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Dominance of arts, commerce, and management students in IIM admissions 2023 


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November 17,

The admissions for PGP and MBA programs at the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) in 2023 saw a marked dominance of arts, commerce, and management graduates. Traditionally, engineering students have been the frontrunners in these elite institutions, but recent trends suggest a paradigm shift in the preferences of both applicants and admission committees of the IIMs.  

The Common Admission Test (CAT), a prerequisite for admission into top business schools in the country, including the IIMs, which have previously witnessed the dominance of engineering graduates. However, changes in the CAT exam as well as in admission policies, have altered the scenario this time around with IIM classrooms growing more diverse.  

The changing face of IIM admissions 

As per the latest news, 42% of the students admitted to the PGP and MBA programs this year across the IIMs were from non-engineering backgrounds, which is a significant increase over previous years. The factors contributing to this shift are multi-faceted, ranging from a changing business landscape that values diverse skill sets to the IIMs’ own efforts to foster a more inclusive and varied student body. 

The IIM admissions data for the year 2023 reveals that arts, commerce, and management students now constitute a significant percentage of their MBA batch. Arts graduates, with their critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, bring a unique perspective to the business world. Commerce students, equipped with a strong foundation in financial and economic principles, are increasingly sought after for their analytical prowess. Management graduates, already well-versed in business strategies, can further enhance their knowledge and skills at the premier management institutes. 

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IIMs paving the way for inclusivity 

The surge in admissions from arts, commerce, and management backgrounds challenges the notion that only engineering graduates possess the analytical acumen required for success in management roles. The IIMs are acknowledging the significance of a diverse student body, recognizing that success in the corporate world demands a blend of technical, analytical, and creative skills. 

As the IIMs adapt to the evolving demands of the corporate landscape, they are actively encouraging students from varied backgrounds to pursue management education. This inclusivity is not only a testament to the institutes’ commitment to academic excellence but also a reflection of their recognition of the multifaceted skills that contribute to successful leadership. 

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The dominance of arts, commerce, and management students in IIM admissions in 2023 indicates a positive shift towards a more inclusive and diverse academic landscape. The IIMs’ recognition of the value that students from these backgrounds bring to the table reflects a commitment to preparing future leaders who can navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world. As the business and education landscapes continue to evolve, this trend encourages individuals from diverse academic backgrounds to thrive in the world of management and leadership. 


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