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How to switch your career: things to consider

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August 18,

The days of having a lifetime career with a single employer are long gone. You might think about changing professions at some point in your life, possibly several times. There are many reasons why people change careers, but whenever they do, it is essential to be proactive. A well-considered career shift will probably result in more job satisfaction. Individuals switch vocations for a diverse range of reasons, such as the need for future challenges and more fulfilment, the desire for flexible working hours and the adaptability of working from anywhere. Planning is crucial no matter what industry you are thinking about changing to. 

There is never a perfect time to look into new career opportunities or change professions. The pandemic brought on some modifications in the workplace and personal transformations, both positive and negative. Many professionals search for a revamped opportunity due to shifting aspirations and perspectives. The wisest course of action for employees in the current environment, where allowances are being eliminated, and performance expectations are rising, is to look for solutions that offer greater yields. In these trying situations, changing jobs has certain advantages. Due to a large number of layoffs, employers are increasingly seeking applicants with new knowledge of the sector.

Job searchers looking to change their career may take this opportunity to research and find businesses and sectors hiring right now and tailor their necessary documentation. It can be beneficial to shift into a career trajectory or field that is predicted to see substantial expansion and remain in demand as automation proceeds to alter employment and sectors, displacing employees. 

This article will cover the factors that lead to a career change as well as practical tips for switching careers in the future. You may expedite your process and explore a variety of career choices by using the tips outlined here.

It’s time to explore careers in high-demand industries

The pandemic and technological improvements have enhanced digitalisation across businesses, which has significantly altered the requisite skills for many business roles. Businesses had to quickly migrate their operations online and progressively rely on digital innovation to contact customers, comprehend their demands, and deliver services in a competitive and dynamic business climate.

It’s never late to consider making a career transition, even though switching careers can seem like an intimidating thought, notably if it’s midlife. It’s important to consider whether you intend to pursue a career move or a job change. The ability to absorb and learn new ideas and use them in rapidly evolving circumstances is a crucial skill that the pandemic has highlighted. Many businesses are currently looking for fresh talent with knowledge of digitisation, data analytics, IT, etc. Hone your soft skills, such as management, resiliency, customer focus, interpersonal skills, critical reasoning, problem-solving skills, innovation, rationale, brainstorming, etc., to be prepared for a career change. Technical prowess, including data analytics, cloud technology, online marketing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, will improve your resume, especially for an IT career switch. These all are necessary talents for businesses to succeed in the globalised era and for employees to differentiate themselves. Individuals can shift to fast-evolving sectors like:

  • IT/ITES 
  • BFSI 
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Fintech
  • Management
  • Marketing

A professional shift can provide you with a fresh start, whether you’re seeking something entirely different or realising long-held goals. Your contentment at work and productivity may increase if you take on a new responsibility. Even if you might be concerned about how to find work in the new normal, knowing your abilities and the various uses for them will be quite beneficial. Additionally, a fantastic strategy to begin your career shift is to grasp the skills and talents that companies of tomorrow will be looking for. It can be tricky to keep up to date with all the latest technologies coming into the workplace. Taking up online courses related to emerging technologies can help to push your career into exciting new directions. 

Know what are the in-demand job roles

Keeping up with all the new technologies entering the industry can be challenging. You can put yourself ahead of the competition and advance your career in fascinating new areas by enrolling in one of the below-mentioned programmes on emerging technologies.

Data scientist

Data scientists are among the most sought-after professionals as businesses transition to digital operations and generate massive amounts of data. This personnel with programming, data visualisation, and machine learning skills are in high demand by businesses who want to make data-driven business choices. 

AI specialist

The ultimate focus of an artificial intelligence specialist is to create AI models utilising deep learning and machine learning principles to derive actionable insights. To become an AI expert, you require an in-depth understanding of programming, maths, machine learning techniques, natural language processing, etc. In India, there is a vast imbalance between the supply and demand of artificial intelligence specialists. However, a shortage of knowledgeable AI specialists has forced businesses to compete for the best personnel. Thus, there is no doubt that all the top businesses are making rich offers to AI professionals, in addition to various perks. 

Full stack developer

The creation and upkeep of the entire web are the responsibilities of full-stack developers. Their ability to manage both the front-end and back-end functionalities of any application contributes significantly to their prominence in the tech department of any company. Startup businesses are increasingly hiring full-stack developers as they seek experts who can handle product applications from beginning to end. You can anticipate high-paying proposals from startups and leading MNCs if you prefer coding and have an excellent understanding of Java, CSS, Python, and other coding languages.

Data analysts

Data analysts earn high compensation and excellent benefits, even at the entry-level, due to the great demand for their services and the lack of competent applicants. Data analysts are necessary for any business that uses data to analyse it. Leveraging data to make investment choices, target clients, evaluate risks, or determine capital allocations are just a few top data analysis jobs. When working with core database infrastructures, you can expand your technical knowledge in related fields, like creating and developing data infrastructure. 

