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How to become an IT Project Manager?


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March 17,

An information technology (IT) project manager is a computer science expert in charge of planning and supervising an organization’s short and long-term IT projects and goals. The IT project manager can work in various sectors and work on a wide range of projects, from cloud migration to web creation and software product development. Besides managing teams and allocating tasks, schedules, and budgets, IT project managers check the project’s position and ensure it is towards their objectives, communicate project goals and advancements to higher-ups, and host stakeholder and employee meetings. As a result, the project’s overall success or failure is dependent on the IT project manager’s expertise. 

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What are the duties of an IT project manager?

An IT project manager should support business objectives connected with specific projects and allocate resources following those objectives. As work teams are dispersed across several offices and teams, the IT project manager’s responsibility is to oversee that projects are completed efficiently, given timeframe and on budget with minimal disruptions in work.

An Information technology project manager manages the following types of projects:

  • Mobile application development
  • Software development
  • Database management
  • Web development
  • Infrastructure management
  • Cloud migration
  • Backup and recovery
  • Hardware installation
  • Software implementation
  • Network configuration

IT project manager job requirements include the following:

  1. Plan your technological strategy.
  2. Incorporate information technology into the business for maximum efficiency.
  3. To guarantee corporate success, understand present and future business goals and continuing IT concerns.
  4. Create a timetable for maintaining and upgrading enterprise software applications.
  5. Ensuring individuals are adhering to policies, information security, and privacy.
  6. Engage in the hiring, onboarding, and continuous training of new IT employees.
  7. Direct and supervise IT professionals

Skills required to become an IT Project Manager

Professionals should possess certain hard and soft skills to effectively manage IT or tech projects. Some of the essential IT project manager skills include:

IT management skills

IT management skills are essential for an IT project manager and their team’s success. IT project managers must have a thorough understanding of IT management, a well-rounded skill set, and should be up-to-date with current trends in the IT sector.

Technical skills

A range of technical abilities is used by IT project managers. Depending on their industry, they may need to grasp computer application concepts, IT equipment and software packages. This includes an understanding of programming, coding languages, development and engineering.

Planning and forecasting

IT project managers must possess planning and forecasting skills to make informed predictions and estimates related to a project using all the available data.


One of the most crucial skills that IT project managers can learn is communication. Communication is used by IT project managers to guide teams, define goals and duties, and discuss business strategy.


IT project managers allocate elements of a project to specific team members or departments. Delegation success requires understanding more about the strengths of team members.


Good leadership qualities can assist project managers in motivating and inspiring their team members. Leadership abilities can also enable a manager to successfully delegate, mentor others, and direct a team to achieve its goals.

Steps to becoming an IT Project Manager

The IT Project manager career path involves the following steps:

  • Acquiring relevant education

The first step to becoming an IT Project Manager is to enroll in a relevant bachelor’s degree program like BCA. Employers prefer individuals with an MCA degree for the role. Studying computer science and business coursework as part of your degree program can help you develop the relevant skill set for working as an IT project manager.

  • Take internships

Individuals must take up internships to refine their learning and get hands-on experience in the field to become IT project managers. During this period, individuals learn and practice new information technology to develop skills necessary for their particular role.

  • Gaining relevant work experience

It is necessary to apply for and work in entry-level information technology roles before becoming an IT project manager. Getting hands-on management experience is a prerequisite for being a successful IT project manager. It helps you to hone your core competencies while demonstrating your practical applicability.

Entry-level positions

Start your career in relevant entry-level roles to hone your existing skills and develop new relevant competencies. 

Mid-level positions

After getting into entry-level roles, individuals can slowly advance to mid-level positions that could help them get used to the responsibilities of an IT Project Manager.

Some entry-level and mid-level positions individuals can work in include:

  1. IT technician
  2. Help desk technician
  3. Web developer
  4. Systems administrator
  5. Database administrator
  6. Systems analyst
  7. Software Developer
  8. Information security analyst
  • Develop necessary skills

To be competent, IT project managers individuals must have a perfect balance of technical and managerial abilities. Some essential IT project manager skills include:

  • Technical skills: Individuals must possess specific technical skills and experience various technologies to succeed as IT Project Managers.
  • Soft skills: Possessing soft skills such as communication, problem-solving skills, conflict-resolving skills and team-building abilities are an absolute must to become an IT Project Manager.
  • Leadership skills: Leadership is an essential skill for an IT project manager as they have to manage IT projects and guide their team. So. individuals must develop excellent leadership skills.
  • Networking and building connections

Active networking allows you to develop crucial interpersonal skills that will benefit you professionally and personally. Engagement with shareholders and collaboration with peers are excellent ways to fine-tune your approach to interacting with others.

  • Attending conferences and workshops

IT Project management conferences and workshops can significantly improve your performance. It enables you to use cutting-edge technologies to ensure the success of your project.

Hone your technical expertise and project management skills with MUJ’s online MCA

The online MCA program from MUJ equips learners with advanced technical knowledge of computer applications and software, tools, and programming languages, which will help individuals to advance to high-paying job roles like IT project manager. The program provides learners with a global perspective and helps them hone their technical expertise with coding skills. 

The program allows you to gain proficiency in all fundamental project management tools and software techniques, including project communications, software architecture, risk analysis, cost analysis, budgeting and quality control; expertise in planning and designing broad project plans and the software development life cycle, which help learners hone their project management skills. The specially designed curriculum ensures that students get extensive knowledge with case studies and real-world projects that ensure practical experience with the latest technologies.

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The IT project manager career path is one of the best career options and also a challenging one. To prosper, you’ll need a strong combination of technical knowledge, management abilities and an understanding of the project management approaches. You will also need to be familiar with various software tools and require hands-on experience to utilize them appropriately. Enrolling in MUJ’s MCA program can be a terrific way to improve your abilities and become an IT Project manager.


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