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Is it good to spend two years in a data science course?

Databases include a substantial amount of data to meet local and industrial demands. If we can figure out how to use this massive amount of data to everyone’s advantage, it can completely change businesses and communities. For this reason, data science is necessary for us to manage a big data pool and improve people’s lives.

Data science is nothing more than the integration of many different tools, including machine learning, algorithms, automation, etc. It is a technical procedure that aids in business decision-making by generating useful data. By employing sophisticated machine learning algorithms to analyze all the data, the technique enables firms to create predictive business models. Businesses may effectively make the right decisions with a strategic project plan with the use of data science.

Is data science a good career?

A postgraduate program in data science trains students in both analytics and data science. After earning their degree or certificate, individuals can work for an organization and assist them in making wise decisions.

The data science scope and salary are fairly standard and are based on the high number of positions and the job role. Since there is a significant need for those with the necessary knowledge and abilities, finding employment is not too difficult.

There is no evidence that this data science scope in future will go down. Data science has virtually endless applications. Any business or procedure where we can gather data can use it. As a result, even while some tools are said to partially replace data scientists, it is anticipated that demand for data scientists will continue to rise. Therefore, you need not be concerned about whether your efforts will be in vain in the future.

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Data Science courses

The range of courses available to you when pursuing a degree in data science will excite you. The several types of data science courses are listed below.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science
  • Specialized Certificate Course in Data Science
  • PGDM in Data Science
  • PGCM in Data Science
  • MBA in Data Science

Is it worth doing a two-year data science program?

Data power is not confined to a single industry or sector. There are many chances for data-savvy people to identify innovative solutions and gain a greater grasp of the capabilities and limitations of data science in their fields of work in business, technology, health, and social sciences.

Data scientists may pursue various jobs after completing their two-year data science degree, even if they are unsure of the career path they want to follow when they start. In addition, some aspiring students want to know how to use the most recent technological developments. Large-scale data sets can be intimidating, motivating many professionals to learn about machine learning methods, normally covered in a two-year data science degree. 

Data science can be the appropriate career choice for you if you enjoy math, and statistics, dealing with large amounts of data, collaborating with a team, addressing all business challenges, etc. Data science is becoming more and more popular every day. The data science scope has risen as a result of the field’s ongoing improvements. Consequently, it is among the most profitable options.

How will a two-year data science program help you?

How will a two-year data science program help your career?

Data science is a fantastic career path with many opportunities for advancement in the future. The fact that there is already high demand, competitive pay, and a wealth of benefits supports the claim that being a data scientist is the most promising career. One of the tech industry’s most in-demand and fastest-growing job categories is data science. Their pay has increased in line with demand. The career may be boosted by taking data science courses. On average, they may anticipate making six figures. Demand is also correlated with the ease with which people can travel locally and even internationally.

Data science focuses on the application of sophisticated machine-learning techniques that can be used to create prognostic business models. Let us understand is data science a good career

1. Learn from expert faculty

Data science is taught by leading experts from the field who have the most up-to-date knowledge. These experts provide knowledge about the practicalities of the industry, which enable students to enhance their knowledge and skills.

2. Hone key data science skills

One of the most well-liked and quickly expanding industries in the world today is data science. Understanding the most in-demand data science skills is, therefore, even more crucial. Standard Query Language (SQL), Statistics and probability, Data visualization, Econometrics, Programming languages, Missing data handling and imputation, Domain knowledge, Social media mining, Microsoft Excel, and Mathematics are some of the many skills that a data scientist must possess.

3. Build a broader network

Data science is in great demand across many industries, including manufacturing, finance, banking, electronics, consumer goods, and others. It is not just in need in the information technology sector. This is because data science can be utilized to forecast company numbers and provide practical answers. By providing AI and machine learning, data science has also aided the healthcare industry in revolutionizing the industry and saving lives.

4. High demand for skilled data science professionals

Data scientists are actively recruited by numerous reputable firms for a variety of positions. Here are just a few of the many reputable companies in India that hire data scientists:

  • Google
  • KPMG
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Walmart Labs

5. Ubiquitous domain

Data science is required in all fields of the industry. It helps to analyze data in the fields of management, healthcare, information technology as well as business.

6. Global opportunities

There is a severe lack of data scientists to meet the growing demand. This indicates that openings are available everywhere in the world but need to be filled. Therefore, now would be a wonderful moment to enter this field.

7. Varied job opportunities

Candidates with a data science degree might take the positions of Marketing Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Software Developer, or Data Analyst, to name a few. Knowing which sectors are actively seeking and employing data science professionals may surprise you, given how pervasive data has become in our daily lives.

8. High salary potential

Data science is one of the highest-paying professions. According to Glassdoor, the average yearly salary for data scientists is Rs. 116,100. Data Science is, therefore, an extremely lucrative job option. After the completion of the program, you can expect a high-paying job at a reputable organization.

9. Seamless entry to reputed companies

A two-year program will open doors to many data science jobs for freshers at various levels depending on the skills and knowledge of the candidate.

10. Quick career advancement

Being a lucrative career option, data science helps in quick advancement in job roles based on the skills and experience of the candidate. A high-performing candidate is more likely to move into higher job roles.

Where can I do a future-ready data science course?

There is no denying that data science has a broad scope, given the many applications and benefits it offers. Today, it is used in practically every business, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose—having a thorough understanding of data science will help you succeed.

You can enroll in the MSC-DS or M.Sc. in Data Science course that experts in the area have designed through Online Manipal. This curriculum covers all the crucial elements of data science and will give you the knowledge and abilities you need to launch a successful career as a data scientist. Big data analytics, machine learning, statistics, and other topics related to learning data science are all covered in the course.


Enroll today in the M.Sc. in Data Science program offered by the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) through Online Manipal to launch your data science career and expand its potential. Learn a lot about various sectors while sitting in your house. To download the brochure, go to the website right now.

Key takeaways:

  • Businesses can boost their operational efficiency by using data science because it offers insights into the company.
  • Currently, data science is undoubtedly the trendiest profession, and it is expected to maintain its popularity for a very long time.
  • Data science provides crucial and precise information to assist analysts in using the information for diverse objectives.


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