Digital marketer

There are numerous career options available in digital marketing, and it is developing quickly and into a promising sector with many new opportunities and possibilities. To assure the best revenue, digital marketing specialists plan and track their initiatives. The top ten most sought-after jobs, according to LinkedIn, include the position of “Digital Marketing Specialist,” which has 860,000 job opportunities and a shortfall of roughly 230,000 digital marketers. 

Machine learning engineer

The field of AI and ML is expected to grow dramatically. Experts in machine learning conduct statistical studies and create ML applications and algorithms that can be used for commercial requirements. To develop work-ready talents and become certified for the most excellent jobs in India, master the A to Z of machine learning. With their ability to create more personalised solutions for customers, AI and ML have revolutionised the world today. Professionals in machine learning assist brands in making more data-driven management solutions to minimise risk exposures. They have established themselves as significant assets to businesses, and demand for them is growing yearly. Your career can move into exciting new areas with the help of a machine learning certification or specialisation.

Financial manager

Financial managers are in charge of a company’s finances, such as its earnings and outlays. In addition to keeping track of the money coming in and going out of a corporation, they plan about wider financial choices to make the organisation financially successful. Financial managers must be excellent communicators, planners, and organisers because of the structure of their employment. To guarantee that the funds are used as effectively as possible, the person in charge must have a long-term perspective. Their activities directly impact the company’s profitability, expansion, and reputation. 

Market research analyst

A marketing research analyst develops and implements a company’s marketing plans to satisfy customer wants and increase revenue. They operate across all industry sectors, and the job opportunities are expanding quickly. To pursue a profession in marketing management, you must at least have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing management. Marketing managers create cutting-edge goods and solutions to satisfy business goals and the customer wants, making it among the highest paying occupations in India. 

Steps to a successful career change

Even though there may be many hassles and complexities related to seeking a new job or switching careers, if you have decided to do so, start with some fundamental steps like making a list of possible jobs and careers. Your list can contain details on fresh businesses, opportunities, or professional options. Investigate the position’s needs, the candidate’s requisite skills, the value of your expertise to the position, etc. Consider these guidelines for determining your interests, looking into possibilities, examining potential career routes, and changing careers. 

The following pointers will give you a clear vision of the answer to the question “How to switch careers?”

Review your level of job contentment

Keep a record of how you feel about your job every day, and search for repeating patterns. Consider the characteristics of your present employer that you enjoy and dislike. Also, note if you are dissatisfied with the firm you deal with, the corporate culture, or the subject matter of your employment. When you’re doing so, you can do a few things at work to help you get ready to go when it’s time for a shift.


An honest evaluation of oneself is a great way to proceed. When you change careers, you may face a variety of challenging problems, including having to answer probing inquiries about your prior work record and achievements. It will suit you best if you consider things before a recruiting manager asks you about them. 

Here are some inquiries you may want to make of yourself:

  • What are your professional goals?
  • What compromise are you willing to make to get there?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Evaluate your talents, values, and interests.
  • Examine past positions, projects, and professions to determine chosen pursuits and abilities. 

Evaluate alternative employment options

By investigating career opportunities, talking to colleagues, family, and social contacts about your fundamental beliefs and talents, and researching career options, you can come up with alternative employment options for yourself. You can consider consulting a career counsellor to seek guidance if you are struggling to come up with ideas. To find a few areas that need in-depth study, perform a preliminary comparative analysis of various disciplines. By just googling the jobs you are interested in, you can obtain a plethora of information online.

  • Choose an industry

You have the option of changing careers within the same industry or moving to a different one entirely. Since you probably already have expertise and experience in the field, switching careers inside the industry is frequently simpler.

  • Research the job market

You may get a sense of the jobs that are most and least in demand by researching the job market. 

  • Consider your aptitudes and experience

Consider your skillset, employment history, volunteer work, internships, and other relevant experience to ensure a smooth career transition. From there, determine which professions you could quickly transition to with your current knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm.


 Learn as much as you can regarding those industries, then get in touch with people you know who work there for informational inquiries. Your college’s alumni career network can be a valuable resource for information. Find people you know who are employed in the field or position you want to shift in. Tell them directly that you want to change careers, and be daring in your plea for support. Inquire with them if there is an availability of jobs in your preferred domain. Keep in touch with these people frequently if you are considering a career transition because they’re frequently among the best knowledge sources. Another excellent tool for locating contacts in particular job fields of interest is LinkedIn and other job hunting sites.

Set up a job shadow

Spend anything between a few hours and a few days working alongside individuals whose jobs interest you. Finding alumni volunteers who are ready to host job shadowers might be done by visiting your college’s career centre. Also, find volunteering and paid work in your target profession to gauge your interest. For example, if publishing is your dream job, attempt editing the PTA bulletin.

Upskill yourself 

Look into educational options that would connect your experience to a future field. Enrol in an online course to upskill yourself with relevant skills. Attend one-day or weekend seminars for a while. Get advice from professional organisations in your sector by contacting them. Find ways to advance your career by learning new skills at work. For example, if you are thinking “How to switch careers in IT”, you need to upskill yourself in the latest technologies like AI, ML, Cloud Computing, cyber security, and many others, depending on your chosen area. Enrol in as many classes as possible if your employer offers in-house training. 

