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Career options for MBA Healthcare Management graduates in UAE


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February 22,

The healthcare industry has witnessed substantial growth and development in technology, process management, operations, business administration, etc. Many companies seek the best professionals to join their medical or business teams. Consequently, people are more likely to rethink their careers and plan to upgrade their skills with a suitable postgraduate (PG) program. Now, you may ask why choosing a 2-year PG program is better when you can complete the courses with a one-year diploma.

The primary reason why people usually opt for PG in management and business administration to become successful in their careers is due to the vast sea of opportunities and jobs. When you are pursuing a diploma, the options are minimal. However, if you want to work in healthcare management in UAE, going for MBA is the best option. This article will discuss the importance of MBA healthcare management UAE and the growing career opportunities for these professionals.

Advantages of MBA in Healthcare Management

Before discussing the scope of MBA healthcare management in UAE in detail, let us understand the advantages you can enjoy after completing the PG program.

  1. As discussed earlier, healthcare is a growing industry. Therefore, as an MBA professional, you will have tons of job opportunities in UAE. 
  1. The healthcare industry is vast and complex, so most companies look for higher-level professionals. You may not be able to apply for a high-quality job in some of the reputed healthcare organizations around the world based on only your bachelor’s degree. However, if you have a PG degree like a healthcare management MBA UAE, you can beat the competition and leverage your knowledge to get a better and more secure job.
  1. PG courses in healthcare management open many new opportunities for individuals in terms of higher studies. You can choose an elective or specialization for the MBA course to gain in-depth domain and functional knowledge.
  1. Growing your network with the help of the MBA online program for healthcare management is easy. During the course, you will come across several industry experts, gain knowledge from their hands-on experience, and use the same in your job. It will increase your visibility and exposure and allow you to utilize your MBA knowledge productively.

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Scope of healthcare management in UAE

Coming to the scope of MBA healthcare management in UAE, the industry thrives in the country. Therefore, you will have a lot of opportunities to work for some of the reputed organizations and enhance your skills easily. Once you complete your PG course, the following are some significant areas where you can work.

  1. Hospital administration: This field requires professionals to understand all the processes related to hospital management and administration. They must make bills and invoices and manage the electronic health records of patients and doctors. Therefore, you will understand how these processes are managed and your role in enhancing the overall administration quality and productivity for any healthcare organization.
  1. Information security: When you work in healthcare administration and management, it will be your responsibility to ensure all the information and data records are stored and handled as per the laws. If not, it will create many problems later on, and you might not be able to meet the legal and industry compliance and standards. This is one of the reasons you must focus on improving your skills with the help of the online MBA program.
  1. Healthcare service management: From the name itself, you can understand that one of the best MBA healthcare management opportunities in UAE will be in terms of service management. It’s a job where you have to run audits to check whether the services being offered follow the initial company protocols and industry standards. Based on the customer experiences and feedback, you will need to run an analysis and make the necessary modifications to the business processes.

Undoubtedly, the entire healthcare industry in UAE is walking towards a glorious future. Whether it is due to technological development or the gradual diminishing of gaps between the skills and requirements, professionals will have numerous MBA healthcare management opportunities UAE. You can choose from many different job options based on the skills you develop, the electives or specializations you choose during your MBA program, and your career plans.

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Career opportunities for MBA healthcare management graduates in UAE

As we have discussed, the scope of MBA healthcare management UAE, your job is to find the best career opportunity for yourself and start working. In this below section, we have listed the top career opportunities people can look for after completing their PG courses in healthcare management MBA.

  1. Inventory and Data Entry Assistant: One of the common jobs you can opt for after completing your MBA in healthcare management in UAE is data entry and inventory assistant. From the name, you can understand that you will manage the inventories, enter all the records and stock reports in the central systems, and manage various data entries and bookkeeping records.
  1. Hospital Administrator: As a hospital administrator, you will manage the entire hospital administration. It can be the infrastructure, services offered, technological solutions, etc.
  1. Data Analytics Officer: Another vital role you can take up after completing your MBA is data analytics officer. You will manage all the critical data and information, including patient records, transactions, contracts with third-party organizations and vendors, stocks and inventory, etc. Apart from this, you will also be in charge of data analysis and processing. Ensuring these assets can be converted into appropriate insights for more profound knowledge about the business and healthcare services is also a responsibility.
  1. Clinical Auditor: As a clinical auditor, you will be in charge of processing audits on clinical data and records, clinical processes, and healthcare services. The audit checks are usually done to ensure the healthcare organization complies with the industry standards and regulations, following all the protocols needed, and so on.
Job roleSalary
Inventory and Data Entry AssistantAED 2917
Hospital AdministratorAED 100,000
Data Analytics OfficerAED 96,000
Clinical AuditorAED 228,160

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In conclusion, MBA Healthcare Management graduates in the UAE have a vast array of career options to choose from. They can explore opportunities in healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, insurance companies, consulting firms, and academic institutions. 

The healthcare sector in the UAE is rapidly growing and offers numerous growth opportunities for individuals with the right skills and experience. With technological advancements, there is an increasing demand for professionals equipped to manage and navigate the complex healthcare landscape. By leveraging their business acumen and healthcare knowledge, MBA Healthcare Management graduates are well-positioned to impact this dynamic and rewarding field significantly.

In this article, we have provided a brief about the healthcare management careers UAE MBA. Although several courses are available, you can rely on the efficiency and knowledge gained from the MBA in healthcare management program from Online Manipal. We offer online courses to study and complete the program at home!

Key takeaways:

  1. MBA in healthcare management offers numerous job opportunities to professionals, like clinical auditors, hospital administrators, and more. 
  2. The advancements in healthcare technology and services have opened new opportunities with high-paying jobs to professionals. 
  3. Candidates can opt for an online MBA program while continuing their jobs simultaneously.


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Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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