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MBA in Fashion Management course details

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October 6,

A career in fashion management offers an exciting blend of creativity and business acumen. It’s ideal for those passionate about fashion and want to take up roles within the industry. An MBA in Fashion Management equips you with a well-rounded skill set. You’ll delve into fashion marketing, retail management, supply chain, and trend analysis. This program is tailored for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, retail managers, brand strategists, or professionals seeking to advance in fashion-related roles. 

 The scope is vast, spanning from luxury brands to retail giants, e-commerce firms, and startups. An MBA in Fashion Management imparts critical skills, including market research, trend forecasting, financial management, and leadership, making graduates highly sought-after. You’ll gain a competitive edge in a dynamic and globally competitive industry, with opportunities to influence trends, enhance brand value, and excel in fashion leadership positions. 

When pursuing courses in fashion management, numerous options are available to students, an MBA in fashion management being the most popular one. Pursuing this course adds a lot of value to your CV and helps you get your dream job in the industry.  

An overview of MBA fashion management  

The managerial aspect of the fashion industry is covered in the two-year postgraduate MBA in Fashion Management program. It focuses on managing fashion marketing, merchandising, and retailing as well as the creation of a brand’s image and reputation among the public at large. This course can make a huge difference in how your fashion career will shape up. 

Name of the course MBA in fashion management  
Mode Online/Offline  
Course duration  2 years 
Level Postgraduate degree (Master’s) 
Eligibility criteria  Graduation with 50% marks 
Course fees  INR 4 Lakhs to INR 10 Lakhs  
Tests accepted  MAT, CAT, GMAT, CMAT, XAT, NIFT entrance exam, College entrance exams  
Required skills Creative designing, communication skills, stress management, confidence, team management  
Salary  INR 17 to 50 LPA 
Top employers Spencers, Orient Style, Zara, Reebok, Puma, Reliance Retail, Raymond, etc. 

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Why choose an MBA in Fashion Management? 

Wondering why you should do an MBA in fashion management? Here are some of its benefits – 

  • Fusion of creativity and business: An MBA in Fashion Management combines your passion for fashion with essential business skills. 
  • Diverse career paths: Opens doors to roles in fashion marketing, retail management, supply chain, and entrepreneurship. 
  •  Industry relevance: Stay ahead in a dynamic field, learning about trends, consumer behavior, and sustainability. 
  • Global perspective: Gain insights into international fashion markets and strategies, making you adaptable worldwide. 
  • Leadership skills: Develop managerial and leadership abilities crucial for fashion industry success. 
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with industry experts and peers, fostering valuable relationships for future endeavors.  

Who should choose an MBA in Fashion Management? 

Fashion enthusiasts: Ideal for those with a genuine passion for fashion, seeking to turn their interest into a fulfilling career. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs: Individuals looking to start their own fashion ventures or brands will benefit from the business acumen gained. 

Retail aspirants: Those interested in retail management, merchandising, or store operations in the fashion industry. 

Marketing professionals: Offers a niche specialization for marketers who want to focus on fashion and luxury brand management. 

Career progression: Professionals already in the fashion industry aiming to accelerate their growth into leadership and strategic roles. 

What are the different types of MBAs in Fashion Management? 

When it comes to MBA in fashion management, students get various options to choose from as per their convenience and preferences. 

Regular MBA in Fashion Management : This is the normal MBA in fashion management, where you need to go to college and attend classes regularly. When you choose this, you can explore college and campus life and experience new things. Below are some good colleges for regualr MBA in fashion management 

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT): NIFT offers an MBA program in Fashion Management at its various campuses across India. It’s one of the premier institutions for fashion education. 

Pearl Academy: Pearl Academy has a strong reputation for fashion education and offers an MBA program in Fashion Business in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University, UK. 

Correspondence MBA in Fashion Management: This is another type of MBA in fashion management where you do need to attend classes in person. But you’re required to travel to the college on some days and to write your exams. Below are some good colleges for distance MBA in fashion management 

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL): SCDL offers a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) with a specialization in Retail Management, which includes aspects of fashion management. It’s a respected institution for distance education. 

IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University): IGNOU offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a focus on retail management, which can be relevant for fashion management careers. It’s one of the largest open universities in the world. 

