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Ekam 2024: A day filled with music, dance, brewing friendships, and more! 


It was a beautiful, sunny day in Jaipur on the 20th of April when online learners of Manipal University Jaipur gathered for Ekam, an informal, in-person event exclusively for them to get a taste of campus life while they’re busy studying online. Ekam is more than just a one-day visit to the campus. More than 400 enthusiastic learners got out of their virtual bubble and travelled from different parts of the country to hang out with their friends and classmates. It wouldn’t be wrong to say Ekam gave a college fest feel, making learners feel nostalgic.  

A chance to meet, greet & chit chat! 

Ekam happens every year to give online learners a chance to meet up and make connections that’ll help them grow in their academic journey. We had interesting and interactive activities and programs just for online learners to mingle and have fun. We had students and faculty flaunting their talents in music, dance, theater, poetry, you name it! Plus, it was a great opportunity for learners to chat face-to-face with their favorite faculty and have some meaningful conversations. While a few learners attended Ekam for the first time, many turned up for the second time to experience the picturesque campus of MUJ again and to make more friends.  

The event kicked off with interesting games for learners to break the ice. Soon, learners were energized and began participating actively. While learners showed off their talents in music, dance, and poetry, even faculty took the stage and entertained the learners. Learners were so impressed with the faculty’s performance that they rushed to the stage to shake a leg.  

“Spent a wholesome day with my friends” 

Learners expressed their excitement to meet their peers and faculty in-person and make long-lasting bonds. Speaking about her experience at the event, Naina Chopra, a student of online BBA from MUJ, who is also the community manager of Online Manipal’s in-house community networking app ‘Epic.U’, said, “Ekam has given all the online learners an opportunity to have a fun filled and wholesome day with our peers as a part of our learning journey. It was also a great experience to have performed in front of my peers.” 

“Got to know my peers personally” 

Another student, Himali, who is an MBA student, said, “I think Ekam is helping us get to know more about our peers personally as well as professionally. There are people from different parts of the country, working professionals from various industries as well. We can get to speak to experienced professionals and take tips on how to boost our careers.” 

Speaking at the event, Commodore (Dr.) Jawahar M Jangir, Pro President, Manipal University Jaipur, who welcomed the online students, said, “We have seen a tremendous increase in the enrollment of students for our online programs. Over 50,000 students have enrolled so far. In the online mode, while we may be separated by physical distance, we’re united by a shared pursuit of knowledge, growth and opportunity and Ekam is an event held every year so that students can meet their faculty and peers in-person. I’m glad that students have turned out in large numbers.” 

Dr Mallikarjuna Gadapa, Director, Centre for Distance and Online Education, Manipal University Jaipur, also expressed his gratitude to students for attending the event and said, “I’m thrilled to see students who have travelled from across the country to attend this event. Ekam marks a significant milestone in the academic journey of online learners as they get an opportunity to experience the campus. Ekam is more than just a one-day campus visit. It is a chance for learners to gain new insights & perspectives and enhance their overall academic experience.” 


This was the third Ekam event organized by Manipal University Jaipur exclusively for online learners. While our learners are in touch with peers only virtually, Ekam allows them to meet in person, strike conversations with them, and make new friends and establish bonds that will last forever. 


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