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How does BCA help launch your career as an IT consultant?

Information Technology

Becoming an IT consultant is one of today’s most rewarding and challenging occupations. An IT consultant position is ideal for someone who is passionate about  computer software and possesses an extraordinary grasp of computer science fundamentals. These are some advantages of working as an IT consultant:

Better salary

The high compensation package makes working as an IT consultant one of the top job choices. The remuneration for an IT consultant, however, varies based on the position held and the number of relevant years of experience. Yet, compared to other IT experts, the pay structure is better. IT consultants can earn an annual salary of up to INR 18.7 lakhs.

Job security

Being an IT consultant is one of the most challenging professions in the modern digital era.  Such a position offers complete employment security because this work requires one’s own knowledge. Students can have a bright future and secure employment with basic knowledge of the key subject.

Valuable experience

IT consultants work on a variety of tech-related projects and offer security to the parent company. Employees interact with various levels of security, management, clients, etc., during their employment.

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What does an IT consultant do?

An IT consultant is a skilled professional who offers assistance, guidance, and advice to individuals and businesses regarding computer software, database systems, and network infrastructure. An IT consultant is required by businesses to raise team productivity, develop new systems for higher levels of production, and get advice on IT issues.

Main responsibilities of an IT Consultant:

  • Consultations with clients to ascertain needs
  • Defining the project’s scope in collaboration with clients
  • Scheduling the required resources and timeframes
  • Understanding a client’s system requirements, comprehending their working procedures, and learning about their industry
  • Visiting clients’ locations
  • Communicating with employees in a client organization at all levels
  • Specifying hardware, network, and software requirements

Both large and small businesses employ IT consultants to carry out these and other tasks. By improving your business, communication, and computer abilities, you can train for this career.

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Skills required for IT consulting

You must thoroughly understand multiple technologies if you wish to be a competent technical consultant. Such instances are as follows:

Software testing: In order to test solutions and find problems, you need to employ a variety of software tools. To increase your chances of landing a decent job, you must be knowledgeable about popular tools.

Software for database management systems (DBMS): You might have to examine the integrity of the data and manipulate it in your job. Big data processing software like Hadoop can be a useful asset. Simply said, understanding relational databases is also essential.

IT infrastructure: You interact with an organization’s hardware infrastructure as a consultant. You can benefit from having an in-depth understanding of servers and other hardware parts.

Operation systems: You must be familiar with a variety of operating systems because your client might use one such as LINUX. It is also advantageous for your profession as an IT consultant if you are proficient in operating systems.

You may learn many technical skills, but consulting involves more than that. Being an enthusiastic learner who is constantly researching new technology and enrolling in courses that will help you become an expert in these fields is a requirement for success in the consulting sector. You may stay current and in demand as a consultant with the aid of this push. Communication Skills increase productivity by assisting you in forging amicable and successful working connections with your team members. Additionally, it enables you to communicate with customers and win over non-technical client stakeholders.

How to launch a career in IT Consulting?

Follow these steps to become a tech consultant:

Obtain a BCA degree

The importance of a BCA degree for IT consulting cannot be overstated. Many employers prefer a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science. Your chances of landing a job in a consulting firm or working as an independent contractor will increase if you choose a BCA degree from a reputed college or university.

Because the world of information technology is so dynamic and always evolving, from software to web design, it is crucial to get certified in the area you want to work in. By specializing, you can ensure that you become extremely valuable to a particular market.

Get professional experience

Experienced candidates are frequently sought after by employers. Some demand one to five years of professional experience. You can begin your career at consulting firms in entry-level employment as a computer support specialist, for example. The knowledge and experience required to offer assistance and advisory services can be acquired through internship work.

Improve your communication abilities

As an IT consultant, you will probably work directly with clients. Thus, you must effectively communicate when presenting concepts and ideas to team members and managers. Your ability to communicate well could mean the difference between gaining repeat business and only landing one big transaction.

Create a compelling resume

Your CV should showcase your prior experience in the relevant industries and any soft talents, including communication abilities that will set you apart. To ensure your CV demonstrates your expertise for the position you are applying for, thoroughly read the job description.

Online BCA from MUJ is the right foundation for your IT career

If an individual is aiming to pursue an online BCA, they should always aim for one of the most reputed institutions in India, like Manipal University Jaipur. It offers enough scope to improve one’s skills, stay competitive, and earn well with all the modern facilities available for advanced job-oriented learning. Online BCA by MUJ covers an industry-oriented curriculum, has virtual labs for hands-on experience, and teaches essential programming language and software tools. This course also aims to prepare students for further study in computer science. Online Manipal also offers dedicated placement assistance services to help students evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and choose the most suitable career path.


The online Bachelor’s in Computer Applications offers excellent options for BCA students who are always eager to learn and take on new challenges. It’s important to remember that having a BCA or MCA degree from MUJ can help you get hired as an IT consultant. Yet, by developing new abilities and seizing opportunities that come your way, you can expand your horizons.


Information related to companies and external organizations is based on secondary research or the opinion of individual authors and must not be interpreted as the official information shared by the concerned organization.

Additionally, information like fee, eligibility, scholarships, finance options etc. on offerings and programs listed on Online Manipal may change as per the discretion of respective universities so please refer to the respective program page for latest information. Any information provided in blogs is not binding and cannot be taken as final.

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