Online MBA in Fashion Management: This is the type of MBA in fashion management under which you don’t have to attend classes physically. As the name suggests, you attend online classes and study at home. This is a good option for those who regularly work and don’t find time to go to college. Below are some good colleges for online MBA in fashion management 

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE): This is one of the most prestigious universities in India that offers an online MBA in Fashion Management, providing flexibility for students to study from anywhere in India. It covers fashion marketing, retail management, and more and is designed exclusively for working professionals. 

Amity University: Amity University offers an online MBA in Fashion Management, allowing you to gain expertise in the fashion industry while studying online. 

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Online MBA in Fashion Management from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) 

Eligibility criteria for Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s MBA in fashion management 

  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university/institution with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in graduation. 
  • Candidates must have one year of work experience in reputed organizations. 

How to apply for MAHE’s online MBA in fashion management 

  • Visit the Online Manipal website, choose the MBA program (MAHE) & register by filling in your basic details and paying the application fee. 
  •  Fill in your educational & work experience-related details. 
  •  Pay the admission fee for the first semester /year or full program. 
  • Upload supporting documents & submit your application to complete the process. 

Fee structure for online MBA in Fashion Management 

  • Total course fee – INR 2,60,000 
  • Fee per semester – INR 65,000 
  • EMI options available – Starting at INR 10,833 

MAHE’s online MBA fashion management syllabus – semester-wise subjects 

The list of subjects covered during the MBA in fashion management course is given below: 

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester – 3  Semester – 4 
Managing People & Organizations Financial Management Management Accounting Entrepreneurship and Innovation* 
Financial Reporting & Statement Analysis Marketing Management Legal Aspects of Business Sustainability 
Managerial Economics Strategic Management Fashion Merchandising & Marketing Supply Chain Management 
Business Statistics IT for Business Fashion Trend Forecasting Visual Merchandising & Packaging 
Business Communication Business Leadership Fashion Brand Management Fashion Product Study & Design 
  Minor Project Capstone Project 

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Fashion management skills you can learn from an MBA 

Pursuing an MBA in fashion management will allow you to hone your existing skills and earn new ones. Here are a few of the most important skills that you must work on acquiring – 

  • Strategic planning: Develop the ability to create and execute effective business strategies in the fashion industry. 
  • Market analysis: Gain insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and competitor analysis to make informed decisions. 
  • Brand management: Learn how to build, promote, and maintain strong fashion brands. 
  • Retail management: Acquire skills in managing fashion retail operations, from merchandising to customer experience. 
  • Supply Chain Management: Understand the logistics and distribution aspects of the fashion industry to optimize efficiency. 
  • Leadership and team management: Hone leadership skills to effectively manage teams and projects within the fashion sector. 

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What can I do after my MBA in Fashion Management? 

Candidates who pursue an MBA degree in-fashion management have a wide range of employment options in both the public and commercial sectors. The course provides the correct purpose for applicants who have an extensive understanding of the fashion industry and corporations. It encompasses much more than just the profession of a designer. Some of the industries that they can work are: 

  • Fashion Retail 
  • Luxury Brands 
  • Apparel Manufacturing 
  • E-commerce 
  • Fashion Marketing 
  • Textile Industry 
  • Fashion Consulting 
  • Event Management 

Job roles for MBA graduates in fashion management 

Some job roles you can get after completing your MBA in fashion management are listed below, along with the average salaries. 

Position Job description Highest annal salary 
Brand Manager They oversee and manage every aspect of the brand as part of their employment, and they also support advertising and marketing campaigns. INR 32 LPA 
Export Sales Manager They are in charge of creating and boosting the sales of various goods and merchandise in other towns, states, or nations. INR 24,7 LPA  
Marketing Manager They are in charge of overseeing and assisting in the development of numerous merchandising or advertising sales operations that support the selling of the goods. INR 23 LPA  
Design Manager  They are in charge of the entire management and performance of a fashion agency or company. They oversee a design or visuals team, work on projects with coworkers, assign assignments, and evaluate completed work. INR 26 LPA  


Why is Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s MBA in fashion management the best? 

Top quality course curriculum, experienced lecturers, industry webinars by experts, Flexible learning schedules, free online learning materials, state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS), scholarships, easy financing options, and placement assistance are some of the key highlights of MAHE’s online MBA programs

Wrapping up  

The fashion industry is thriving and so are the career opportunities. If you are looking to build a successful career with industry-relevant skills and knowledge at your disposal, an MBA in fashion management will cater to all of your requirements, and much more. The course is created by the prestigious Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and is easily accessible through Online Manipal. It will provide you with the right foundation and work as a steppingstone for your bright future. Enroll today! 


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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