee or employer, you cannot lose sight of protecting the environment in any activity of the business that you undertake. You should have the ability to contribute towards environmental protection (whatever business you are engaged in, you should always think of protecting the environment, and hence you will be sensitised towards environmental protection in almost all subjects).  

Subjects that will make you ‘future-proof

With all the tools you get trained on, your Operations Management, Project Management, Analytical, Research and Risk Management skills should reach the altar, as also your critical and strategic thinking skills. If you are already gifted with creativity, your innovation and entrepreneurial skills improve too. You should not restrict your business idea in setting up a shop in India. The world is a global village. You will be exposed to international business too in the MBA programme, which gives you that edge to think and act globally.  

Finally, the online MBA consists of several assignments and projects, which will help you with time management skills and your ability to prioritise. The project work gives you hands-on experience such as adaptability to changing business environments. If you are already in a job, an MBA serves as a springboard to propel you in your career. And you are aware of the benefits that come with the rise on the career ladder.  

MBA specialisations

Whoa! Looks like there’s so much to management, right? What are the specialised subjects in MBA? 

By the time you finish two semesters, you definitely are a jack of all trades, but don’t you think a bit of focus is also required, at least when you wish to make a career in a particular domain? Here’s when specialisations come in handy. You select an MBA specialisation when you have a taste of all basics and when you are in a position to make a choice.  

Specialisation helps you to focus. It leads to satiate your interest in a particular domain. All you need to do is choose the right one – from the range of traditional and new-generation specialisations being offered that include HRM, Finance, Marketing, Data Science, IT & Fintech, Supply Chain Management, and Business Analytics. We urge you to make an informed choice based on your interest. 


So, what is the future of pursuing an MBA in India? With the growing number of start-ups and the boom in the corporate sector, the industry clearly needs more management executives. Your exposure to the above-mentioned subjects in MBA will improve your communication and interpersonal skills (to be able to deal with any situation in a prudent and intelligent manner). Not to forget that you get to improve your listening skills too in order to understand and speak well.  

Do you now agree that this online MBA programme is designed to create a new you – who is brimming with confidence, and ready to solve complex problems? Are you prepared to take on the corporate world? 

Dr. Gayathri Devi Subbaiah
Consultant, Learning and Content at UNext
Dr. Gayathri Devi Subbaiah is a senior leader with over 30 years of experience in diverse areas - Teaching, Administration, Learning and Development. She has been trained in Training Skills (IVQ Diploma from City and Guilds) and is also certified in Online Teaching from GlobalNxt University. Dr. Gayathri serves as a Consultant, Learning and Content at UNext.

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