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How do MBA graduates add value to startups?


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January 26,

Startups must recruit talented candidates committed to the cause and can help them scale up. Startups prefer MBA grads because they possess excellent managerial and interpersonal skills, which are important for working in a startup environment. An MBA grad’s role in a startup can vary depending on the department they work in. In a startup, there are various departments, such as operations, sales, marketing, and product development. Thus, there are various available MBA job roles in startups, and MBA graduates can easily land a job in a startup. Let’s check how MBA graduates help startups and why they are preferred among other professionals during recruitment in startups.

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Why do startups prefer MBA graduates over others?

Startups have a growth-oriented approach, and the trend for hiring MBA graduates to scale up companies is growing. MBAs wear multiple hats in organizations and get involved in various roles in business development, marketing, product management, human resources, etc. MBA skills are very diverse, making these professionals valuable.

Following are some of the foremost reasons why startups prefer MBA graduates over others:

1. MBAs have valuable managerial skills

MBA graduates have good experience leading teams and building them from the ground up. Startups prefer MBAs because these professionals feel confident in supervising other employees and different departments. 

2. MBAs can manage huge professional networks

Networking and building strong relationships are the cornerstone and priorities of every startup. With good connections, a company can go anywhere. MBAs are excellent at laying these foundations and can leverage their existing networks, which become vital contacts for more work opportunities. MBA job roles in startup companies are highly available because companies know they need them.

3. MBAs can fit into any organizational culture

MBAs can fit into any organizational culture and are skilled at adapting to different business environments. They understand the importance of teamwork and are trained to be versatile, driving shared values into action and translating ideas into realities.

These graduates are very adept at decision-making and can make the tough calls in a company when the stakes are high. A valuable part of earning an MBA degree is that professionals need to understand businesses in-depth and get a “big picture,” view of organizations.  Other traits which make MBA graduates attractive to companies are – critical thinking skills, communications and leadership, technology savviness, and strategic organization.

4. MBAs have a solid understanding of markets

Understanding markets and performing intense research are vital responsibilities for growing any company. MBA graduates possess strong analytical and research skills, well-versed in industry tools like Jira, Excel, Tableau, and SQL. They can organize data, derive insights, and produce good visualizations which can be presented to stakeholders.

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To know more about the job roles, you can pursue after an MBA, read Top 7 MBA job roles in the US.


Earning an MBA degree can put you ahead of the competition and make it easier to enjoy a successful career. Organizations prefer hiring candidates with hands-on experience in solving real-world problems; the good news is that MBA students excel in that. More and more companies are becoming inclined towards hiring MBA graduates over others, which means it’s an excellent time to pursue an MBA career. If you want to earn an MBA degree online and study at your own pace, choose an online MBA from


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