Consider employment in your current industry

Think of alternate positions in your current field that would make use of your existing industry experience, such as if you’re a store manager for a big retail chain and you are sick of working nights and weekends, think about switching to a corporate recruiting role in the retail sector. 

Build a strong resume for a career change

Writing a strong resume for switching careers is the next and one of the most crucial tasks in achieving a successful career shift. If preparing an outline for a resume for a professional transition is confusing to you, the following pointers can assist you in preparing a CV that will land you a job even if you lack the necessary work experience.

  • Select the appropriate resume format.
  • Create a resume objective or summary.
  • Add a section listing your expertise.
  • Emphasise transferable skills in your professional experience section.
  • Include a cover letter for a job change.

Take online courses to upskill

E-learning is a revolution in the education industry that anyone can use to advance their career, regardless of the field they work in. The way processes are carried out in today’s corporate environment is continually evolving, necessitating a growing variety of talents. It implies that a talent gap could appear out of nowhere. For example, you feel pretty confident about your abilities and are skilled in several software programmes. Then you discover that several job listings need mastery of a program you are unfamiliar with. To deal with this, simply find an online programme on the topic you need to be familiar with and sign up to complete the course to become eligible to apply for your preferred post.

Why accept if you are unsatisfied in your current position or if you truly want to be doing anything else? The best part is that shifting careers nowadays does not always require putting your career on pause. Numerous online courses are available that might ease your shift from one career to another. 

Online education is extremely popular, and one out of every five students studies “off campus,” and online students typically report better overall satisfaction. Learning new skills and changing occupations have never been simpler. For instance, you can opt for an online MBA to switch careers in the field of management.

Let’s explore a few advantages of pursuing online courses:

  • Your present schedule can be adjusted for online classes. If you’re considering changing careers while you are still employed, you can start the transition immediately.
  • Employers frequently seek candidates with both technical and soft skills, most of which can be acquired by enrolling in an online programme.
  • A solid and comprehensive perspective of your potential professional option can be obtained by completing the course.
  • You can learn how to improve and adapt the talents you already have from past jobs in addition to picking up new ones.
  • By taking an online course, you can find that you stand out in interviews since they demonstrate your motivation, self-discipline, curiosity, and want to learn.
  • Additionally, online courses tend to be more “future-focused.” The abilities you acquire via online learning are more from modern ideas and business practices. Based on suggestions from the industry, online curricula are always altered and improved.
  • You might seek an online course covering subjects such as resume preparation, cover letters, and interview manners to ensure you professionally approach your career shift.
  • The completion of many online courses includes assistance with finding employment and other placement facilities. 

Taking a course can be helpful if you think that you are missing certain fundamental abilities or need a boost to meet your objectives. If you’re considering changing careers or starting the pursuit of your ideal career, have a look at the list of the most in-demand occupations. Thus, an online course is a terrific place to start, whether studying something entirely new or checking up on your current knowledge.

Not sure if an online degree is worth it, check this article.

Make your transition to a new career hassle-free with Online Manipal

Future success is heavily influenced by your decision regarding your educational career. Manipal University Jaipur offers online education courses through their platform Online Manipal that can help advance your career and equip you to handle any future work-related issues. The value of UGC-entitled online courses is comparable to that of traditional Indian courses or the on-campus degrees. Manipal University Jaipur also provides placement assistance to its graduates completing online courses. The placement cell works with leading organisations to identify suitable placement opportunities for students and help them land their dream jobs.

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The diversity of online courses at Online Manipal has aided in providing learners with high-quality education and efficient training. As a result, it helps the students’ careers in their chosen industries. Check Online Manipal to enrol in several rewarding online courses if you are looking for a boost in your career. The online courses are a great option for working professionals to upskill without risking their current employment, MUJ offers top-class online programmes in various specialities. The online BCA, BBA, B.Com, MCA, MBA, and M.Com degree programmes offered here have received accreditation from organisations like UGC, AICTE, and IQAS, to name a few. These online courses provide more flexibility, better time management alternatives, and more affordable learning methods. 

Besides MUJ, the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) offers online MBA, M.Sc and PGCP programmes for working professionals specifically. These programmes include MBA in Finance, Marketing, Healthcare Management, HRM, etc., M.Sc in Data Science, Business Analytics, and PGCP in Business analytics, supply chain, and cloud computing. 


The future for professionals looking for a career transition looks promising and all you need to do is acquire the knowledge and skills in the new domain you’re looking to thrive in. Learners can advance in their careers and move into higher job positions with growing opportunities by enrolling in the appropriate online courses and learning new skills.

So, don’t worry if you’re a computer programmer who wants to transition to UX design, an accountant who wants to work in advertising, or want a career switch from civil engineering or banking or big data. Everything is possible with the correct guidance and willingness to achieve your goals. Enrolling in an online course is helpful at any point in time, whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional. The curriculum for the online programs these days is created with innovation in mind and is the result of extensive study by subject matter experts and industry practitioners. You can register for online courses from a reputed platform such as Online Manipal to distinguish yourself in your chosen field.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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