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How to leverage your online degree for career advancement?

Online Learning
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February 21,

In today’s digital era, many individuals have interacted with virtual classrooms for personal or professional development. Online learning has become increasingly popular over time, both in educational systems and among professionals seeking to progress their careers and stand out in the employment market by upskilling, learning new skills, and expanding their knowledge. 

E-learning could be a sure bet if you’re aiming for demanding better compensation or shifting careers. Similarly to that, if you intend to return to the workforce after a significant hiatus, it may serve as a vital springboard. One can have the choice to accept an internship or entry-level position that will allow them to gain the conceptual underpinnings they need to enter the workforce without compromising their schedule due to the convenience of obtaining their degree online. Also, professionals can advance their careers by taking advantage of the growth of online education, even though taking the step may initially seem intimidating. What role does online learning play in all of this? 

Ways to leverage your online degree for career advancement

Here are a few tried-and-true strategies individuals use at many levels and in various areas to get the most out of online courses.

  • Target your research

Setting a specific goal for what you want to pursue will offer you much more clarity than just picking a course topic at random without a vision. Focusing on a doamin that best matches you and your objectives will set you apart because there are many professional courses available from various educational institutions and private instructors. Explore multiple websites that offer online classes from academic institutions, qualified teachers, and specialists in the industries you aspire to join. Spend time learning about their teaching strategies and how they relate to your objectives. Lastly, checking evaluations from other experts who have participated in that specific program is always a good idea.

  • Learn while working and create beneficial networks

You can keep your existing employment while pursuing an online degree, which is one of its key advantages. In reality, most people lack the resources to enroll in traditional degree programs, notably with a range of financial obligations and family commitments. As a result, taking an online class can be the best option if you have a hectic schedule and job obligations. If you presently undertake full-time employment, you aren’t required to reduce your working time or take a break to pursue your studies. Knowing that you may work while studying is an appealing choice for most practitioners because many people have obligations to fulfill. Whatever career path you choose, you can benefit from a range of professional networking opportunities while you study online. Even while you might only meet some people you communicate with in person, several online courses are structured to provide plenty of possibilities for rich connections. 

  • Show commitment to closing the skills gap

Transferable skills are crucial, but you must also go beyond that and show commitment when attempting to build a new career. You can show prospective employers that you are committed to the job, have a persistent desire, and have a proactive approach by enrolling in a relevant online degree program. Additionally, it provides prospects for pros to tailor their education, assisting in bridging the rising skills gap in the labor market and obtaining the resources required to be more productive. Online courses frequently have a few benefits over traditional ones. Due to the accelerated pace of technological advancement, technical courses are typically designed promptly and consistently, making it easier for them to be presented to meet market demands. Additionally, the programs allow you to acquire abilities that someone who underwent conventional college may not always have, making it simple to demonstrate your commitment to your work.

  • Explore leadership roles

Even if you could already have a stellar job, you probably want to advance your career or take on more responsibilities. But obtaining the requisite skills for a leadership job can be challenging, and while shadowing might be a good choice, it could not enable you to acquire the necessary practical skills. Pursuing an online course allows you to develop the competencies you need to drive your employer’s organization, oversee workers, and make key business decisions. 

  • Show off your innovation and risk-taking capabilities

Most employers favor personnel who adhere to policies and guidelines, but they are more inclined to encourage competent risk-takers. Although online degrees have been available for a while, some recruiters may doubt their value. Nevertheless, you can show that you are willing to experiment with cutting-edge technologies by taking the lead and acquiring an online certification from a recognized university. This typically exhibits your ability to think creatively and take smart risks. Simply put, it illustrates that you are more management-worthy.

  • Investigate possibilities for changing careers

Consider taking classes online to learn the ropes before changing careers and to ease the move when the time arrives. Changing careers is frequently a major decision, and you will probably suffer a large financial setback, particularly if you are beginning from scratch in a new area. The fact that you might not know ahead of time whether or not you’ll like or succeed in the chosen work field is perhaps the most important. Just because you are accustomed to and skilled at your job, it is more difficult to remain in a career that you dislike. An excellent first step is to enroll in an online program, which gives you a chance to earn the necessary credentials to avoid having to start from scratch. You also gain a realistic understanding of the sector you want to enter.

  • Evaluate certifications offered by renowned institutions

The legitimacy that comes from working with elite institutions or professional organizations is one of the biggest benefits of online learning platforms. Ideally, most online educators collaborate with numerous top-tier international institutions and professional associations. Students can engage with business professionals and learn about real-world situations. The learners can obtain authorized certifications as proof of their educational experiences, successes, and credentials. The platform provides various courses with various study methods that may be customized to match your schedule based on your obligations and financial situation. With this strategy, you will have access to a worldwide network of experts and executives and be prepared to compete in the employment market.

How does Online Manipal prepare students for placements?

Online Manipal provides excellent career support services to help students get placed right after the completion of their degree. The placement cell offers interview preparation tips, aptitude assessments, resume building workshops, and Linkedln profile creation. The placement assistance process is as follows:

  • Candidates seeking placements must register for the same
  • Employability skill assessment tests
  • Resume creation and and upload on the LMS
  • Linkedln profile creation and updates
  • Participation in placement drives

Wrapping up

Online education can keep you alert, motivated, and fixated while providing you with the abilities and knowledge to comprehend and address changing workplace situations. The courses make sure that you develop your creative thinking and continue to add value to your employer. Additionally, returning to school via online learning environments offers you the unmatched flexibility required to enhance your career without endangering your work, family, or social life. Many effective online courses are available for your job development, but expansion requires being selective. Make sure the online course is authentic and beneficial to your career and personal development, irrespective of time or cost. Consider enrolling in UGC-entitled online degrees and domain-specific certifications offered through Online Manipal to deal with the ever-changing challenges of today’s job place. Although earning a professional certification is rewarding, the real prize is using what you have learned to find answers in the real world. So, keep learning and keep advancing.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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