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Can I do MBA in Operations Management after B.Com?

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November 18,

Key takeaways:

  • An MBA in operations management can help you get the necessary skills to land some of the most well-paying jobs across industries. 
  • You can pursue an MBA after completing your bachelors in any stream. 
  • Online Manipal allows you to complete your MBA course with online live lectures at your home.

Operations management deals with the development, launch, and management of the products/services sold by an organization. It is a vital part of any organization, and its scope and career prospects are wide.  

An MBA in operations management is desirable for professionals considering the value it adds to their careers. This program involves training the employees to handle multiple aspects of a business, such as production and manufacturing, services, etc. 

Can I pursue an MBA after B.Com?

An individual with a bachelor’s degree in any field or discipline can take up an MBA. The score or CGPA of the individual must be 50% or above, and the degree should be from a recognized university. An MBA in operations management after a B.Com degree is a good choice, as commerce students are well-versed in business and accounting. This helps them furnish their knowledge and grasp concepts quickly and efficiently. 

Subjects in MBA in operations management 

Mentioned below is the list of subjects that MBA operations management students will study.

  • Supply chain management– Supply chain management in operations management deals with the operations of an organization’s supply chain. It involves managing the flow of goods and finances and its whole process, from acquiring raw materials to product delivery. It can be learned as a part of operations management or as a separate subject. 
  • Project management– Project management includes dealing with all project stages, including planning, organizing, controlling, monitoring, etc. Its main focus is the achievement of goals. This subject in operations management teaches the skills required at all project stages. 
  • Services operations management– The running and management of the essential departments of an organization, such as HR, marketing, accounting, etc., is included in services operations management. It is a critical function for any industry and, thus, is an essential role to be taken up by an operations manager. This makes it an important subject in MBA. 
  • Operations research– The analytical method of solving an organization’s problems is included in operations research. Here, the managers must make significant decisions by solving problems at each process step using mathematical analysis. 
  • Enterprise resource planning– This subject in MBA in operations management teaches the students to manage the key parts of the operations, including the resources. Whether the industry deals with logistics, services, or any other industry, it requires enterprise resource planning for the smooth functioning and flow of goods and services. 
  • Top quality management– This subject includes all the tasks done by an operations manager in maintaining the quality and excellence of the processes. Here, an individual learns to ensure that the organization’s processes are of the best quality. 

How does an MBA in operations management help after B.Com?

MBA in operations management after B.Com can help you in the following ways- 

  • Update operation management skills– You can acquire amazing new skills and learn new technology when you complete your MBA in operations management. You can learn new cost-cutting techniques to optimize resources and help your organization better. 
  • Career prospects– Whether banking, construction, retail, or manufacturing, every industry requires an operation manager, making the scope of an MBA in operations management after B.Com quite wide. 
  • Opportunities in the corporate sector– Operations managers are required in every field, including the corporate field, to manage the firm’s processes. It helps them save revenue and work efficiently within their budget while improving performance. 

Careers after MBA in operations management 

A few instances of the career options available after completing an MBA in operations management can be seen below- 

  • Logistics manager

The person responsible for supervising and monitoring an organization’s logistics and operations is known as a logistics manager. After pursuing an MBA in operations management, an individual can become a logistics manager and handle the complete operations included in handling the logistics, including warehouse, transportation, customer service, etc. 

  • Operations manager

The role of an operations manager revolves around the procurement and delivery of products/services. It also includes improving the organizational processes and involves key responsibilities such as planning, resource forecasting, risk management, mobilization, etc. 

  • Operations analyst

An operations analyst researches and analyzes the operations of a company. Based on the findings, they help make significant decisions regarding the operations, reformulating policies, adjusting logistics, and making other requisite changes to make the operations effective and efficient. 

  • Procurement specialist 

The person responsible for procuring the organization’s supplies is known as the procurement specialist. They are also known as purchasing managers and are bestowed with the responsibility to acquire goods at competitive rates and suitable quality. 

  • Project manager

The person in charge of managing all the tasks related to a project is known as a project manager. They are responsible for initiating the project after adequate planning and consideration and have to manage the project until its completion. All the tasks related to the project are under the purview of the project manager. 

Online Manipal

If you are wondering where to pursue your MBA in operations management, look no further than Online Manipal. Pursue this program online from Manipal University Jaipur to get all the skills and knowledge necessary to boost your career. 

With live lectures, real-life examples, and practice tests, the MBA course by Online Manipal is everything you need to step up your role and get a job in a managerial position- as an operations manager. 


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