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Letters of gratitude: A special note on Teachers’ Day 2022

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September 5,

Celebrating our faculty on Teachers’ Day 

In India, September 5th is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. This day also marks the birth anniversary of former President of India Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. In 1962, some of Dr Radhakrishnan’s students wanted to celebrate his birthday. He then asked his students to mark the day to pay respect to the great teachers of India. A tradition that started off then, is being continued with great honour and respect in India. Students countrywide pay tribute to their teachers and celebrate the day to honour their efforts. 

This Teachers’ Day, we asked a few learners to write a letter to their favourite mentor/faculty member and thank them for their extraordinary efforts. 

How our faculty is shaping the lives of our learners 

A teacher not only instills academic values in students, but also acts as a guide, mentor, and philosopher, who helps them become better individuals. A teacher is significant in every part of a student’s life, which is why they are treasured and respected even after students have established a promising career for themselves.  

Likewise, the faculty at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) and T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) are working tirelessly to ensure that learners understand every subject concept and flourish in their careers. The experienced faculty are at the forefront of their respective fields. They are real-world mentors who constantly boost the confidence of learners to pursue careers of their choice. Over 50% of the faculty hold Ph.D and are experts in their subjects. These mentors have fine-tuned their teaching methods to deliver the best learning experience for students in online mode. From being extremely approachable and clarifying doubts of learners at any point, they are providing a smooth learning experience. They are extremely supportive and ensure that learners pursue their online degrees hassle-free.  

On Teachers’ Day, Online Manipal got the opportunity to read “letters of gratitude” that our learners have penned for their favourite teachers. We have tried to gather heartfelt notes from students pursuing various online programmes at MUJ. Here are a few of them.  

Our comprehensive BCA programme is geared towards creating tomorrow’s visionaries. While we have brought together the latest developments in computer technology to provide an exhaustive curriculum for learners, we must credit our faculty for providing their valuable insights. Here is a heartfelt note by one of our BCA students to his favourite teacher.  

Ankit Kumar Srivastava, BCA student  

“I am Ankit Kumar, pursuing BCA from MUJ. I would like to thank our digital logistics professor Abhishek Pandey sir for his effortless, interesting, and amazing sessions. His style of teaching is very inspiring and motivates learners to give their best. His energy, gestures, and aura help us connect with him better. I consider him my role model. Lastly, Happy Teachers’ Day to all my mentors!” 

Many of our learners are working professionals, pursuing an online degree for career advancement. Our mentors have ensured that they balance their work life and academics smoothly. Here is what our MCA student Varun Vasudevan had to say about his experience.  

Varun Vasudevan, MCA student 

“On Teachers’ Day, I would like to thank Parul ma’am, who is my favorite teacher. She is always approachable, and I can reach out to her anytime. She actively responds to my mails and clarifies doubts any time. It is quite challenging to manage my work life and academics, however, Parul ma’am ensures that learners complete tasks timely. I love the effort she puts in to make students comfortable. Wishing her and all my professors a Happy Teachers’ Day.” 

Today, BBA is among the most in-demand bachelor’s degree programmes. While our faculty is instilling academic knowledge in students, they have also turned role models for them. Here is how one of our BBA students found his role model.  

Sandeep Ramesh Adarkar, BBA student 

“I am Sandeep, pursuing online BBA at MUJ. All faculty members at MUJ deserve appreciation; however, I would like to especially mention Dr Surabhi Basotia. She always puts herself in our shoes and makes sure we understand everything taught to us. During her personality development lectures, we got an opportunity to get to know her better. Her outlook towards life is positive and every class with her is insightful. Her sessions are not only informative, but also help us become better humans. A pure soul, she is my role model. I cannot thank her enough for making our lives better each day. I thank Online Manipal for giving me the opportunity to speak about my role model. Wishing Dr Surabhi and all my professors a Happy Teachers’ Day.” 

The MBA faculty at MUJ is not only preparing learners to become effective leaders in the modern world, but also helping them overcome daily challenges, taking them on the road to success. Here is what one of our learners had to say about his favourite mentor.  

Samarpan Goswami, MBA student 

“My name is Samarpan Goswami and I am pursuing online MBA at MUJ. The faculty here is excellent. My favourite mentor here is Jayateerth sir. I am humbled and grateful to have him as a mentor. I thank him for helping me overcome tricky situations and for solving my problems. He makes my work look extremely easy. Wishing all my mentors a Happy Teachers’ Day.” 

At times, teachers must turn into guides or mentors, who ensure students are on the right path. In that sense, the faculty at MUJ are incredibly supportive and guide students during challenging times. Here is what one of our B.Com students had to say about his favourite mentor. 

Balvinder Singh, B.Com student 

“I am Balvinder Singh, pursuing online B.Com at MUJ. I must say that I am glad to be a student of Ms. Astha Chauhan. She has been more than a mentor to me. During my time at MUJ, she has been my guide and advisor. I thank her for allowing me to learn from my mistakes. I will be forever grateful for that. Wishing her and all our faculty members a Happy Teachers’ Day.” 

There are some teachers who go beyond the call of duty to inspire students. Here is one such example, where students not only gain knowledge in sessions, but also enjoy learning at the same time.  

Harshitha BV, M.Com student 

“I am Harshitha, pursuing online M.Com at MUJ. Firstly, a heartfelt thank you to Online Manipal for giving an opportunity to pursue a hassle-free, convenient, and flexible online degree. There are some remarkable teachers who have left a great impression on us. However, special thanks to Yogita Agarwal ma’am, who takes classes on management concepts and organisational behavior. What makes her stand out is her teaching style. She outlines learning objectives, explains content related to the current scenario, states out real-life examples and conducts short quizzes. Her teaching sessions are very interactive, and she makes every class interesting. Thank you, ma’am, for being so encouraging and supportive. I must also mention Farhana ma’am. She has given me the confidence to deal with any tricky situation. Her calmness gives me the courage to deal with situations with patience. A big thank you to her for that. Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day.” 

Students often tend to pick up qualities that inspire them from their teachers. This also helps shape their lives better. Here is how one of our faculty members is a source of inspiration to our journalism student Indu Rani.  

Indu Rani, MAJMC student 

“On Teachers’ Day, I would like to express gratitude to all my teachers for guiding me through my journey. I want to convey my best wishes to Farhana ma’am for her valuable guidance and for making my journey memorable. I would also like to thank Abhishika ma’am for listening to every student’s doubt and clearing them. I thank all my faculty for being a source of inspiration. A Happy Teachers’ Day to all!” 

Join the Online Manipal family to advance your career 

The faculty at MUJ, MAHE and TAPMI are an integral part of Online Manipal, who have made the journey so far successful. While some of our learners might have previously had apprehensions about pursuing an online degree, the faculty at MUJ have helped overcome fears and challenges and are guiding our students in shaping their careers. The supportive faculty at MUJ, MAHE and TAPMI provide valuable placement assistance along with professional resume building and interview tips. If you are looking to advance your career, then Online Manipal is the right pick for you. Top universities on the Online Manipal platform offer undergraduate degrees, post graduate degrees and professional certification courses to people from every walk of life. If you too want to achieve your goals just like our learners, build a successful career with Online Manipal.  


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