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A day in the life of a supply chain manager

Supply Chain

In a world where producing and supplying products is the base of the market system, the job of supply chain manager becomes of utmost importance. From producing a product from scratch to reaching the end customer, a supply chain manager is responsible for all of it. Especially for youngsters with good leadership skills, the supply chain manager job has become a highly lucrative and potential career path. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, supply chain management is expected to grow by 28%.

What does a supply chain manager do?

First and foremost, the job of a supply chain manager covers all stages in the making of a product. A supply chain manager takes care of every stage of the journey, from extracting the raw material to letting it reach the customer’s hands. There are four main subcategories in the job of a supply chain manager, i.e., logistics, operation, planning, and production. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, about 24,800 openings for logisticians have been projected each year over the decade. This is significantly higher than most other occupations.

What are the major responsibilities of a supply chain manager?

The job of a supply chain manager presents great opportunities and greater responsibilities. Continuous learning and evolution are vital for a role in the supply chain. The responsibilities primarily include the following:

  • A supply chain manager purchases the most suitable raw materials for making the product.
  • Once the raw material has arrived, the supply chain manager has to check and proceed with processing and furnishing the raw material.
  • After the product is ready, it has to be stored carefully and efficiently.
  • Then, the supply chain manager takes care of the products while moving them from distribution centers to stores.
  • Perform a quick run-through on the production floor and ensure the production is carried on seamlessly.
  • Contact potential suppliers, clients, and staff through email or calls.
  • Make timely arrangements for raw materials they are running short of.
  • Conduct regular meetings to regulate and distribute the workload among the workers and staff members.
  • Understand data as data analytics help optimize the supply chain.
  • Ensure that the products have reached the customers on time.
  • The job of a supply chain manager doesn’t stop after the product delivery; they also have to offer satisfactory customer service.
  • Take client feedback and attend to queries.

What are the key skills required to perform well on the job?

As mentioned before, the job of a supply chain manager offers diverse and ample opportunities for a person to grow and learn. The level of customer satisfaction depends highly on the efficiency of supply chain management. Successful supply chain managers have the following skill sets that help them excel at their job:

  • Leadership qualities – On average, supply chain managers have to look after the intricacies and requirements of the supply chains. This role requires constant motivation and leadership skills, as many skilled workers work under you.
  • Management skills – Both production and supply chains require you to stay in touch with the product’s costs, delivery timings, and whereabouts. A supply chain manager should be a good manager and organizer to make the production line seamless.
  • Good communicator – The supply chain manager must communicate with all clients, customers, and logistics experts.
  • Commitment to quality – The success of a supply chain management company thrives on the quality and quantity of its product, along with its ability to maintain deadlines.
  • Technological know-how – The job of a supply chain manager involves a lot of technical knowledge of logistics, cost accounting, e-business, etc. You should also be compatible and comfortable with new cutting-edge supply chain technology.
  • Ethical values – To understand the team better, a supply chain manager must have the right values, such as punctuality, adherence to rules, and compassion.

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What is the educational background of a supply chain manager?

With the right guidance, anyone can learn to be an efficient supply chain manager. As per the Association of Supply Chain Management in 2021, almost 85% of supply chain professionals have a Bachelor’s degree in business studies. 

After completing your Bachelor’s in Business Administration, you can enhance your skill set by obtaining practical knowledge. Many organizations offer internships for students to gain practical knowledge in supply chain management. Alternatively, you can join an online course from a reputed institute (like Manipal Academy of Higher Education) to learn about supply chain management and establish a successful career. A supply chain management certification can be highly beneficial for your career.

Understanding the salary of a supply chain manager

Compared to other job packages, the salary of a supply chain manager has steadily increased. You can work in supply chain management in four segments: logistics manager, operations manager, planner, and production manager.

The average salaries as per the job categories have been mentioned below:

Job category Salary per annum (in the US)
Logistics ManagerUSD 114,629
Operations ManagerUSD 69,519
PlannerUSD 80,668
Production Manager USD 78,194


The supply chain manager job has provided exciting opportunities for people with leadership and management skills. It has also become lucrative, considering the significant salary increase over the years.

If you possess the qualities required to be a supply chain manager, avail of top-rated education online. One such prestigious institute is the Manipal Academy of Higher Education which provides quality supply chain management course on Online Manipal. Avail of the advantageous courses online today while sitting in the comfort of your home!

Key takeaways:

  • A supply chain manager handles all the activities in making and delivering a product to the end user. 
  • A person can attain numerous posts and job options after getting a relevant degree in supply chain management. 
  • Leadership qualities, communication, management skills, etc., are some qualities that make up a good supply chain manager. 
  • The salary of a supply chain manager can go to extensive heights, depending upon their experience and expertise.


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