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Ekam: Bringing campus life to online learners 


Sometimes, online learners may feel the need to get campus experience at least once during their learning journey. They may want to get out of the virtual bubble, visit their university campus, hang out with their friends and meet their favorite teachers. Is that possible? Well, Online Manipal has made it possible through ‘Ekam’. Ekam is an in-person event organized in the Manipal University Jaipur for its online learners, where they can spend an entire day with their peers, participating in fun activities. Want to know more about how Ekam offers an exclusive campus experience to online learners? Well, read on to know more. 

“Felt like a college fest” 

While online education offers flexibility and accessibility, it often lacks the immersive experience of a traditional campus. Ekam bridges this gap by offering online learners the opportunity to visit the Manipal University Jaipur campus. This in-person event allows students to experience the vibrant campus atmosphere, interact with their peers face-to-face, and engage in a variety of activities that promote learning and networking. 

Our learner, Naina Chopra, who is the Community Manager of Epic.U- our in-house community networking app specially designed for online students, attended the Ekam event for the second time, because she couldn’t get enough of the sprawling Manipal University Jaipur campus. Speaking of her experience, she says, “Ekam is one of the best things about MUJ’s online degrees, where we can meet our friends in person. It feels amazing to travel to Jaipur, visit my college campus, and meet my friends. My friend and I also performed dance on stage today, and it felt like I was participating in a college fest.” 

“A great opportunity to socialize” 

Ekam includes various fun activities and social gatherings that provide a relaxed atmosphere for students to interact informally. Whether it’s a cultural evening or casual meet-and-greet sessions, these events allow students to connect on a personal level, making networking more enjoyable. One of our learners, Sunil Kumar, who attended Ekam for the first time says, “It is important to have a sense of belongingness and socialize during the program. Ekam is a great initiative to socialize with peers who we don’t get to meet every day. Ekam allows us to hang out with friends in campus, which is a great feeling.” 

“Establishing personal touch” 

No matter how many times a day learners video calls their friends, nothing matches one in-person meet up. Even though online learners don’t meet their peers every day, it is important for them to have personal touch at least with a couple of their classmates or friends. College life is all about making lifelong friendships, and an event like Ekam allows learners to strengthen the bond with their peers, making lifelong memories. Speaking about how Ekam is facilitating personal touch, our online learner, Gopika Gautam, says, “This idea of Ekam meet up is brilliant because we’re usually in touch with our friends online. This gives an opportunity to connect with them in person. Personal touch is very important, and I believe Ekam is helping us establish that bond with our classmates, which is essential for every learner.” 


By bringing online learners to the Manipal University Jaipur campus, Ekam provides a holistic educational experience that combines the flexibility of online learning with the immersive benefits of campus life.  


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