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MBA Operations Management course guide 


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October 6,

Operations management refers to the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. It involves overseeing the design, planning, control, and improvement of various processes and systems that produce goods or deliver services. The primary objective of operations management is to optimize resource utilization, enhance productivity, and ensure customer satisfaction.  

An operations manager is usually the one who is put in charge of managing and looking after the work of all the departments and human resources, thereby ensuring that all the departments are working smoothly, and work is delivered on time. The primary goal of the operations department is to provide dependable, predictable services and products. This also means that individuals will be attempting to reduce variations in the product so that customers can trust the consistency of your product.  

What is the scope of a career in operations management? 

The scope of operations management is broad and encompasses multiple areas such as supply chain management, production planning and control, inventory management, quality management, project management, and process improvement. Professionals in operations management are responsible for streamlining operations, managing logistics, optimizing workflows, and ensuring smooth operations within an organization.  

A career in operations management offers diverse opportunities across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, retail, hospitality, and technology. It is well-suited for individuals who possess analytical and problem-solving skills, have a keen eye for process improvement, and enjoy working in dynamic and fast-paced environments.  

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What is an MBA in Operations Management?   

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) in operations management is a specialized degree program that provides in-depth knowledge and skills related to the field. It focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of operations management principles, strategies, and best practices. Students pursuing an MBA in operations management learn about topics such as supply chain management, operations strategy, quality management, project management, and process optimization.  

The course provides a global perspective on industry trends and equips individuals with skills to meet client demand. Furthermore, with the advancement of technology, agile innovation has solved the age-old problem of integrating operations and innovation. It provides individuals with conceptual frameworks and analytical tools to design and manage operational processes.  

An Overview of MBA Operations Management   

Particulars  Course details  
MBA in Operations Management course   Postgraduate   
Duration of the course  2 years   
Eligibility of the course   Bachelor’s degree  
Entrance exams   CAT exam, MAT exam, GMAT exam, CMAT exam, XAT exam, NMAT exam   
Subjects in MBA Operations Management course   Microeconomics Business Studies Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Organization Behaviour Financial Statement Analysis & Reporting   
Fee for the course   INR 1,00,000 to INR 9,00,000  
Average salary  ₹ 2.7 Lakhs – ₹ 19 Lakhs  
Top companies recruiting  Airtel, Amazon, Samsung, Wipro, Johnson and Johnson, PWC, EY, Colgate etc.   

Why should you choose an MBA Operations Management program?  

  • Specialized knowledge: The program provides a deep understanding of operations management concepts, strategies, and tools, enabling graduates to excel in roles specifically related to operations.  
  • Enhanced career prospects: An MBA in operations management enhances career opportunities and opens doors to leadership positions in operations, supply chain management, and related fields.  
  • Industry network: MBA programs often provide opportunities for networking with industry professionals, which can be valuable for career advancement and accessing job opportunities.  
  • Salary potential: Professionals with an MBA in operations management generally command higher salaries compared to those without an advanced degree, particularly in managerial and leadership roles.  
  • Transferable skills: The skills developed during an MBA program, including critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and communication, can be applied to various industries and functional areas beyond operations management.  

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Who should do an MBA in Operations Management?  

An MBA in operations management is most suited for individuals who have a keen interest in managing operations, improving efficiency, and optimizing processes within an organization. It is beneficial for professionals aiming for leadership roles in operations, supply chain management, production management, or consulting. The program equips students with a strong foundation in business and operations management principles, which can be applied to various industries and organizational contexts.  

Today, many reputed universities like Manipal University Jaipur offer online MBA programs with several career-focused electives to choose from, including operations management. These online programs are UGC-entitled and have the same value as an on-campus program but are more flexible and affordable. 

