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Master skills & tools to become a recession-proof professional


The job market is witnessing unprecedented layoffs due to the recession that has impacted the economy. Professionals need to stand out from their competition and prove themselves to be valuable assets to hold their position in the increasingly competitive job market. The best way for professionals to prove their worth is by developing certain in-demand skills. E-learning has evolved as a medium for professionals to upskill themselves while maintaining a stable income. The flexibility of online education makes it a desirable choice for working professionals looking to further their careers without compromising their work or personal lives. 

Why is it essential to upskill during a recession?

Listed below are some of the reasons why it is essential for professionals ro upskill during a recession period:

  • The job market becomes more competitive during a recession period as more individuals compete for fewer available positions. This implies that a broad mix of in-demand skills is imperative to stand out and land a job or hold a position during a recession. 
  • The successful portrayal of yourself as a valuable asset to the company decreases your likelihood of being let go during lean times. The best way to establish yourself as a valuable asset in your organization is by upgrading and broadening your skill set. 
  • Working professionals should master certain skills and tools to upskill themselves with in-demand skill sets to become recession-proof professionals. With the impending possibility of economic downturns and recessions, it’s critical for working professionals to be prepared and armed with the information and experience needed to stay relevant in the job market.

Tools to upskill yourself

Discussed below are certain tools professionals can utilize to upskill themselves:

  • Online courses: Professionals can upskill themselves with online courses as it is the ideal way for them to develop new skills while maintaining a stable income. Online courses provide various benefits such as flexibility, comparatively low cost, and ease of pursuing it from any corner of the world. A master’s degree can especially be a great alternative for you to specialize in your preferred industry.

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  • Pursue an online course with placement assistance: Individuals should focus on pursuing online courses that provide placement assistance as it would be a great help for individuals to secure a job. You can focus on enrolling in online courses that provide complete placement assistance, as this way, you can upskill yourself and get new job opportunities while keeping your current employment. Online Manipal provides various placement assistance services to its students to help them prepare for interviews and be ready to land their dream jobs.
  • Coursera courses: Coursera is a platform that provides various domain-specific certification courses that can help individuals to upskill themselves with their preferred domain knowledge. Coursera courses are a great way for individuals to further develop their understanding and knowledge of the emerging trends in a specific domain. Online Manipal provides learners with free access to paid Coursera content to help them to further develop their skill sets and be ready for the job market.
  • Online certifications: Online certifications and training are other excellent ways to improve your skills. Certifications and training programs can aid you in developing specific talents in the domain of your choice as they take less time to complete and are reasonably priced. Professionals can choose from a wide range of certification and training programs which can help them advance their careers.
  • Webinars: Webinars are online seminars that let you interact with and learn from the subject matter and industry experts. Webinars are a valuable tool for you to develop a practical insight into your domain by expanding your skill set and learning novel concepts and methods.
  • Professional networks: LinkedIn and other professional networks may help you connect with individuals in your sector and benefit from their experiences. A further way to network with like-minded people is to join professional groups and attend their events.

Top AI tools you should be aware of

Artificial intelligence technologies are providing businesses of all sizes with deep insights and are thereby increasing the efficiency of business processes. Thus, professionals must have an idea of the trending AI tools that can help them streamline business processes. Discussed below are some of the top AI tools that working professionals must know about:


ChatGPT is an interactive AI assistant that responds to user inquiries with relevant and personalized information. It is compatible with a variety of communication platforms, including Facebook Messenger and Slack. ChatGPT employs sophisticated machine-learning techniques to decipher user questions and provide accurate and appropriate responses.


Adept is a machine learning research and product lab that allows human and computer collaboration to develop general intelligence. It provides various benefits for businesses who want to draw insights from their data, as it includes tools for data analytics, predictive modeling, and automated reporting. This tool utilizes machine learning techniques to provide accurate forecasts and insights on data and can be easily integrated into existing workflows and systems.


Pictory is an AI video generator tool that allows users to edit and create videos of high-quality easily. The best feature of the tool is that users do need no prior experience in video editing or design. Pictory also enables users to edit videos utilizing text, which is ideal for editing webinars, podcasts and other media. The tool is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to produce professional results, and can help organizations to build their brand.


Tidio is an AI tool that provides an easy solution for companies to integrate a chatbot into their website. It provides the benefit for businesses to see what consumers are typing in real-time and be prepared to respond. Businesses can instantly chat with customers and address their issues. The tool is compatible with various CRM, eCommerce, and email marketing platforms. It can be easily integrated with Shopify, Messenger, WordPress, and many more platforms.

Skills you need in the recession-era

Here are some essential skills that you should master to be relevant in the recession time:

  • Professional networking: Professional networking is an essential skill you must develop during a recession since it can help you acquire employment and broaden your knowledge. It also aids in developing professional connections that will be valuable for your career in the long run, as it can develop into future business partnerships or help with professional advancement.
  • Effective Communication: During a recession, having effective communication skills is a must-have. Professionals must be able to express their thoughts properly and concisely in front of clients and colleagues to establish a professional image of themselves. It is also crucial to understand and take into consideration other people’s opinions to prove yourself as a valuable employee.
  • Digital Skills: The demand for digital abilities has increased in the labor market today. Being adept in digital technologies like video conferencing, project management software, and cloud computing has become crucial in today’s tech-savvy era, especially given that remote working is becoming the new norm. Developing websites, using social media, and analyzing data are other essential digital skills that professionals should focus on to stay relevant in today’s job market.
  • Change management: The ability to adjust to changes in the workplace is known as change management. During a recession, it is crucial to remain adaptable and receptive to new ideas and approaches. Effective change management is a skill you must possess to prove yourself as a worthy asset to your organization who can adapt to the changing times.


Upskilling oneself is critical during a recession as it is a period of uncertainty. Upskilling improves your worth as an employee, helps you stay relevant in the job market, and broadens your expertise. You will become a professional who can deal with any economic downturn using certain essential tools and techniques to upskill yourself. So it is essential for professionals to pick up some new talents and keep up with the changing times to stay relevant in the job market. It’s important to remember that upskilling is a continual process, so you should take the initiative to pick up new knowledge and adjust to changes in your sector. 


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