Skills required for a job in operations management  

There are some skills that you must possess to get a job in operations management:  

  • People management skills   
  • Organizational skills   
  • Motivational skills   
  • Analytical skills   
  • Technology skills   
  • Decision-making skills   
  • Maintaining the standard of quality  
  • Data analysis in logistics  
  • Supply chain management   
  • Product design   

Top careers after an MBA in operations management  

After completing an MBA in operations management, graduates can pursue a variety of rewarding and high-demand careers. Here are some of the top careers to consider:  

  • Operations Manager: Operations managers oversee the day-to-day operations of a company, ensuring efficient production, quality control, and supply chain management. They are responsible for optimizing processes, managing resources, and improving operational efficiency. Operations managers can earn an annual salary of up to 18 lakhs. 
  • Supply Chain Manager: Supply chain managers are in charge of overseeing the entire supply chain, from procurement to delivery. They manage inventory levels, negotiate with suppliers, optimize logistics, and ensure smooth operations across the supply chain. Supply chain managers can earn an annual salary of up to 26 lakhs. 
  • Logistics Manager: Logistics managers focus on managing the movement of goods and materials throughout the supply chain. They coordinate transportation, warehousing, and distribution activities, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery. Logistics managers can earn an annual salary of up to 21 lakhs. 
  • Production Manager: Production managers are responsible for overseeing the manufacturing or production processes within a company. They manage production schedules, monitor quality standards, optimize workflows, and ensure efficient utilization of resources. Production managers can earn an annual salary of up to 24 lakhs. 
  • Project Manager: Project managers handle the planning, execution, and successful completion of specific projects within an organization. They coordinate resources, manage timelines and budgets, and ensure project objectives are met. Project managers can earn an annual salary of up to 28 lakhs. 
  • Operations Consultant: Operations consultants work with organizations to identify and solve operational challenges. They analyze processes, provide recommendations for improvement, and assist in implementing effective strategies to enhance operational efficiency. Operations Consultants can earn an annual salary of up to 15 lakhs. 
  • Process Improvement Manager: Process improvement managers focus on identifying inefficiencies and implementing initiatives to optimize processes and increase productivity. They use methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma to eliminate waste and streamline operations. Process Improvement Managers can earn an annual salary of up to 32.7 lakhs. 
  • Operations Research Analyst: Operations research analysts use mathematical and analytical methods to solve complex operational problems. They apply optimization techniques to improve processes, enhance resource allocation, and support decision-making. Operations Research Analysts can earn an annual salary of up to 12 lakhs. 

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Eligibility for an online MBA in operations management at Manipal University Jaipur  

  • Candidates must have a 10 + 2 + 3-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized university/institution or an equivalent qualification as recognized by the Association of Indian Universities with a minimum of 50% aggregate in graduation (45% for reserved categories)  
  • Candidates must clear Manipal University Jaipur’s online aptitude test as part of the application process.  
  • Candidates with a valid score (40 percentile) from any aptitude test (CAT/MAT/CMAT/XAT/GMAT) need not appear in the above test  

MBA Operations Management syllabus semester-wise breakdown   

The curriculum of online MBA in Operations Management program from Manipal University Jaipur is as follows:  

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 
Management Process and Organizational Behavior   Production and Operations Management   Research Methodology   Strategic Management and Business Policy   
Business Communication   Financial Management   Legal Aspects of Business   International Business Management   
Statistics for Management   Marketing Management   Advanced Production and Operations Management Business Leadership   
Financial and Management Accounting   Management Information System   Enterprise Resource Planning Services Operations Management   
Managerial Economics   Operations Research   Logistics and Supply chain Management Total Quality Management   
Human Resource Management Project Management   Applications of Operations Research Production, Planning and Control   
   Advanced Project Management 

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Skills required for a job in operations management  

There are some skills that you must possess to get a job in operations management:  

  1. People management skills   
  1. Organizational skills   
  1. Motivational skills   
  1. Analytical skills   
  1. Technology skills   
  1. Decision-making skills   
  1. Maintaining the standard of quality  
  1. Data analysis in logistics  
  1. Supply chain management   
  1. Product design   

Online MBA in Operations Management course fee structure  

The total course fee for an online MBA from Manipal University Jaipur is around INR 1,66,000, which is around INR 41,500 per semester.  

EMI options: Starting at INR 6,917 


Pursuing an MBA in Operations Management can be a highly rewarding choice for individuals seeking a dynamic and influential career. This specialized degree equips graduates with a comprehensive understanding of operations management principles, strategies, and best practices. With a strong demand for operations management professionals across diverse sectors, an MBA in Operations Management offers a valuable pathway to a fulfilling and impactful career. 


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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